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Increase in the Strength of Pets

“Oh my God…”

Chen Xin blinked hard and repeated several times. Finally, she confirmed that she was not mistaken. This Cute Sparrow… could make the Mummified Corpse Boss suffer in flames. Moreover, the Cute Sparrow was completely fine.

What the hell was going on?

Was this still that Cute Sparrow?

Chen Xin’s mind was in a mess and she couldn’t think at all.

Ah! Ah!

A painful scream resounded throughout the battlefield.

The Golden Sparrow released flames again.

The Golden Sparrow had no emotions. It attacked the enemy crazily. In an instant, the Golden Sparrow’s figure attacked the Mummified Corpse Boss again and again. At this moment, it vividly displayed the power of


. The Mummified Corpse Boss was helpless.

Golden Sparrow’s flames left black wounds on the Mummified Corpse Boss.

In the blink of an eye, the flames continued to burn the Mummified Corpse Boss, quickly reducing it to ashes.

There was no longer any suspense in this battle. Even Chen Xin could see that the Mummified Corpse was at the end of its rope.

As expected.

Two minutes later, the Mummified Corpse Boss was unable to endure the flames and was burned to death.


However, the flames continued to burn on the remains of the Mummified Corpse Boss.

“Ding… Mission completed. Reward: 200 evolution points.”

Ye Fan’s heart was filled with joy. Suppressing the urge to immediately check the interface, he ordered the Golden Sparrow to cut open the Mummified Corpse commander’s head. He found a low-grade dark crystal. Apart from that, he also found an ancient badge the size of a coin.

It was an ancient badge of glory.

“In that case, we’ve gathered enough evolutionary resources.” Ye Fan sighed in relief and opened the interface.

After killing the Mummified Corpse Boss, his growth had increased to 12%. Coupled with the battle just now, the Golden Sparrow’s growth had already reached 30%.

“There are only four days left until the enrollment day of the various academies.”

Ye Fan silently nodded, then opened his own skills.

He used 150 evolution points to activate both



Wind Blade


“Speaking of which, this evolution point seems able to increase the progress of growth.”

Ye Fan thought for a moment, then put an evolution point into his growth.

In the blink of an eye, it increased to 33%.

“One evolution point is one growth point?”

Thinking about it, Ye Fan gave up on investing his evolution points.

After all, he could increase growth by hunting monsters. It was not worth it to spend the evolution points on it.

It was better to wait.

Closing the system, Ye Fan raised his head and saw Chen Xin looking at him with a blank expression.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

Chen Xin quickly shook her head, but the shock on her face couldn’t be concealed. She had never imagined that Ye Fan would actually kill the Mummified Corpse Boss at the last moment.

This was a peak Rank-1 existence.

Chen Xin asked herself. If it was her, it would be good enough if she could escape from the Mummified Corpse Boss, let alone kill it.

“It seems everyone has misunderstood. Ye Fan’s pet isn’t trash.” Chen Xin glanced at the Golden Sparrow.

She was sure it wasn’t a Cute Sparrow, but some kind of pet that looked like one. However, with her experience, she couldn’t tell what kind of pet it was.

Ye Fan naturally understood what Chen Xin was thinking, but he didn’t plan on saying too much. Hearing this, he nodded slightly, then turned around and left. What he needed to do now was to kill the Mummified Corpses. It would be best if he could find that Mummified Corpse commander again. The evolution points of a Mummified Corpse boss were more than those of ten Mummified Corpses.

Chen Xin didn’t follow him. Instead, she looked at Ye Fan before turning to leave.

She wasn’t a monster like Ye Fan, so she could only cultivate outside.

During this period of time, Ye Fan had focused on killing monsters. Although he hadn’t encountered any Mummified Corpse Bosses, in this Ancient Battlefield, the large number of Mummified Corpses allowed the Golden Sparrow’s proficiency to continuously increase.

Four days later, the Golden Sparrow’s growth progress was already full, meaning it could evolve. Ye Fan didn’t hesitate and directly chose to evolve.

In the hall.

Dazzling light enveloped Golden Sparrow. When the light dissipated, the Golden Sparrow’s figure was revealed. The bones in its entire body were faintly glowing with a metallic luster, giving off an extremely terrifying feeling. 𝐢𝚗n𝑟𝚎𝑎𝑑.𝒄𝚘𝐦

Name: Cute Sparrow

Nature: Pet

Grade: Low Level, Rank 2

Growth: 0%

Talent: West Eagle’s Eyes, Wings

Skill: Elementary Flame

Evolution Path: 100% growth, 1 medal, 10 low-level Dark Crystals.

Ye Fan took a deep breath, a hint of joy appearing on his face.

The evolution this time didn’t disappoint him. With Golden Sparrow’s strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill a high-level Rank-1 monster. In the school, and even in the other schools in An City, there had never been a Rank-2 pet.

Ye Fan’s current strength could be said to be unparalleled among all the students of the school.

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