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Too Unexpected!

“Even if you’ve reached the third rank, you still need one-third of the silver liquid.” The examiner explained the rules as usual.

“Let’s begin.”

Ye Fan nodded and pressed his hands on the crystal ball. He also felt a bit uneasy. Although he had the evolution system and was at the second rank, he didn’t dare say that his talent would definitely reach the third rank.

But thinking about it now was useless. Ye Fan forced himself to focus on the test.

A hundred meters away, Chen Xin didn’t leave. She just stood there, watching Ye Fan’s test. She was very curious about Ye Fan’s talent.


A stream of silver liquid gushed out from the bottom of the crystal ball. And it was growing at an astonishing speed.



“Rank 3, pass!” A student standing at the front couldn’t help but shout when he saw this scene.

“Wait, the amount of silver liquid is increasing. He has already exceeded Rank 3!” Another student shouted.

Only then did Ye Fan relax. No matter what, he had finally passed the first test. However, the amount of silver liquid was still increasing. In the blink of an eye, it had broken through four-fifths.

“Rank 4!” He muttered to himself.

Exclamations rang out once more. This time, the examiner also couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards Ye Fan, the coldness on his face slightly alleviating. Rank-4 talent was extremely outstanding even in the three great academies.

This was a good opportunity.

This scene immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Under everyone’s gaze, the silver liquid quickly filled the crystal ball.

“Rank 5!” Many people gasped.

Rank 5 again. That examiner smiled in delight. In previous years, it was already very impressive to have one Rank-5 student. This year, there were actually two. How lucky was this?

“That’s not right.” Just as he sighed, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The silver liquid in the crystal ball was still increasing. However, because it was filled, the color of the liquid became deeper and thicker.

After a while.


A crack suddenly appeared on the crystal ball. Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, this crack was actually spreading continuously.

Immediately after, the crystal ball exploded. Countless glass shards and silver liquid splattered everywhere.

Silence. Dead silence.

Even the examiner was stunned. No wonder they were so surprised. They had never heard of such a situation. He had never known a student who could blow up the Soul River Detector during the test. What kind of terrifying talent was this?

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have dared to believe that it was true.


After a long while, the sound of swallowing reverberated in this silence. After a long time, everyone came back to their senses and immediately burst into an uproar.

“Damn, what an eye-opener today!”

“Tsk tsk, what kind of talent is this? The detector actually failed to measure it.”

“A fierce person.”

“How awesome!”

The examiner also reacted. He looked at Ye Fan with a complicated expression and slowly nodded. “You’re qualified.”

“Thank you.” Ye Fan also hadn’t expected such a thing to happen. He could only say thank you and then walk to the side.

There were already over ten people sitting in the waiting area. Seeing Ye Fan, they quickly went up to him, their faces full of smiles.

“Brother Ye, congratulations.”

“Brother Ye’s future is limitless. Please take care of me.”

“Brother Ye, let’s go eat after the assessment.”

More than ten people surrounded Ye Fan, their voices filled with flattery and intimacy. This was also human nature. The strong were respected, and the strong preyed on the weak. This was an unchanging truth. It was the same in the circle of Beast Tamers.

Ye Fan’s innate talent had already surpassed the fifth rank. His future accomplishments would definitely not be limited to the fifth rank. They had to quickly befriend this kind of person. If Ye Fan could help them in the future, that would be an enormous opportunity.

Over a hundred meters away, Chen Xin was also staring at Ye Fan, her beautiful eyes flickering with a strange light. She knew that Ye Fan’s talent was very high, but this time, his result had exceeded her expectations. He was extremely talented and powerful. Ye Fan gave off a very mysterious feeling. At this moment, Chen Xin found him even more unpredictable.

At the corner, Xu Kai’s face was already as black as the bottom of a pot. He had never imagined that Ye Fan’s talent would be so outstanding that even the testing device was unable to withstand it. On the other hand, just a moment ago, he had been gloating over his fourth rank talent, but now it seemed that he was so insignificant. Thinking back to how he had mocked Ye Fan, Xu Kai felt his face heat up.

This slap came too suddenly. This scene caught everyone off guard.

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