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Minutes ticked by. More Violent Rats passed the line of defense. The pressure was building. The pets were barely holding up.

Ye Fan made up his mind. The Golden Sparrow began to summon its clones.

These were clones! Six intermediate Rank-2 Gold Sparrows walked out from the void.

Instantly, the originally shaky situation was stabilized.

“This is… clone summoning?!” Ding Shengxin looked at the Golden Sparrow in shock.

Summoning clones was a high-level skill. Only a very small number of pets with extremely high potential could use it.

Even the Grave Wizard could only summon a low-level Rank-1 clone.

As for Ye Fan’s pet, the clones it summoned were clearly all Rank 2. This was simply shocking.

“Rank 2…Ye Fan really gave me a huge shock,” Ding Shengxin muttered to himself. 𝒾𝓷𝙣r𝒆α𝚍.𝐜𝗼𝓂

When the surrounding students heard this, their eyes went wide. They had never imagined that Ye Fan’s pet could actually summon clones whose rank was even higher than their pets. Was it really that unbelievable?

Ye Fan ignored everyone’s reactions and directly summoned the Cloud Mist Beast.

Seeing this, Ding Shengxin was also startled. He wasn’t surprised by Ye Fan having a second pet. He had already expected this when he found that Ye Fan had already reached the second rank.

The reason he was shocked was that Ye Fan’s second pet was actually a Cloud Mist Beast. The Cloud Mist Beast’s battle power was very strong, but its potential was very low among the second rank.

This Cloud Mist Beast’s ultimate form was only lower-level Rank 3.

With Ye Fan’s talent and aptitude, he should definitely choose a better beast.

“Could it be because of money?” Ding Shengxin shook his head helplessly.


Rank-2 Beast Tamers could easily earn money.

Ding Shengxin was puzzled. The Cloud Mist Beast had already rushed to the front and started to kill.

After all, it was an intermediate pet of the second rank. It was a piece of cake to deal with these Violent Rats.


Balls of flames shot out of the Cloud Mist Beast’s mouth and landed in the group of rats. Immediately, dozens of Violent Rats were drowned by the flames.

On the other side, three or four Violent Rats attacked from behind. When the Violent Rats touched the Cloud Mist Beast, they directly passed through the air.

Half-Void Body. This was a special talent of the Cloud Mist Beast.

The Violent Rats couldn’t do anything to it at all. Instead, it was burned to ashes by the Cloud Mist Beast’s flames.

At this moment, wherever the Cloud Mist Beast went, there was no obstruction. In just a moment, hundreds of Violent Rats were burned to death.

Ye Fan took some time to check his system interface.

The Cloud Mist Beast’s Growth had reached 24%. However, this was all because it had killed plenty of monsters in the Land of Demonic Souls.

Although there were many Violent Rats, their levels were very low and they did not contribute much.

The growth from killing more than a hundred Violent Rats was not even 1%.

Ye Fan’s goal wasn’t just to increase its growth. There was something else.

As time passed, more and more Violent Rats were killed by the Golden Sparrow and the Cloud Mist Beast.

Ye Fan finally received a message.


Killing Frenzy

completed. Reward: 200 evolution points.”

It was finally over.

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up. He was surprised. In the next second, the system notification appeared again.

“Ding… System prompt.”

Violent Slaughterer

: Hunt 10,000 Violent Creatures. Reward: 500 evolution points.”

Ye Fan was somewhat surprised. This was… a new mission?

He had just finished hunting and had to hunt again. But anyway, it was always good to have a mission.

Ye Fan came back to his senses.

“With these evolution points, I can definitely raise the Cloud Mist Beast’s growth to the maximum.” Without any hesitation, Ye Fan used the remaining evolution points, planning to increase the Cloud Mist Beast’s growth to the maximum. At this point, all the conditions were met.

“Overlord. The next step of


requires 100% growth, 1 Fire Source Stone, and 5 secondary fire crystals.”

In the Land of Demonic Souls, he had already collected the Fire Source Stone. He had already purchased the secondary fire type crystals. Everything was ready. Without any hesitation, Ye Fan directly chose to evolve.

The Cloud Mist Beast that was fighting fiercely suddenly stopped. The mist around its body rolled, like a drop of red ink falling into clear water.

A glaring red color spread from its body at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, the redness covered its entire body.

A moment later, a scorching flame suddenly exploded. With the Cloud Mist Beast as the core, it quickly spread out in all directions. The surrounding dozens of Violent Rats didn’t even have time to scream before they were directly swallowed by this power and turned into ashes.

The flames gradually dissipated.

On the empty wasteland, a huge fireball more than a hundred centimeters in diameter hovered four or five meters above the ground. Its eyes were black, looking down at the Violent Rats. The corners of its mouth curled up in a strange arc, as if it was smiling. The air was filled with the pungent smell of sulfur.

The temperature suddenly rose.

This scene immediately attracted everyone’s attention. When they saw the huge fireball, Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng’s eyes widened.


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