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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 1825 - 1825 Chapter 1826 finale (1)

1825 Chapter 1826 finale (1)

After a short while, the mother and daughter put on their coats and drove to the hospital!

On the way, Zuo Weiyi called Nian Yuqing. When she learned that her daughter was pregnant, Nian Yuqing was shocked too. She took off her apron and rushed to the hospital!

In the gynecology clinic.

A group of people stood behind Yin bei, their eyes focused on the gynecologist’s face.

“She’s nine weeks pregnant and her fetus is currently in good condition. The first three months are the critical period, so you must be careful not to share a room with her.”

The doctor smiled as he spoke, but the last sentence made Yin bei Blush.

However, everything seemed like a lifetime ago. In the blink of an eye, she was pregnant… with Shi Mo’s child.

In the examination room, everyone was pleasantly surprised when they heard this!

The happiest people were zuo weiyi and Shi Lian. Of course, Nian Yuqing was also very happy. However, this happiness caught her off guard, and for a moment, she was still immersed in shock.

After leaving the hospital, Yin bei was still in a state of excitement and disbelief. Compared to her, Shi Mo appeared to be much calmer. However, he hid that sudden joy deep in the depths of his heart and was not good at showing it.

“Oh right, since this Bei bei is pregnant, from today onwards, don’t go back to the apartment and move to Shi Mansion!”

On the way back, Zuo Weiyi spoke after some deep thought.

Yin bei returned to her senses and looked at Shi Mo’s mother.

Nian Yuqing also agreed with her suggestion.

Although young people paid attention to the two of them, Bei bei was pregnant and the new apartment only had the two of them living there. After Shi Mo went to work, Bei bei was the only one at home. They were definitely worried.

“We should have come back long ago and stayed together as a family. Only then would it be lively!”Shi Lian also raised both her hands in agreement!

“Aiya.”Zuo Weiyi seemed to have suddenly thought of something. “Since we’re pregnant, we should hurry up and get married. Otherwise, when our bellies swell up, it won’t be easy to wear the wedding dress.”

After saying this, she turned her head and looked at her son and Yin bei. “Or do you want to wait until after the child is born before you hold the wedding?”

In this open society, Zuo Weiyi did not mind at all. However, she was afraid that she would make things difficult for Yin bei, so she wanted to ask for their opinions.

After all, she was also afraid that the engagement ceremony would be too tiring for her if she continued to hold the wedding ceremony?

It was a crucial period now, so she could not afford to make any mistakes!

Shi Mo turned around and looked at Yin bei. His voice was deep and magnetic. “What do you think?”

Yin bei looked up and glanced at him.

An engagement party had almost exhausted her to death. If it was a wedding, it would definitely be more grand, right?

“Can we… not hold a wedding?”She frowned and looked at Shi Mo carefully with her big eyes.

Shi Mo was a little surprised by this answer.

Even Zuo Weiyi, Shi Lian, and Nian Yuqing were very surprised.

Not holding a wedding? Could it be that she didn’t plan to marry Shi Mo?

“Sister-in-law, you’re not planning to marry my brother, are you?”Thinking of this possibility, Shi Lian couldn’t help but feel anxious for her brother.

Yin bei was a little stunned by her misunderstanding.

After a while, she explained, “That’s not what I meant. What I meant was…”she turned her gaze to Shi Mo., “Can We Get Married? But don’t hold a wedding. I feel that the wedding ceremony of your aristocratic families is really too grand. I’m… Afraid of getting tired.”

So that was what she was worried about.

Zuo Weiyi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. She had thought that Bei bei was planning to not get married.

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