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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 21: Qiu Yun’s Threat III

Chapter 21: Qiu Yun’s Threat III

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She squeezed herself through the crowd and pulled her mother up. “Mom, please get up!”

Seeing her daughter, Zuo Qing shook her head and pushed her daughter’s hand on her arm away. “Weiyi, don’t bother about me. I cannot get up...”

If she were to get up now, her daughter’s entire life would be doomed!

“Mom, I beg you, please get up!” Zuo Weiyi had fallen helpless to the vile ridicule her mom was getting. Tears flooded in her eyes but she held them back.

“Mom...I beg you, please get up, alright?” She knew that what her mother was doing was to protect her.

Her mother had suffered a lifetime of humiliation and for the sake of protecting her, she had brought disgrace and shame upon herself.

“Weiyi, I can lose everything else but I cannot lose you. Do you understand?” No matter how Zuo Weiyi and Bei Xingchen pulled her, Zuo Qing kept her knees on the ground and wouldn’t budge.

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This went on until lunch time. When many of the Jiang Group employees went out for lunch, some stopped to watch the scene.

However, it was noon and the scorching sun was directly above everyone’s head. Many simply stole a glance and moved on to avoid the sun.

Zuo Qing’s clothes were drenched in sweat.

“Mom, I beg you, please get up, will you?” Zuo Weiyi couldn’t control her tears and she tried desperately to pull her mother up from the ground.

Zuo Qing looked up and not far from her, Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei were sitting in the car, watching.

“Weiyi, don’t bother about me. Go back to work. Quickly, go!” she snapped. She wished her daughter would leave this place. Let her suffer and take on everything, including losing her reputation.

“So you don’t want to get up? Alright, I’ll go to the police station to turn myself in now!” Zuo Weiyi turned and was about to leave.

“How dare you!” Zuo Qing roared and instantly, Zuo Weiyi stopped. “If you dare go to the police station, I’ll die here...” 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Zuo Weiyi turned around. She was almost drowned in helplessness and hopelessness!

Why was she unable to protect her mother? Why? Why?

Bei Xingchen was clueless as to what had happened. One was kneeling and refusing to get up, while the other wanted to turn herself in to the police. Had Zuo Weiyi committed a crime?

However, looking at the sign on Aunty’s body, it didn’t look like it.

Could it be that Qiu Yun and her daughter were threatening them?

“Mom...tell me, what should I do...” Helpless tears gushed down from her face. Zuo Weiyi knelt down in front of Zuo Qing and hugged her. She couldn’t do anything and all she could do was to block the sign with her body to reduce the humiliation her mother had been getting.

Just then, a familiar figure appeared among the crowd.

The helpless Zuo Weiyi looked up and when she saw Jiang Huaiyuan who suddenly appeared, it was as if she was seeing hope.

She hoped that in that instant, Jiang Huaiyuan would stand up to defend her mother.

After all, it had been more than twenty years. He had been the one to rape her mother, not her mother seducing him!

However, in the next second, Zuo Weiyi turned completely pale.

Jiang Huaiyuan took a quick look at them and with a solemn look, he turned and left. It was as if he was avoiding them like how one avoided a jinx.

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