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Killing Frenzy

The group divided into several teams and set off for the Vicious Wasteland. The name of the Vicious Wasteland originated from ferocious creatures that lived here.

These creatures were very brutal. In the wilderness, they would take the initiative to attack humans. After walking past the sentry post, everyone summoned their pets and released defensive soul spells. Instantly, beams of light lit up in the crowd.

A faint layer of light enveloped each student. In front of them, one could vaguely see a shield-shaped rune.

They were all Soul Protection. This was the most basic type of defensive soul technique.


At this time, the girl closest to Ye Fan suddenly let out a startled cry, staring at the thin membrane covering his body.

“Ye Fan, your Soul Protection seems a bit different from ours.”

Everyone looked at Ye Fan, only to see three runes flickering on his chest.

“How come Ye Fan has two more shields?”

“Could it be another defensive soul technique?”

“No, this is Soul Protection. Although other defensive soul techniques are very powerful, it’s impossible to protect you in all aspects like now.”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was talking at once.

Ding Shengxin sensed the situation and walked forward to explain to everyone.

“The power of the Soul Protection will increase with your cultivation. Its function is to increase the number of runes on your shield. The number of runes on your shield means the layers of defense you have.”

Ding Shengxin looked at Ye Fan with incomparable shock.

He had already investigated Ye Fan’s background.

He was an orphan. Since he was sixteen, he had lived on the state’s allowance and had never come into contact with soul magic.

In other words, Ye Fan had never learned Soul Protection until he entered the academy. In just a few short days, he had already cultivated Soul Protection to the point where he could condense three shield runes. No wonder he had blown up the testing device. This talent was truly too terrifying.

Hearing Ding Shengxin’s words, everyone looked at Ye Fan in shock. Chen Xin’s eyes also lit up.

She was from a Beast Tamer family and had been learning Soul Protection since she became an adult.

Even so, she could only condense two shield runs. Compared to Ye Fan, the difference was like heaven and earth. However, Chen Xin wasn’t jealous. On the contrary, she admired Ye Fan’s excellence. She felt happy for him… Chen Xin was suddenly enlightened, and her face reddened as she secretly glanced at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan didn’t notice what she was doing. He entered a state of epiphany. “So the number of runes on this shield is based on the level of your soul art.”

Fortunately, his soul defense was Lv3, so he had three runes on him.

“Come, let’s go.”

Ding Shengxin clapped his hands, attracting everyone’s attention.

The group moved on. In the tense and burning atmosphere, they encountered the first creatures. This was a pack of Vicious Spotted Wolves.

The mature Violent Spotted Wolf was the size of a calf. Its entire body was light gray, and its skin was covered in fist-sized spots. Its strength was probably at the intermediate stage of Rank 1.

More than twenty Vicious Spotted Wolves crawled out of the ground and rushed towards the group.

The students’ expressions changed. They hurriedly instructed their pets to prepare for battle.

Ye Fan’s expression was listless. After experiencing so many battles on the Ancient Battlefield and the Land of Demonic Souls, he really wasn’t interested in such a small scene. Furthermore, the Vicious Spotted Wolves’ rank was much lower than the Gold Sparrow and the Cloud Mist Beast. These twenty or so Vicious Spotted Wolves in front of him probably wouldn’t even yield 1% growth. He really didn’t have any motivation.

“Ding… New mission received.”

Killing Frenzy

: Kill 1,000 ferocious creatures. Reward: 200 evolution points.”

Ye Fan was dumbfounded.

Just as he was about to slack off, he received a mission.

Wasn’t this system really good at finding time?

Although Ye Fan wasn’t too intrigued, he didn’t hesitate to order, “Golden Sparrow, kill those Vicious Spotted Wolves.”

The Golden Sparrow, who had been standing still, suddenly erupted.

The surrounding students felt their vision blur.

The Golden Sparrow had already rushed in front of the Vicious Spotted Wolves.

Its agile speed was displayed vividly at this moment. The two Vicious Spotted Wolves at the front collided with the Golden Sparrow at an even faster speed. Then, the Golden Sparrow released a raging fire that burned the battlefield into a sea of fire. The two Vicious Spotted Wolves were burned to death before they could attack.

However, the Golden Sparrow did not stop at all. It continued to release raging flames. The Vicious Spotted Wolves were instantly afraid. Before they could catch their breath, the flames had already spread to them.

In an instant, more than twenty Vicious Spotted Wolves were burned alive. The Golden Sparrow stood among the pile of corpses without any injuries.

There was dead silence. Everyone was dumbfounded.

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