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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

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Fantasy, Action





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Chinese Novel


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Ye Fan was transmigrated to a world where everyone was a beast tamer. As the demonic beasts rampaged around the world, humans were forced to build walls to protect themselves while the beast tamers fought the demonic beasts.

As the day of enrollment got close, Ye Fan only had a pet beast, the Cute Sparrow, with him.

“A Cute Sparrow? Don’t you have a better beast? You’re helpless.”

“That beast’s potential is just too bad. Even if it evolves into an Iron Eagle, it can only reach the Intermediate Grade 1.”

“You’re trying to get into the academy with that? Dream on!”

He was mocked and laughed at, but Ye Fan remained calm as he looked at the system’s menu.

“Hidden evolution path.”

“Divine Path: Infinite evolution potential. King Grade achievable.”

His sparrow started to evolve into a Golden Scale Eagle, then the Illusion Feather, the Nine-heaven Roc, the Flaming Phoenix, and finally, the Garuda.

“The f**k? Are you telling me that’s a Cute Sparrow?”

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