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Talent Assessment!

“Ha… haha, I didn’t know that you were so good at telling jokes.” Su Li was startled, but he immediately reacted and smiled. He thought Ye Fan was joking.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head. “I’m telling the truth.”

Su Li was completely dumbfounded. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Those who could enter the three best academies were all students of high levels. They had to have at least an intermediate Rank-1 pet.

As for Ye Fan…

His pet was only at the lower level of the first rank. It was only a little better than a useless pet. Not to mention the three best academies, even an ordinary Beast Taming Academy might not take him in. With his strength, how could he go to West Eagle Academy? Wasn’t he too bold?

At this moment, Su Li was speechless.

“Chi.” At this moment, a cold laugh sounded from the side.

Ye Fan and Su Li turned around and saw Xu Kai looking at them with disdain.

“West Eagle Academy? You want to go to the West Eagle Academy with your useless pet? What a joke.” Xu Kai naturally heard it clearly.

His eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at Ye Fan. “People need to know their own limits. If you don’t have this ability, then don’t embarrass yourself here.”

“Why do you care?”

Hearing this, Su Li flew into a rage and glared at him. Xu Kai curled his lips, mockingly glancing at Ye Fan before sneering and turning to leave.

“Pfft, who do you think you are!” Su Li spat on the ground.

Shortly after, he turned to look at Ye Fan, wanting to say something, but hesitated. “Ye Fan, why don’t you apply to another academy?”

Although Xu Kai’s ridicule was infuriating, it had to be said that what he said made some sense. With Ye Fan’s ability, he had no chance of entering the West Eagle Academy.

If it was an ordinary pet academy, there was still a chance.

Ye Fan patted Su Li’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Su Li hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he sighed and didn’t say anything else. The registration was about to begin, so the two of them parted ways. Ye Fan stopped at the very back. What surprised him was that other than Xu Kai, there was also Chen Xin.

Seeing Ye Fan, Chen Xin sweetly smiled and waved her hand.

Ye Fan nodded back and glanced at the long table at the far end of the group.

A crystal ball the size of a human head was placed on the rectangular table.

This was a special detector used to test one’s soul power.

It was a device specialized in testing a Beast Tamer’s talent. As long as one signed a contract with a pet, they could awaken soul power. Soul power was a must-have for Beast Tamers, and it was also the energy to sustain the pet.

In a sense, how many pets a Beast Tamer could contract depended on his soul power. With enough soul power, he could carry more pets. The amount of soul power depended on the size of the soul.

Every Beast Tamer had their own Soul River. The connection between it and soul power was like a river and the water in it. The bigger the river, the more water there was in it. The size of the Soul River was natural. Unless there was some extremely rare heavenly treasure, it was impossible to improve it through cultivation. To a certain extent, the Soul River was a talent, and also a Beast Tamer’s potential. According to the size of the Soul River, it could be divided into five levels.

The first rank was the lowest, and the fifth rank was the highest.

Those in the first rank were only slightly more talented than the average person, but it was almost impossible for them to become a Rank-2. This was also the reason why no academy accepted them.

With Rank-2 talent, the possibility of becoming a Rank-2 Beast Tamer was very high. If such a student could get an intermediate pet, he could enter an ordinary academy.

The three best academies recruited students above the third rank.

Just as Ye Fan was thinking this, he saw that the test had already begun.

Everyone stepped forward in unison and placed their palms on the crystal ball. The moment their palms touched the crystal ball, a silver liquid immediately surged out of the crystal ball. The silver liquid in the crystal ball was the indicator of talent.

One-fifth was Rank 1.

Two-fifths was Rank 2.

Three-fifths was Rank 3.

In fact, there were people with talent that exceeded Rank 5. But there was no technology to measure that yet.

Soon, the test was completed.

On average, a person could get a result in a minute.

Most of them were first or second rank talents and had been eliminated. Those who could meet this requirement were all third-rank geniuses. Even so, those who had passed the first round of the test were all overjoyed, their eyes filled with uncontrollable ecstasy.

At this moment, the crowd immediately exploded. “Rank 5?!”

“Yeah, the crystal ball is full of silver liquid.”

“This is too awesome. Who is this person?”

“Don’t you know? Chen Xin is said to be the number one genius in No.1 Middle School.”

Everyone’s gaze focused on the girl standing by the long table. Even the examiner nodded at her gently.

“Very good. You’ve reached Rank 5.” Chen Xin smiled and nodded.

“Thank you.” She was not surprised to pass the aptitude test.

The assessment continued. Then, two Rank 4 students appeared, including Xu Kai.


Next was Ye Fan’s test.

The examiner raised his head and said indifferently, “Put your hands on it and feel it with your heart.”

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