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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 12 – Bear-san Quarrels In The Guild Again

Chapter 12 – Bear-san Quarrels In The Guild Again

The next day, I hurried over to the guild early in the morning, in order to receive a new request.

I wanted to find a good job, so it was earlier than usual.

If possible, a subjugation request would be good, so I can practice magic.

It would be even better if it was wolves.

I was hurrying to the guild early in the morning to get that kind of request.

As I was walking, while relaxing and viewing the city, a voice called out from behind.

「Big Sis Yuna, good morning.」

「Good morning, Fina. Are you going to the guild?」

「Yes, that’s right. Are you going too, Big Sis Yuna?」

「Well, yeah, I wanted to get a good job.」

「I see, please be careful to not get injured.」

「You do well at your job too.」


Fina grabbed my bear hand while smiling.

I clenched her hand back without hesitation.

Fina’s smile bloomed even more.

If I had a younger sister, I would want one like her.

The guild came into view as I walked and smiled with Fina.

「Well then, I am going now.」

「Have a nice day!」

I sent Fina off and entered the guild.

There was a crowd before the board.

I was too late.

People began to notice me, but no one called out to me.

Just as I thought this, a voice called out to me.

「You are the woman who defeated Deborane-san?」

A male adventurer asked me.

He looked maybe three or four years older than me.


I tilted my head.

I don’t remember that name.


I asked, because I couldn’t remember.

「That would be you. The one wearing bear clothes, bear gloves on her hands and bear shoes on her feet. The woman who dresses like a joke.」

Indeed, if you looked around the world, I was probably the only person wearing an outfit like this.

I wonder if there’s another person like me.

「Deborane, huh. I don’t know that person, but I think that the woman in bear clothes may be me.」

「Because of you, Deborane-san is...he is hurt and unable to work.」

「Oh, is he one of the adventurers I fought before?」

That was the only thing that I could think of.

「That’s right.」

Ah, I remember.

The man who wanted to mess with me had a name like that.

However, there is no reason to complain to me.

I should call the Guild Master.

He promised me that he would take care of stuff like this.

「That fellow, Deborane, wanted a fight. I won and thus he got injured. I’m not in the wrong. Also, that goblin didn’t get injured to the extent that he should be making so much noise.」

「You, don’t treat Deborane-san as a goblin!」

「He has no courtesy, acts with bravado in front of a weak opponent, says big words, but can’t do anything without a crowd behind his back. No matter how you look at it, he is a goblin.」

「Don’t joke around!」

So noisy.

I can hear you even if you don’t shout so loudly.

「Are you a goblin that doesn’t understand speech? This matter should already be settled, with it being his own fault.」

「There’s no way Deborane-san would lose to someone like you!」

「Stop sulking. I heard Guild Master’s explanation. She’s not at fault.」

A blond woman in her twenties walked up to me and the man.

She was quite a beautiful and slender woman.

「But, we can’t complete the request because of this fellow!」

「Even so, you must understand that she’s not at fault. Gill, why don’t you say something?」

The woman talked to the huge man that was next to her.

He was a muscleman on the same level of the Guild Master.

「Deborane is in the wrong.」

「What? You are also taking this weird woman’s side?」

「After I heard the story, it was clear that Deborane was at fault.」

「Do we have to give up just because of that?」

I wonder if he’s that badly injured?

Certainly, I used a high number of Bear punches on his face.

「Deborane is at fault, so there’s no helping it.」

「That’s right. His Guild Card was nearly taken away from him, after all.」

「That was because of this fellow!」

「Umm, you are talking amongst yourselves. Can I also say something?」

「Ah, I’m sorry. Lanz is just angry because Deborane can’t take any requests, due to his injury.」

「Even so, there’s no need to complain to me about it.」

「I know that, but...」

「Isn’t it alright to take the request without Deborane?」

「Well, we already received it.」

「If we cancel the request, it will count as a failure!」

A failure was recorded forever on the Guild Card.

They wanted to avoid failures as much as possible.

Even so, it’s troubling when you come to me just because of that.

Goblin started the fight, so I’m not at fault.

「Should we just give up?」

「But completing that quest will push our rank up even further!」

「I heard some adventurers are quarreling with Yuna, and it turns out that it’s you guys.」

「Guild Master!」

The Muscle Daruma came over.

It seems like the receptionist called him.

