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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

Chapter 94 - 94 Heaven-Defying

94 Heaven-Defying

Ye Fan was the only one from the Rose Society to advance. He was the only first-year student to advance to the top 64.

This news quickly spread throughout the entire West Eagle Academy.

This matter caused a huge commotion. Ever since the academy was established, such a situation had never happened in the previous tournaments.

At this moment, almost all of the students remaining in the arena were fourth-year students. Even the third-year students were rare. They were all elite students who had advanced to Rank 4.

Those who could advance to the top 64 were all Rank-4 Beast Tamers. It was impossible for a lucky person to enter the top 64.

In the past, not to mention the first-year students, they had not even seen a second-year student in the top 64.

But this year, Ye Fan had appeared. As a first-year student, he had entered the top 64.

After this name list was announced, the entire West Eagle Academy exploded.

The third round of the competition had yet to begin in the afternoon, and almost the entire academy knew Ye Fan’s name.

Many of the spectators outside the school were also discussing.

“The name list is out. Ye Fan’s opponent is a fourth-year student.”

Xiao Qiuya raised her head and looked at Ye Fan.

The others also looked at Ye Fan. Their meaning was self-evident.

Ye Fan smiled. “Don’t worry, my goal won’t stop at the top 32. It’s the champion.”

The girls only thought that he was joking and did not say anything.

Ye Fan shrugged very indifferently. He pretended to be watching the competition, but in reality, he was checking the system interface.

After the Cursed Fox evolved, its talent and skills also increased by two.

Skills to be unlocked

True Vision. It can see through any invisible disguise and illusion. Unlocking requires 200 evolution points

Dragon Rock. Envelop its body in dragon-shaped lightning and fire, causing an impact on the target with lightning damage. Unlocking requires 150 evolution points.

Clones. Create two clones with 50% of its own strength. After the damage exceeds the upper limit, the clones will disappear. Unlocking requires 200 evolution points.

All three skills were very powerful. Ye Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

The True Vision could deal with some soul-type magical beasts, such as ghosts, and some illusion-type magical beasts.

Seeing through illusion and disguise was very effective against Illusion-type Magical Beasts. There was no need to mention an extremely powerful attack skill like Dragon Rock.

The Clone Technique was also very awesome. If used well, it could be extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, he only had 500 evolution points on hand and could only unlock two of the skills.

After thinking for a while, he finally chose two skills. He did not need the True Vision for the time being.

After consuming his evolution points, the two skills were successfully unlocked. At this moment, the competition in the arena had just ended.

“Ah Fan, it’s your turn,” Xiao Qiuya reminded him.

Chen Xin pumped her fists and cheered him on seriously. Seeing her nervous expression, those who didn’t know better would think that she was going to compete.

Ye Fan nodded and walked towards the arena.

After entering the third round of the competition, there were already very few people in the competition. The academy had directly reduced the number of arenas.

At this moment, there were only four arenas left on the huge field.

Currently, only four matches were held at the same time, so the number of people observing the same match had greatly increased.

Seeing Ye Fan go on stage, the audience instantly became lively.

“It’s him, it’s him, it’s him. It’s finally his turn!”

“I was waiting for him.”

“I heard his opponent today is a fourth grader.”

“I wonder if he will win like before?”

“I hope he wins. It would be fun if he fought all the way to the finals.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. The further you go, the stronger your opponent will be. It’s already very impressive that he can reach this point.”

The audience discussed.

Ye Fan expressionlessly walked onto the arena. His opponent, Sun Maomao, was already standing there, sizing him up.

The entire academy was circulating Ye Fan’s name, so it was naturally impossible for him not to know.

When he learned that his opponent was Ye Fan, he was also very surprised. Of course, he was only surprised, not afraid at all.

After all, Ye Fan was only a first-year student. Although Ye Fan’s current performance was already stunning, in terms of strength, he felt that there was no need to be serious.

Of course, Sun Maomao was not stupid enough to underestimate the other party. He would do his best.

The two of them nodded at each other from ten meters away as a greeting.

Then, a countdown number began to appear on the electronic screen. When it reached zero, Sun Mao’s four pets appeared on the arena at the same time.

A low-level Rank 4 Demonic Flame Bird.

A low-level Rank 4 Elemental Fire Sprite.

An intermediate Rank-4 Soul Master.

An intermediate Rank 4 Flame Mountain.

They were all fourth-rank fire-type pets.

“Wow, four fourth-rank pets!”

“As expected of a fourth-year student. You’re indeed powerful!”

“Ye Fan is probably in trouble this time. What should he do?”

Exclamations came from all directions. Ye Fan deeply looked at Sun Maomao.

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