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How Strong Is He?

“That’s… Hellfire?!”

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng looked at the huge flame in shock.

This was a very rare pet. Although it was at the third rank, in terms of strength and potential, it was an outstanding pet at the third rank.

It was rumored that those with the greatest potential could reach rank eight or nine. Unfortunately, the previous evolution was a mystery to everyone. They didn’t know what kind of Hellfire it was. Many people even thought that this was the embryonic form of Hellfire.

But that was what happened. The Cloud Mist Beast had evolved into Hellfire. And there was more than one person who saw it.

They had never heard that the Cloud Mist Beast could evolve. The most magical thing was that it even evolved into Hellfire.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng looked at each other. They knew very well that this was simply a huge surprise. If this news spread, it would definitely cause a huge uproar in the pet world.

After all…

This was a completely different path. There was only one uncertainty.

Did Ye Fan know of this method? Or was it just a coincidence? It was very common for a pet beast to transform into another form in battle. Many pet beasts relied on this method to find their own path of evolution.

In that case, how did Ye Fan know? The more Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng thought about it, the more confused they became. Their eyes were filled with doubt as they looked at Ye Fan.

At this moment, Ye Fan gave them an indescribable feeling. On the other side, the students who saw this were also shocked.

“This is… evolution?”

“What the hell is that big fireball?”

“Could it be a new species?”

“Looks pretty strong.”

“Don’t guess blindly. This is Hellfire!” Everyone was stunned at first, then there was an uproar. Young Beast Tamers would especially like those mysterious and powerful pets.

Hellfire was one of the few pets in the third rank with great potential. Many students knew about it. When they heard that this fireball was the legendary Hellfire, everyone was shocked. Then, intense jealousy followed.

“So, so powerful…” Chen Xin stared at Ye Fan and muttered.

After the evolution of Hellfire, he naturally became a Rank-3 Beast Tamer. After becoming a Rank-3 Beast Tamer, Ye Fan’s strength also advanced by leaps and bounds.

How long had it been? This speed of improvement was simply shocking. Compared to this, she, who had been called a genius, was simply insignificant. Chen Xin had mixed feelings.

Ye Fan had no time to care about the others’ expressions. He was completely focused on his Hellfire.

Name: Hellfire

Nature: Fire

Grade: Rank 3, Intermediate

Growth: 0%

Talents: Intermediate Fire Resistance, Half-Void Body

Skills: Fireball, Flame Breath, Flame Explosion

Evolution Path: the next stage requires: 100% growth, 1 Golden Flame Stone, 10 low-level fire crystals.

Three good skills, and its fire resistance had increased from low to intermediate.

Talents to be unlocked

Flame Condensation: A ball of flames condensed from fire. When it hits the target, it will cause a huge explosion, forming a large-scale fire shock wave.

Skills to be unlocked

Fire Exhaling: Spits out a flame wave that burns the surrounding enemies.


: At the cost of sacrificing your life, release all your energy in an instant.

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up. All three techniques were powerful, especially the third. Although it would cost the pet its life, if he used it well, it would be a trump card at a critical moment. Ye Fan was delighted and continued reading.

Unlocked Talents

Flame Absorption

: Absorbs fire elements to heal injuries. Unlock with 200 evolution points.

Unlocked Skills

Flame Assault: Charges at high speed with a flaming body, causing a huge impact and burning effect on the enemy. Requires 100 evolution points to unlock.

Flame Pillar: Releases a pillar of fire to any enemy within a 30-meter radius, dealing a certain amount of damage. Requires 100 evolution points to unlock.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Fan didn’t directly unlock them. He raised his head and looked at the Hellfire in front of him.

Now let me see how strong my Hellfire is, he thought.

Up in the sky, Hellfire roared, and a deep red flame burst from its mouth. The fireball grew larger. In the blink of an eye, it was a rock. Then, like a shooting star, it slammed into the place where the Violent Rats were most gathered.

The fire exploded!


With a loud bang, raging flames instantly swept out, burning all the surrounding Violent Rats to death and turning them into ashes. With one move, hundreds of Violent Rats were burned to ashes until the dust settled.

The ground was already charred black. A large portion of the densely packed Violent Rats had been forcefully cut off. The empty space was so eye-catching. The group of people was dumbfounded and their mouths were dry. They were speechless for a long time.

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