「I already told you that Deborane’s case isn’t Yuna’s fault.」

「But, because of this fellow, we can’t complete the request anymore.」

「That’s your responsibility. Deborane challenged this fellow, and lost. You guys left Deborane alone without supervision, so you are at fault. You guys know that Deborane is quick to get into fights.」

「I know that but-」

「Then, there is a good method.」

「What? Canceling the request without marking it as a failure?」 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

「That is impossible. Once a request is taken, it can’t be canceled without paying a penalty. Canceling is treated as a failure.」

「Then, what is this good method?」

「Just take Yuna with you. I know for a fact that she is way stronger than Deborane.」

「Hey, what are you doing, deciding by yourself.」

「It’s simple. You should take Yuna, instead of Deborane.」

「No way. Why do I have to take on such unreasonable request.」

「It’s the easiest solution.」

「Umm, Yuna-chan, was it? Could you hear me out for a second please?」

The woman dressed as a mage asked me.

What happened?

I have very little experience partying, and that’s in game rather than real life.

Of course, I do have some experience, since I’m not a loner.

Though, it’s just a little bit.

I couldn’t refuse the mage’s gaze, so I decided to hear her out.

We borrowed a room in the guild. Now I’m alone with three of Deborane’s party members.

By the way, the Guild Master ran away.

I have to deal with something this troublesome, but he ran away, that Muscle Daruma.

This is all because of Deborane.

「Then, first, I will introduce myself. I’m Rurina. The one who complained to you is Lanz and the silent one is Gill.」

「I’m Yuna.」

For now, I introduced myself as well.

「Then, the request we have received is goblin subjugation.」

Goblin subjugation?

Goblins were less intelligent, humanoid demons.

Wasn’t that a monster for beginners?

They need a party for this? Is this party weak?

「It isn’t just one goblin. It’s a subjugation of a group of fifty of them. It will be hard without Deborane acting as a vanguard.」

In the game era, a group of fifty goblins counted as small fry.

I wonder how the present me would do.

The subjugation of a pack of wolfes was easy.

In the game, the level of wolfes and goblins was about the same.

If this was still the case, they should be no challenge for me.

「Just to confirm, which is stronger, the wolfe or the goblin?」

「In the rank system, they are about the same. It really depends on the setup of the party. Our party is more comfortable with goblins.」


「Wolfe movements are fast. It’s hard for a wizard like me to support the party. Goblins, on the other hand, can be overpowered in close combat.」

Still, goblins.

Humanoid creatures.

I will have to fight them eventually anyways.

If this was a game, there would be no problem, but un...

「It’s your fault. Lend us your power!」

「Lanz, be silent!」

It’s fine to lend them a hand, but I don’t want to be Deborane’s replacement. Also, that Lanz guy’s attitude is horrible. That Gill guy just stays quiet, so the only decent one is Rurina.

I’m a honest-to-goodness hikikomori, so it’s troublesome for me to help others.

Still, it’s certainly my fault that he got injured.

The fight wasn’t my fault though.

Umumumumu...what to do.

「Un. Is it alright to set some conditions?」

「If it’s something we can do.」

「You want to reap the rewards? What a dirty woman.」

I ignored him.

「Let me do the request by myself. You can have the achievement for succeeding and all the rewards. In return, I don’t want Deborane to come near me ever again.」

「Yuna-chan, to leave it to you alone...」

「You want us to just stay silent and watch?」

「Why not? The completion of the request and the rewards will be yours, so there is no demerit for you.」

「If you fail, it will count as our fail. There is no way we can accept such conditions.」

「Also, we can’t do something as shameful as letting another person complete the request and taking credit for it.」

Ah, yeah.

If I fail, it will count as their failure.

I also understand Rurina-san’s point.

As an adventurer, it would be a really shameful thing to do.

What to do.

「Then, I want only Rurina-san to help me.」

「Why only Rurina?」

「It’s because she is the most decent one out of all of you, has the most common sense, interacts the most with me and is also the only woman. The main reason is, because I don’t want to work with you?」


「Lanz, stop it.」

Rurina-san stops him.

「Yuna-chan, can you defeat a horde of goblins alone?」

「I can? The pack of wolfes was easy. Actually, I’ll be able to practice magic more against goblins.」

「You can use magic, Yuna-san? According to the story, you didn’t use magic when you fought with Deborane.」

「I didn’t use it.」

To be more precise, I still didn’t know how to use magic at the time.

「I mean, I don’t need to use magic on weak enemy. Rurina-san, you wouldn’t use magic to kill a small bug, would you?」

When I treated Deborane like an insect, their mouths opened in shock.

「Is it really possible?」

「It’s just fifty Deboranes (goblins).」

「It’s goblins.」

「I understand. I will go with you.」


「Are you okay with that, Gill?」

「I don’t mind.」

「Well then, Yuna-chan, please take care of me.」

「So, when are we going?」

「If it’s alright with you, we can go immediately.」

「I’m fine with that, but I didn’t prepare anything.」

「That’s okay. We were planning to go today, so we already prepared enough things for four people.」

I ignored Lanz’s silent stares.

Gill didn’t say anything.

I left the guild with Rurina. We have a goblin subjugation to do.

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