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93 Enraged

Damn it, what kind of luck did this kid have?

He was clearly just a commoner! How could he have such a rare pet!

The fox pet in front of him! Coupled with the Cute Sparrow and the Scorching Fire, this lineup of strong pets simply drove him crazy with jealousy!

The Cursed Fox successfully charmed the Plum Blossom Leopard.

It let the Plum Blossom Leopard and the Desert Cactus worked together to hold back the Armored Turtle while it attacked the Skeleton Ghost!

Ye Fan shook his head regretfully. The Cursed Fox’s Eyes of Illusion and Charm were very useful, but they could only control low-level existences. Against pets of the same level, it could only cause them to be in a daze.

But even so, Ye Fan was very satisfied. This skill was already very powerful.

At least, there was nothing Guo Qi could do now.

While the three pets were fighting, the Cursed Fox quickly summoned lightning and fire that bombarded the Skeleton Ghost!

The effect of lightning and fire on the Skeleton Ghost’s steel armor was obvious.

A violent reaction instantly happened between the lightning and iron.

As for the Skeleton Ghost, its body was too huge. It could not hit the small and fast Cursed Fox at all.

The Cursed Fox would also instantly dodge the skills it occasionally used.

In just a short while, the surface of the Skeleton Ghost was already covered in lightning.

Its body was already clearly deformed.

The Armored Turtle finally killed two pets at the cost of serious injuries.

Just as it was about to turn around to support the Skeleton Ghost, the Cursed Fox, who had realized the situation in advance, attacked from behind.

A lightning ball sent it to meet his companions.

At this point, the outcome was obvious.

“I didn’t expect Junior Brother Ye Fan’s fox pet to have such a powerful illusion technique.”

Below the arena, Xu Menghan looked at the Cursed Fox and sighed.

Su Wan’er also made a rare comment. “Even against a fifth-rank pet, he might be able to fight!”

Xu Menghan nodded in agreement.

“So powerful?” Chen Xin and Xiao Qiuya were not as knowledgeable as the two senior sisters in this aspect. When they heard their evaluation, they were very shocked.

After all, that fox pet had only advanced for a day, but it already had combat strength comparable to a fifth-rank pet?

This was simply incomprehensible!

If it was anyone else who said this, they would definitely be suspicious. However, it was Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er who said this. They could only be surprised!

They widened their big eyes, worshiping Ye Fan.

“It’s almost over.” Xu Menghan finished speaking.

The Skeleton Ghost in the arena suddenly roared in pain and fell to the ground like scrap metal.

Its huge body had already deformed. After shaking violently, it was instantly lifeless.

Seeing this scene, Guo Qi’s lips trembled, and his face was ashen.

He had originally thought that he would win this match, but in the end, he had lost. He had lost so badly! This was completely different from what he had expected!

Ye Fan once again used his strength to tell him the difference between them!

He didn’t even use the mysterious Cute Sparrow or the Inferno Fire! He defeated him so easily with a fourth-rank pet that had just advanced!

Not to mention avenging his previous humiliation, it was simply rubbing salt into his wound! He would probably have to bear this humiliation forever in the future!

This Ye Fan’s talent was so monstrous. Presumably, the gap between the two of them would only grow larger and larger in the future. Compared to Guo Qi’s discouragement, the cheers from the audience came one after another.

“Ye Fan is too awesome!”

“I didn’t expect the third-year students to be no match for him.”

“Guo Qi is in the top five of the third year students.”

“I wonder what will happen if Ye Fan fights a fourth-year student?”

“Who will win?”

“I’m really looking forward to it now!”

Amidst the deafening commotion, Xue Shan and the others sat in the preparation area without saying a word.

After leaving the arena, Ye Fan was warmly welcomed.

“Ah Fan, you’re too awesome. Congratulations on advancing to the top 64!”

Ye Fan chatted with Xiao Qiuya and Chen Xin for a while before looking at Xu Menghan and Song Wan’er.

“Senior Sister.” Xu Menghan responded and looked at him with a complicated gaze.

“Junior Brother, you really shocked us. Now, I’m afraid Wan’er and I are not your match.”

Her words were not flattering him, but the truth!

Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er were on par with Guo Qi. Even if they were slightly stronger, it was not too much.

As for Ye Fan, since he could so easily defeat Guo Qi, wouldn’t it be easy for him to defeat the two of them?

Regarding this, although Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er were not envious or jealous, their emotions were inevitably complicated.

Ye Fan smiled. “I was just lucky.”

Hearing this, Xu Menghan forced a smile, but she didn’t say anything.

Not long after, it was the other three’s turn.

In the end, nothing unexpected happened. Facing the fourth-year students, although Xu Menghan and Su Wan’er did their best, they still lost regretfully.

They had no ability to fight back. In order to prevent their pets from dying, they quickly admitted defeat.

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