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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 17: Wait to Be Imprisoned

Chapter 17: Wait to Be Imprisoned

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xiangyi, who was standing beside Shi Yuting, was slightly stunned when he noticed his big boss stop all of a sudden.

Usually, scenes like this would not attract his attention and he would not stop to look.

Looking at the figure not far from him, Shi Yuting narrowed his eyes.

Zuo Weiyi?

“Let’s go and take a look at what’s happening over there,” his low voice sounded.

Beside him, Xiangyi was stupefied.

Mr. Shi wanted him to find out about an unimportant incident?

Weird, what was happening to their big boss today?

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Although Xiangyi was filled with doubts, Mr. Shi’s order was an imperial edict which he had to obey!

“Yes.” Xiangyi nodded respectfully and walk toward the crowd.

After careful enquiries, Xiangyi returned.

He reported to Shi Yuting respectfully, “Mr. Shi, it’s a fight between the legal wife and the mistress.”

Shi Yuting furrowed his brows slightly and his vision was still on Zuo Weiyi’s face.

Although they were a distance away and there was a crowd between them, he could still see her helpless eyes.


“Yes!” Xiangyi looked at the man in front of him with a puzzled look.

Since when did Mr. Shi take an interest in such things?

So, that girl, Zuo Weiyi, was really Jiang Huaiyuan’s illegitimate daughter?

“Zuo Weiyi, you’d better pray that my mother is alright, or you can wait to be imprisoned for the rest of your life!”

Jiang Tingmei took out her mobile phone to call the police while roaring at Zuo Weiyi furiously. She then dialed 120 for the ambulance.

After a dozen minutes, the ambulance arrived. Looking at Qiu Yun being carried away, Zuo Qing was filled with worries.

Zuo Weiyi was not afraid but rather calm after hearing what Jiang Tingmei had said.

When they returned home, she washed her mother’s hair and nursed her wound.

“Mom, please bear with the pain.” Looking at the handful of her mother’s hair that had been pulled off, Zuo Weiyi’s heart ached.

On the other hand, Zuo Qing was uncomfortable.

Jiang Tingmei’s words had left her feeling uneasy!

“I’ll go and look for your father!” She got up and turned around toward the door.

Zuo Qing knew that with Qiu Yun’s character, she might just announce today’s incident to the world without a care for Jiang Huaiyuan’s qualms and even put Weiyi in prison.

Weiyi was only twenty-one years old and she was a girl. If she went to prison and if there was a chance for her to be released from prison, there would still be a smirch which could never be removed.

She would definitely prevent this from happening!

So, she stood up and was about to dash toward the door.

Zuo Weiyi couldn’t help but chide, “Mom! Don’t beg him! He raped you twenty years ago! Why do you still want to beg this kind of man? I’d rather go to prison than to beg him for help!”

That moment, Zuo Weiyi hated Jiang Huaiyuan!

What happened to her and her mother today was all because of him!

Looking at her eyes which were filled with pain and sorrow, Zuo Qing’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’m not willing to see you in prison. I just want you to live a good life. You’re a girl. You definitely cannot go to prison, do you understand?”

Zuo Weiyi closed her eyes and helpless tears rolled down uncontrollably.

She was not afraid to go to prison. Her only worry was that if she were to go to prison, then that mother and daughter pair would unscrupulously bully her mother.

“Don’t worry. Even if I have to risk my life, I’ll make sure you are safe.”

Then, she turned and left.

Zuo Weiyi managed to stop her in time and she calmed down.

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