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Mission Completed Easily

What’s going on? Chen Xin was dumbfounded. Am I seeing things?

This low-level Rank-1 Cute Sparrow… could actually kill Mummified Corpses above its level? Moreover, it was so simple!

Chen Xin was dumbfounded for a long time.

It was not uncommon to challenge enemies of a higher level. Many talented pets could do this. However, it was unbelievable for this scene to happen to a Cute Sparrow.

Everyone knew that the Cute Sparrow had no talent or skills. Otherwise, how could it be a low-level pet? Even if it fought a monster of the same level, the Cute Sparrow would find it difficult to defeat it, let alone Mummified Corpses of a higher level. If Chen Xin hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it.

“No wonder he dared to come here.”

Chen Xin stared blankly at Ye Fan, an awkward expression appearing on her face. She had been complaining that Ye Fan was too impulsive.

It turned out that she had underestimated him.

But… How did Ye Fan raise the Cute Sparrow? Chen Xin couldn’t understand.

Ye Fan also saw Chen Xin standing behind him.

He did not pay too much attention to it. Instead, he focused on the Golden Sparrow’s attributes.

When the Golden Sparrow killed a Mummified Corpse, its growth progress immediately increased from zero to one percent.

“That’s about right… if that’s the case, a hundred Mummified Corpses should be able to let it reach 100%.” A satisfied smile appeared on Ye Fan’s face.

He felt that the speed was acceptable. Under normal circumstances, ordinary pets would not have such an improvement.

From zero to perfection, it would normally take a few months. It was absolutely impossible to break through to the evolution threshold after killing hundreds of Mummified Corpses like the Golden Sparrow.

Ye Fan guessed that this should be the benefit of the evolution system.

After calming himself down, Ye Fan and the Golden Sparrow continued to search for the Mummified Corpses. With a clear goal in mind, his fighting spirit was also high. He was prepared to finish this matter as soon as possible.

Out of curiosity, Chen Xin followed them. She had completely forgotten that she had come here to gain experience. Right now, all she could think about was why Ye Fan’s Cute Sparrow was so powerful.

Another Mummified Corpse quickly appeared and was burned by the Golden Sparrow’s flames.

Then came the third.

The fourth.

The Golden Sparrow’s strength was far above the Mummified Corpses, and the pets would never feel tired.

Therefore, even after killing the ninth Mummified Corpse, the Golden Sparrow only had a few wounds on its body. It was not too badly injured and was still lively.

After killing these corpses, Ye Fan found two low-grade Dark Crystals.

Dark crystals were their source of energy. The stronger the monster, the more likely it was to have Dark Crystals. An intermediate Rank-1 monster like the Mummified Corpse was unlikely to have a second Dark Crystal. Killing nine of them and obtaining two Dark Crystals was already very lucky.

“One more.”

Ye Fan put the Dark Crystal into his bag before continuing deeper into the Ancient Battlefield.

Chen Xin was at a loss.

Along the way, she had seen with her own eyes how one Mummified Corpse after another was easily killed by the Golden Sparrow. Her expression had gone from shock to confusion. Chen Xin could tell at a glance that Ye Fan’s pet was at least a high-level Rank-1. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to kill these Mummified Corpses so easily. And from the movements of this Cute Sparrow, it must also know some basic flame attacks.

Chen Xin came from a family of Beast Tamers, so her horizons were naturally much broader. She believed that she wouldn’t be mistaken. This shocked her even more. Even Beast Tamers couldn’t nurture such a powerful Cute Sparrow. After all, it was impossible to do anything without sufficient resources.

The Cute Sparrow was clearly just a little better than a useless pet, but now, it was as if it had a cheat.

Just how did Ye Fan do it?

Chen Xin stared unblinkingly at Ye Fan, her eyes filled with doubt and confusion.


The moment the Mummified Corpse fell to the ground and died, a familiar voice echoed in Ye Fan’s mind.

“Ding… Completed the first battle. Reward: 100 evolution points.”

Ye Fan opened his system interface and found that his attributes had already changed.

A new notification appeared on Golden Sparrow’s talent and skill panels.

Unlocked Talents

Wings: Speed increases, defense increases, can be unlocked with 50 evolution points.

Rebirth: Keeps the Soul Fire from extinguishing. Quickly heals injured limbs. Can be unlocked with 100 evolution points.

The Skill Panel was the same.

Unlocked Skills

Raging Inferno: Upgrades flames. Can be unlocked with 50 evolution points.

Wind Blade: A full-strength attack with wind. Increases attack power. Can be unlocked with 50 evolution points.

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