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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 15: Bullied

Chapter 15: Bullied

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

For a moment, Qiu Yun couldn’t respond until she saw Zuo Weiyi’s cold face in front of her.

Jiang Tingmei, who was standing beside, saw that her mother was splashed with wine and in a split second, she was dumbstruck and couldn’t believe what just happened!

“Little b*tch, how dare you splash me with that wine?” Qiu Yun regained her senses and her face was contorted with anger!

Zuo Weiyin gave out a cold laugh. “Thanks to your daughter!”

“You!” Qiu Yun gnashed her tenth in anger. She raised her hand and was about to slap Zuo Weiyi.

Zuo Qing was observing the scene from the back. She rushed to pull Zuo Weiyi behind her and the violent slap fell on her fair cheek.

Immediately, the five red finger marks showed on her cheeks, creating a painful sight.

Zuo Weiyi did not expect her mom to rush to her rescue. Looking at the marks on her mother’s cheek, her anger flared up. She clenched her fists, then turned around and slapped Qiu Yun!

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After being splashed at and slapped by Zuo Weiyi, Qiu Yun was shocked and furious!

She was the president’s wife and she was slapped by her husband’s mistress and illegitimate child?

“Zuo Weiyi, are you crazy? You dare slap my mom?” Jiang Tingmei was filled with righteous indignation while she looked at Zuo Wei Yi in disbelief.

“Why? Are you the only ones who can slap others?” Zuo Weiyi gibed.

She knew very well that it was because of their different status.

All this time, her mother had always swallowed humiliation when it came to Qiu Yun, hoping to make peace with her.

However, every time they met Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei, they would have a hard time!

At this point, Qiu Yun was boiling with fury!

She had never been bullied in her 40 years of life and this time it was done in public!

Looking at the dripping wine on her body, Qiu Yun raised her head and stared at Zuo Qing who was as unkempt as she was.

“Zuo Qing, is your life too peaceful?”

Zuo Qing looked up. A woman who held herself aloof from the world only wanted to live a peaceful life with her daughter.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Jiang. I apologize on my daughter’s behalf!” Zuo Qing kept bowing and apologizing to Qiu Yun.

The reason she feared Qiu Yun was because Qiu Yun had used Zuo Weiyi’s life and reputation to threaten her. 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

If she dared fight her, she would announce to the world that Zuo Weiyi was an illegitimate child.

She had carried the accusation of being someone’s mistress for twenty-one years. How could she bear to have her daughter live a life of being treated coldly and cursed by others?

“Mom!” Zuo Weiyi’s heart ached when she saw her mother accommodating to Qiu Yun.

She knew very well that her mother was protecting her.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Jiang. Please do not lower yourself to my daughter’s level...”

“Mom!” Looking at her mother who kept apologizing, Zuo Weiyi hated her incapability. She couldn’t even protect her mother.

If only she could be stronger, would they still bully her mother?

“Weiyi, stop, say no more...I’m fine. You...”


Before Zuo Qing could finish her sentence, a hand whipped across her cheeks and at once, she could feel a burning sting across her cheek.

Zuo Weiyi boiled with rage as she watched her mother being slapped again. She raised her hand and wanted to fight Qiu Yun.

Just as she raised her hand, Zuo Qing stopped her.

“Weiyi, please listen to me!” Zuo Qing rarely got mad.

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