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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 22: Hatred Takes Away Rationality. I’ll Kill You!

Chapter 22: Hatred Takes Away Rationality. I’ll Kill You!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zuo Weiyi stood up and shouted, “Jiang Huaiyuan!”

Being shouted at, Jiang Huaiyuan stopped and turned around to look at them.

At that moment, he had mixed feelings.

If he came forward, he would make the headlines of Z City and his company, which had just overcome its crisis, would definitely get into trouble. He did not dare to take this risk.

For the sake of his and the Jiang family’s reputation, he could only acknowlage Zuo Qing and Zuo Weiyi secretly and had hidden the truth in front of others for the past twenty-one years.

“Do you plan to leave just like this?” Zuo Weiyi stood up. Her helpless eyes were stained with a hint of pain.

With her father’s heartlessness and the humiliation her mother was experiencing, Zuo Weiyi felt a throbbing pain in her heart, just like being cut by a knife.

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“I—I don’t understand what you mean.” Jiang Huaiyuan lowered his head and tried to avoid meeting her eyes. He turned and walk towards a sedan.

Looking at his direction, Zuo Weiyi saw Qiu Yun and her daughter in the car. When she saw the family of three sitting in the car, Zuo Weiyi felt that her life and her mother’s life were a joke!

Her fingers curled and her nails dug into her flesh. Blood dripped onto the ground drop by drop, but she couldn’t feel the pain.

Her dark eyes were stained red with anger!

She walked step-by-step towards the black sedan.

Qiu Yun, who was sitting in the car, was shocked to see Zuo Weiyi walking toward them.

Especially when she saw that Zuo Weiyi’s eyes were filled with rage and a thirst to kill.

That was the first time she had come across this look of hers but Qiu Yun was not afraid. She watched calmly as Zuo Weiyi approached her car.

Zuo Weiyi’s pace quickened. Her red, furious eyes stared at Jiang Huaiyuan and Qiu Yun.

“I’ll kill you!”

When she got near the black sedan, Zuo Weiyi opened the car door and pulled Qiu Yun down from the car. She dragged Qiu Yun towards the middle of the road.

She wanted Qiu Yun to go to hell!

Qiu Yun, who was being dragged from the car, could not stand steadily and was dragged further by Zuo Weiyi to the middle of the busy road. She was pale with fear.

“Someone please help!”

Zuo Weiyi was extremely quick and did not give her an opportunity to stand up.

Not far away, a Rolls-Royce was coming their way. Zuo Weiyi dragged Qiu Yun without hesitation and dashed towards the middle of the road.

That moment, hatred had taken away her rationality and all she wanted to do was to kill Qiu Yun personally!

Screech! A sharp sound of a car break was heard. If not for Xiangyi’s alertness, a terrible accident could have happened.

At the back seat, Shi Yuting’s face was extremely dark due to the sudden braking of the car.

Shi Yuting, who was not in a good mood, looked up and his sharp coldness pierced through Xiangyi, who was driving.

Through the rear-view mirror, Xiangyi met his bitter cold eyes with innocence.

He looked out of the window, trying to see the culprit who had dashed out to the middle of the road so suddenly.

He saw a woman holding on to another woman in front of their car.

As Zuo Weiyi was standing, Shi Yuting could see her from the back seat. He raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.

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