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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 26 – Bear House Installation Complete!

Chapter 26 – Bear House Installation Complete!

「Big sis Yuna, we’re here.」

The Commerce Guild building was located slightly west from the center of the town.

Unlike at the Adventurer’s Guild, there were many different races going in and out of the building.

There weren’t any muscle heads or staff-carrying magic users.

There were also a lot of merchants, who seemed to have one or two peculiar habits.

There was a daunting atmosphere, unlike the Adventurer’s Guild.

Even so, did the bear suit still stand out? Even here, many curious glances were directed at me.

「Aren’t you going to enter, Big sis Yuna?」

Fina asked while I stood staring near the entrance.

I put aside my feelings of amazement and entered.

It was crowded inside.

Even here, the bear suit attracted a lot of attention.

I pulled the bear hood down further, cutting my line of vision.

Fina looked around restlessly and grabbed onto my bear clothes.

We walked towards the reception desk in that manner.


A woman in her mid-twenties greeted us.

Even after taking in my appearance, her expression didn’t change, and she greeted us with a smile.

As expected of a commerce guild staff member.

「Erm, I’d like to rent a small plot of land, but when I asked at the Adventurer’s Guild, I was sent over here.」

「Yes, that’s correct. In addition to land, the Commerce Guild also acts as an intermediary for building transactions. So then, what kind of land are you looking for?」

「For starters, are there any vacant plots of land?」

「Yes, there are.」

「Is it possible for me to rent any?」

「Yes, it’s fine.」

「In that case, I would like to rent one for a month. Around how much would that cost?」

「That depends on the size and location of the plot, but do you have any requests in particular?」

「It’s fine if it’s a little far, but preferably somewhere near the Adventurer’s Guild; if possible, around the size of the Adventurer’s Guild’s large warehouse.」

「A large plot of land around the size of the Adventurer’s Guild’s warehouse, is it? I’ll check to see what’s available, so please wait a moment.」

I moved a short distance away from the reception desk. After about five minutes had passed, she returned with several sheets of paper.

「Thank you for waiting, there are five places that fit your criteria.」

「Which one is the least expensive?」

「That would be this one; among the five, it is the one that is furthest from the the Adventurer’s Guild. The monthly rent is thirty silver coins.」

One silver a day, huh.

「Is that cheap?」

「Basically nothing has been built there. As for the rent, it is about the expected amount. Depending on how you use the land, there is a possibility that you will need to restore the land back to its original condition when returning it, so please take care.」

「Can I ask for the rent of the other plots?」

「Yes, there are also plots with rents of 90, 75, 48, and 35 silver coins available.」

「Can you tell me the locations of these five plots?」

I took out a map so she could show me each location.

「Un, the 90 and 75 silver plots are expensive, so I’ll pass. I’ll also pass on the 30 silver plot.」

The 30 silver plot was not in a convenient location for moving around.

After that, the 35 silver and 48 silver plots were left.

The best one was the 48 silver plot. It was located close to the guild and Fina’s house, as well as the inn that I was staying at.

The 35 silver plot was close to the guild, but it was far from both Fina’s house and the inn.

「Which would you like?」

「If this one was just a little less expensive, it would be good.」

I pointed at the 48 silver plot.

「By the way, how do you plan to use this land?」

「I’m thinking of building a house and a place for doing dismantling work. Ah, of course I’ll take down the house when I return the land, so don’t worry.」

「Please wait a moment.」

The woman left for a short while and came back quickly.

「Excuse me for my rudeness, but are you Bloody Bear-san?」


「Ahem, pardon me. Are you the adventurer Miss Yuna-san?」

「... that’s right.」

「Thank you very much for the recent wolf, horned rabbit, and goblin king raw materials.」

「...? Why is the Commerce Guild saying that to me?」

「Didn’t you know? The Adventurer’s guild and the Commerce Guild are connected. The materials that enter the Adventurer’s Guild’s possession are brought to the Commerce Guild to be sold.」

「I didn’t know that.」

「Yes, and since the number of wolves and horned rabbits have increased recently, all of the merchants are very happy.」

「But, the amount of materials that I, a single individual, sold should be an insignificant amount for the Commerce Guild.」

「No, the raw materials that Yuna-san brings are very beautiful and of high quality.

Normal adventurers will cut the monsters numerous times, so no matter what there will be a lot of damage. The materials that Yuna-san brings are not only beautiful, but popular as well. The rare Goblin King raw materials also became popular.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, which is why I spoke with my supervisor. How about we make the rent for the plot of land from before 35 silver coins?」

「Is that okay?」

「Yes, if Yuna-san dismantles and sells raw materials to the Adventurer’s Guild, it will also be beneficial for the Commerce Guild.」

「In that case, please do so.」

「Well then, please allow me to guide you from now on.」

The receptionist lady stood up.

「You’re going to guide me?」

「Yes, is it an inconvenience?」

「That isn’t the case, but isn’t it bad for a receptionist like you to slip out just for my sake?」

「It’s fine, there is another receptionist. More importantly, I don’t want to break the connection between us.」


「Yes, Yuna-san is a promising new adventurer. I believe there are many people who want to create a connection with you. I am also one of those people. I apologize for the late introduction. I am Mylene of the Commerce Guild. Pleased to meet you.」

I confirmed with the map that the place Mylene-san guided me to was correct.

It was near the inn.

This place was also located near the guild.

The size of the plot of land was also large enough.

The low amount of human traffic was also good.

「I’ve decided on this place.」

「Thank you very much. Well then, please sign this contract and submit a copy of your guild card.」

「A copy?」

「Yes, it’s fine if you just place the guild card here. It will create a copy that will be used as the renter’s ID.」

I wrote my name, copied my guild card, and paid 35 silver coins for one month’s rent.

「Well then, since you want to build a house on this plot of land, the commerce guild can mediate with the carpenter’s workshop on your behalf. What would you like to do?」

「It’s fine, since I already have a house.」


Mylene tilted her head to the side.

It was too troublesome to explain the details about the Bear Box and the Bear House so I decided to keep quiet.

「Is that so? If you need anything, please come to the Commerce Guild.」

Mylene-san bowed and returned to the the Commerce Guild.

I confirmed that Mylene-san was gone.

Glance to the right, clear.

Glance to the left, clear.

Check behind as well, clear.

Front too, clear.

I confirmed that there were no pedestrians at the moment.

Then I took out the Bear House from the Bear Box.

Yes, on the land with nothing on it, a house was built in an instant.

I took Fina along and headed towards the warehouse.

「Well then, Fina, please work on the Tiger Wolves today.」

I left the Tiger Wolves to Fina and immediately returned to the inn to cancel my stay.

There aren’t any meals, but I will be living in the Bear House from now on.


It’s strange, when I first started writing, the story was supposed to go to the imperial capital quickly.

Well, since the Bear House can be moved at any time, it is possible to depart immediately.

In the first place, when I first started writing, the idea of a Bear House didn’t cross my mind at all.

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