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Enrollment Begins

Calming himself down, Ye Fan looked at his talent and skills.

In the process of leveling up, there was a new option.

Unlocked Talents

Brutal Force

: Increase in strength. Requires 100 evolution points to unlock.

Low-level Elemental Resistance

: Increases resistance and reduces a certain degree of attack. It can be divided into fire, water, wind, thunder, wood, earth, light, and darkness. Each attribute requires 100 evolution points.

Unlocked Skills

Ghost Summoning

: Summons low-level beasts. You can summon beasts two levels lower than you. You need 100 evolution points to unlock it.

There were many new talents and abilities.

Low-level Elemental Resistance

could be divided into nine types.

Ye Fan was extremely yearning, but he only had 49 evolution points, which were not enough to unlock his talents and abilities.

“I don’t know when the next mission will come.” Ye Fan helplessly sighed and closed the system interface.

He stood up and walked out of the city. During this time, he decided to kill more Mummified Corpses in the Ancient Battlefield to increase Golden Sparrow’s growth. Time passed.

Four days later.

Today was the day of the enrollment of the various academies.

Early in the morning.

The central square of An City was already packed with people. As far as the eye could see, the crowd was bustling with activity. Young students who had come to apply were everywhere.

“What should we do? I’m so nervous!”

“Me too. If I can’t get into a Beast Taming Academy, I’ll be eliminated.”

“Which academy are you going to?”

“The three best academies definitely won’t do. The other Beast Taming academies are all the same. I’ll just choose any one.”

“Yes, it would be great if an academy was willing to recruit me.”

The students gathered in groups of twos and threes, discussing nervously. There was no doubt that today was an important day. After passing this stage and entering a Beast Taming Academy, their future would be bright.

If not, they would become ordinary people, graduating from an ordinary academy and finding a normal job, living the rest of their lives peacefully. It was a huge gap. No wonder the students were so nervous.

Ye Fan looked at the people around him and sighed in his heart. If not for the existence of the system, he might very well have been one of them, or even worse.

It had to be known that with his strength back then, entering the Beast Taming Academy was practically impossible. Since he didn’t have any expectations, there was nothing to worry about. But now, things were different. With Ye Fan’s low-level Rank-2 strength, entering one of the three great academies wasn’t a problem, let alone an ordinary Beast Taming Academy.

Ye Fan looked around, pondering.

Around the square, there were more than ten huge wooden houses. A long table was placed neatly in front of each of them. Staff members in academy uniforms of different colors were busy.

These were the enrollment venues of the Beast Taming Academies. If you wanted to apply, you could line up at the place of your favorite Beast Taming Academy. Now, there were more than twenty minutes before the exam. There was a long line in front of each enrollment venue.

One had to know that in An City, the three academies, West Eagle, Red Sand, and Infinity, were the best Beast Taming Academies. However, their applicants were the fewest. This was because most of the students knew very well that with their talent and ability, they could not meet the strict requirements of the three academies.

Of course, they wouldn’t waste time here.

Ye Fan glanced at the other Beast Taming Academies, then at the three great academies. The majority of the people in the Infinity Academy’s line were girls, who were full of youthfulness, making them pleasing to the eye. Quite a few boys couldn’t help but look over.

Ye Fan only took a glance before looking away.

The Infinity Academy was the most popular Beast Taming Academy for girls. It was said that their dean was an extremely powerful female Beast Tamer. Although this academy wasn’t bad, it didn’t meet Ye Fan’s requirements.

Ye Fan thought about it and decided to go to the West Eagle Academy. At this time, someone patted his shoulder.

“Ye Fan.” This voice was somewhat familiar. Ye Fan turned around and saw Su Li.

“You’re here too.”

Su Li glanced at Ye Fan, a complicated look flashing in his eyes. It was almost impossible for Ye Fan to enter a Beast Taming Academy. Now that he had come, it meant that he hadn’t given up and was still putting his life on the line. Su Li could only hope that after he lost the competition, he wouldn’t be too sad. Ye Fan didn’t know what Su Li was thinking, so he just smiled and greeted him.

Su Li pointed. “I want to get into the Shanmi Academy.” Shanmi Academy was one of the schools with lower rankings.

“Which academy are you going to? New River? Or Seven Stars?” New River and Seven Stars were the two academies that were the easiest to get in. In Su Li’s opinion, if Ye Fan wanted to give it a try, he would most likely choose these two academies.

“West Eagle Academy.”

“The Seven Stars Academy is not bad… Wait, what are you talking about?”

Su Li came back to his senses and looked at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shrugged. “I want to apply to the West Eagle Academy.”

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