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Everyone was shocked.

Ye Fan was already prepared for his second attack.

He took the time to scan the panel.

Thirty points of Soul Power were gone.

“The consumption is too high.”

When he was a Rank-1 Beast Tamer, he only had a hundred points of soul power, which were only enough for him to use three times.

Fortunately, after advancing to the second rank, Ye Fan’s Soul Power had increased to 500 points, enough to support his consumption.

However, the consumption of Soul Protection was very high. The defensive barrier required at least 20 points of Soul Power. Then, it would become stronger as Soul Power was continuously injected into it.

Logically speaking, if there was enough Soul Power, it was impossible for this defensive barrier to be broken.

After two seconds, Ye Fan once more released a Soul Power shock wave, instantly killing a dozen Violent Rats. Ye Fan didn’t stop, using it again and again. By the time they collided with pets, Ye Fan’s Soul Power had already been released five times, killing a total of eighty to ninety Violent Rats.

He had killed nearly a quarter of the Violent Rats alone.

The surrounding students were already shocked speechless, all of them blankly staring at Ye Fan.

Ding Shengxin, Qin Feng, and Chen Xin, who were experienced and knowledgeable, felt their minds go blank.

Among all the people here, they were the most familiar with Soul Power attacks.

They knew very well how much this soul technique consumed.

Ordinary Rank-1 Beast Tamers could only use it three times at most. There was only two types of people that could surpass that. Either they had taken a heavenly treasure that could increase one’s soul power, or… they had broken through to Rank 2.

Which kind was Ye Fan?

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng looked at each other.

The probability of an orphan like Ye Fan eating a heavenly treasure was practically negligible. However, they didn’t dare to believe the other possibility. After all, a new student who wasn’t even twenty years old was already a Rank-2 Beast Tamer. This was truly inconceivable.

At this moment, Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng were at a loss.

Chen Xin came back to her senses and looked at Ye Fan with flickering eyes. As time passed, it was more and more clear how outstanding and powerful Ye Fan was. The intense battle had caused everyone to come back to their senses. The number of Violent Rats had greatly decreased, making them easy to deal with.

They held on.

Even if there were some who slipped through the net, under the dual protection of Soul Protection and Soul Power attacks, they were unable to cause any damage to the Beast Tamers behind them.

Ten minutes passed. More than half of the Violent Rats were dead or injured, and the victory of the battle was gradually tilting towards Class A. But at this moment, a large number of Violent Rats appeared from afar.

The Violent Rats rushed over at breakneck speed. This time, there were thousands of them.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng’s expressions changed. With so many Violent Rats, it would be troublesome if they got close.

No matter how strong they were, they could not guarantee their safety.

The two of them made a prompt decision and summoned their pets to intercept the rats on the way.

As teachers of the West Eagle Academy, Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng were very strong. Some Violent Rats were not a problem at all. However, just as they relaxed, more Violent Rats appeared from afar. They were densely packed and seemed endless. There were tens of thousands of them. Just looking at them made one’s hair stand on end.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng’s expressions changed.

“Rat tide!”

“No way, there’s still some time before the rats erupt!”

The students also noticed this scene and their faces turned pale.

“Oh my god, this is a rat tide!”

“What’s going on?”

“Oh God!”

At this moment, everyone was stunned.


Panic instantly spread in the entire crowd.

Ding Shengxin quickly stopped him.

“Calm down, calm down!”

“Everyone, listen up. Let’s retreat to the hill over there.”

Following Ding Shengxin’s finger, they saw a small mountain more than three hundred meters away. The front of the small mountain was slightly dented. If they went there, what they needed to do was to resist the frontal attack. This was a natural shelter defense. In fact, there was nothing else he could do. Even if there were flying pets, it was impossible to send so many students away.

Racing against Violent Rats in the wilderness was simply a fantasy.

The only thing he could do was stand by.

Under the guidance of the two teachers, although the students were a little flustered, they walked up the hill in an orderly manner.

Ding Shengxin and Qin Feng’s pets immediately formed a defensive formation in front of the small mountain.

As for the other students’ pets, they also defended themselves.

At this moment, the rat tide had already approached in front of them and slammed into their defense line. A fierce battle instantly erupted.

The pets of these two teachers were much stronger than the Violent Rats. With a casual wave of their hands, twenty to thirty Violent Rats died.

However, there were too many of them. There were always some places that some Violent Rats slipped through. As for those which escaped, the students could only deal with them themselves.

In that case, the Golden Sparrow finally found an opportunity to attack.

It alone blocked all the Violent Rats.

The raging flames were vividly displayed at this moment.

At this moment, everyone understood.

This pet was at the second rank.

“Rank 2… Ye Fan is indeed a Rank-2 Beast Tamer.”

Ding Shengxin sucked in a breath of cold air.

All the students were shocked.

“I’m so envious of second-rank pets.”

“Brother Ye is awesome.”

“I really hope I can become a Rank-2 Beast Tamer.”

“So awesome.”

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