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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 6 – Bear-san Is Making A Guild Card. Occupation Is A Bear.

Chapter 6 – Bear-san Is Making A Guild Card. Occupation Is A Bear.

I decided to make a guild card after returning from the practice field.

「In order to register, I will need your name, date of birth and occupation, please.」

Helen, who finished the arrangement for medical treatment, received my registration.

A sense of weariness showed on her face.

I declare that this was not my fault.

「Date of birth?」

「Yes, it is necessary to verify the age.」

「The age itself is no good?」

「The age on the guild card won’t update without the date of birth.」

I see, if someone just gave their age, then they technically would be able to eternally stay 18.

However, what should I do about the date of birth?

My letters were from a different world, but hopefully it would be alright.

For the time being, I wrote 『Yuna』in Japanese.

I wrote the date of birth in Gregorian calendar format.

Helen saw this and said,

「So Yuna-san is 15 years old.」

It was conveyed properly.

As expected of a fantasy world.

Next was the occupation column.


「It will be helpful when someone wants to recruit companions for their request. It will serve as a reference.」


I reacted when I heard the word “Companions” but it was definitely not because I was a loner.

I’m saying, it definitely wasn’t because I don’t have any friends.

I have a few.

It isn’t zero.

I had once been a Magic Knight in the game.

Whenever I encountered monsters, I targeted their weaknesses, using magic against those with physical resistance and vice versa. I was able to use both magical and physical attacks because I was a Magic Knight.

Unfortunately, it had been pretty unpopular in parties because it was such an ambivalent occupation.

If you needed physical damage, a swordsman was better, and if you needed magic damage, a mage was better.

Therefore, I didn’t enter parties because it was a nuisance.

I don’t want to be recruited.

「It’s not necessary for me. Do I still have to write it?」

「It would be helpful if you could.」


Well, it was probably okay even if I wasn’t a magic knight anymore, but what was my occupation?

I couldn’t use magic and don’t have a sword. Martial artist?

It wasn’t like I didn’t want to write it, I just couldn’t.

I had a feeling that a voice from the heavens was saying that 『Bear』 was my occupation.

Name: Yuna

Date of Birth: Day XX Month XX Year 20XX

I ended up writing it.

Helen stared at me.

I wanted to finish this quickly, so I didn’t say anything.

「Then, please put your hand on this crystal plate.」

It was the same as the crystal they had at the gate.

It seemed to verify magic, but did magic differ from person to person?

Were the wavelengths of magical power different for each individual, like fingerprints?

While I was thinking about such things, Helen was operating the crystal plate.

「It takes a while to finish registering, so I will give you an explanation in the meantime. The Guild card automatically updates your information. Your Adventurer rank, the number of received requests, the content of the requests, the success and failure of the requests, and the currently registered request can all be seen in any Guild.」

I see, so it also records failures. It seems that a person with a lot of failures won’t be able to receive many requests.

「It doesn’t record the number of subjugated monsters?」

「No, it doesn’t. There’s no point.」


「Even if you bring a magic stone, there is no way to confirm if you defeated it by yourself or with 100 people. Therefore, we can’t measure the ability of a person this way.」

I see, there was no way to record the number of defeated enemies automatically, like in the game.

If it automatically recorded the subjugation of a dragon done with 10,000 other party members, there would be fights over who had dealt the finishing blow.

On the other hand, it would be pointless if all 10,000 people got the subjugation record.

It seems that you have to tell the guild about the success or failure of the request manually.

「I will explain the guild rankings next. The ranking begins at F and goes up to E, D, C, B, A and S. The ranking changes with the number of successes and failures of requests. Your rank won’t increase if you have too many failed requests, so please take only requests that match your current power. Also, your rank won’t increase if you keep taking requests of your rank.」

「What do you mean?」

「You can take requests from a rank higher than your own. Therefore, even if you, an F-rank, take hundreds of F-rank quests, your rank won’t increase.」

「You mean I have to successfully complete a higher rank request in order to increase my rank?」

「The guideline is about 10 requests. The guild will judge you after that.」

「What happens if I cooperate with someone of a higher rank to complete the request?」

「When you receive the request, everyone who is participating will need to submit their Guild card. If there is a person of higher rank amongst them, then we will raise the passing line.」

「That means?」

「The number of requests needed to rise in rank increases. When a C-rank adventurer helps a D-rank adventurer with a C-ranked request, the number of quests needed to increase their rank will be more than 20. If an S-rank adventurer helps, your rank won’t increase no matter how many requests you complete.」

「What happens when it’s done in secret?」

「I can’t respond to that. At that point it will become a problem of that person’s morality. However, there are some nobles who use that method.」

That meant that high ranking adventurers could be hired to increase your own rank.

It was probably expensive to employ a high ranking adventurer though, so it was most likely a method that was impossible for ordinary people to use.

「Lastly, this card can’t be used by anyone but Yuna-san. If you lose it, we will charge 10 silver coins to re-issue you a new one.」

She handed me a completed, silver card.

When I looked at the card,

Name: Yuna

Age: 15

Occupation: Bear

Adventurer rank: F

(Xant:...bear omfg)

This was the only information written on the card.

This receptionist really wrote that my occupation was Bear.

When I looked at Helen, she was laughing.

「Requests are posted on the boards over there. If you find a request to your liking, please bring it back to the reception desk.」

I saw a huge crowd around one of the request boards, but the other did not have anyone near it.

「That is?」

「That board is for high rank requests.」

I see.

「Would you like to ask anything else?」

「Not at the moment. If I have something to ask, I will come back.」

「Then, will you take a request today?」

「I intend to explore the town for a bit. I just came to this town yesterday after all.」

Fina was waiting for me outside when I parted with Helen.

「What’s wrong, Fina?」

「I was worried about you.」 inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

「Ah! Sorry for making you worry. I was able to register properly, so it’s alright. So Fina, did you find any work?」

「I didn’t. Most adventurers are able to do the skinning themselves. You can make more money if you do it yourself, so there aren’t many monsters that aren’t skinned yet.」

「Is that so?」

I didn’t want to do the skinning myself though.

Even if I would make less money, I had no intention of doing it myself.

I had my Bear box. When I defeated a monster, I could put it into the box whole.

In the first place, skinning animals and monsters wasn’t something a hikikomori like me could do.

I stroked Fina’s head and wanted to part ways, but I gave up that idea.

「Ah, yeah. You are free right?」

「Yes, I don’t have any other work.」

「I don’t know how much you earn in a day but...won’t you show me around the town? I’ll give you a silver coin and lunch as a reward.」

「That’s too much. It was too much yesterday as well. A 10 year old child can’t earn a silver coin a day.」

「Then today is special. If you don’t accept, you won’t find any other work in this city.」

I gently stroked her head.

I didn’t have a sister, but if I had one, would it feel like this?

「Big sis Yuna, thank you.」

「Well then, let’s go. First, why don’t you take me to a good weapon shop?」

I wanted to complete one of my objectives, so I asked Fina to guide me to a weapons shop.

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