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Did You Come Here to Temper Yourself?

No one knew the origin of the Ancient Battlefield.

Similar to the places where monsters had appeared in various parts of the world, there were countless monsters wandering here. Even under the encirclement of countless Beast Tamers, these monsters showed no signs of decreasing.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Ye Fan directly entered the Ancient Battlefield.

He raised his head. A thin mist hung over a vast field. Figures could be seen wandering there. These were the demons that roamed the land, namely the Mummified Corpses. They were intermediate Rank-1 demons, and the best targets for now.

“Ding… New mission received.”

First Victory

. Killed 10 Mummified Corpses. Reward: 100 evolution points.”

Just as Ye Fan was about to enter, the system’s electronic voice rang out in his mind.

My new mission? Ye Fan was startled. As for evolution points? After flipping through the guide, Ye Fan finally understood.

Those points could allow pets to evolve. They could also be used to unlock a pet’s talent and abilities.

“This evolutionary system really isn’t bad.” Ye Fan faintly smiled.

The stronger the evolution system, the more he would benefit.

Just as he was thinking this, a startled voice rang out from behind him. “Ye Fan?”

Chen Xin had come to the Ancient Battlefield to train her pet.

It was almost the day of admission. She would rather gain as much strength as possible. Although with her ability, she would definitely be able to enter West Eagle Academy, her goal was not only to enter the academy, but also pass the academy’s group assessment.

Chen Xin was determined to get good results.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Chen Xin walked into the Ancient Battlefield, she saw a familiar face.

“Ye Fan?” What was he doing here? Chen Xin was startled.

Ye Fan wasn’t very famous in school. The only reason she remembered him was because he was very handsome. Just like how most men were attracted to beautiful women, in reality, women liked handsome men too. Thus, Chen Xin had some understanding of Ye Fan’s matters. After learning that Ye Fan’s first pet beast was actually a Cute Sparrow, she felt a bit regretful.

“This is really strange. The Cute Sparrow is just a low-level Rank-1, while the mummies here are at least intermediate Rank-1. What is Ye Fan doing here?” Chen Xin was puzzled.

To Ye Fan, this Ancient Battlefield was simply too dangerous. It wasn’t suitable for him to come.

Ye Fan turned around and saw a girl with delicate features looking at him in shock.

He recognized the newcomer immediately. “Chen Xin.”

She was the most promising pet trainer in the academy.

“What a coincidence,” Ye Fan casually greeted her.

Chen Xin nodded at him and hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Did you come here to train yourself?”

Ye Fan looked at her with a strange gaze, not saying anything. The people who came here were all here to train themselves. Could it be that they were here to enjoy the scenery? This child didn’t seem very smart.

Chen Xin realized that she had asked a stupid question.

“In this Ancient Battlefield, there are a lot of intermediate Rank-1 mummies. This is not an easy task.”

Ye Fan was startled for a moment before suddenly understanding. Chen Xin had seen through his situation and was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to deal with the Mummified Corpses in the Ancient Battlefield.

Ye Fan couldn’t help but laugh, but he didn’t explain. “I know.” Saying this, he headed towards the Ancient Battlefield.

Seeing this, Chen Xin immediately became flustered and exasperated. This fellow really wasn’t obedient at all. In this Ancient Battlefield, the Cute Sparrow couldn’t kill the weakest Mummified Corpse. If they really did encounter Mummified Corpses, the Cute Sparrow would probably be quickly killed. Even Ye Fan’s life might be in danger.

“How stupid!” Chen Xin gritted her teeth.

After hesitating for a moment, she stomped her feet and followed him out. After all, they were from the same school. She couldn’t leave him in the lurch.

Chen Xin made up her mind. Once Ye Fan was defeated by the mummies and understood the situation, she would take action and persuade him to leave.

On the other side, as soon as Ye Fan entered the Ancient Battlefield, he summoned the Golden Sparrow. The man and his pet strolled through this desolate wilderness.

They were in the middle of a mist. Ye Fan’s first opponent was a Mummified Corpse.

The Mummified Corpses looked like zombies, but they were mostly elite. Their bodies were withered. They wore worn leather armor and held rusty swords.

Seeing the enemy, the Golden Sparrow took the initiative to step forward and immediately released flames. The flames immediately burned. The Golden Sparrow, who had mastered flames, was clearly more agile and powerful than the Mummified Corpses. Moreover, it was a level stronger than its enemy. The flames spread to the Mummified Corpses.

Xiu! Their dry arms were instantly burned to ashes. The Mummified Corpses took a few steps back. Before they could catch their breath, they had been completely burned by the flames.

Chen Xin had just arrived when she saw this scene. She froze.

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