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The next day.

Ye Fan arrived at the classroom early in the morning. This was the first time he had come here since the start of school. Many of his classmates were already sitting in their own seats, chatting and laughing. When Ye Fan entered, everyone who had been chatting immediately quietened down.

Everyone’s gazes fell on Ye Fan, some curious, some envious.

After this entrance examination, Ye Fan’s name had resounded like thunder. It wasn’t just the freshmen, even the seniors had heard of Ye Fan’s name too. This year’s freshmen all knew that there was a talented Ye Fan who could summon a powerful pet beast.

Ye Fan ignored everyone’s gazes and casually sat down in an empty seat. Just as he sat down, he saw a figure flash past him. Afterwards, a faint fragrance assaulted his nose.

Ye Fan turned around and saw Chen Xin smiling brightly, her eyes shining.

“Good morning, Ye Fan.”

“Morning, Chen Xin.” Ye Fan gave her a simple greeting.

Chen Xin immediately said, “I heard that we’re going to undergo actual combat training in the Vicious Wasteland.”

“South?” Ye Fan nodded, not really surprised.

The south of An City was not too far from here. The monsters there were very concentrated, similar to those on the Ancient Battlefield. It was the best place to train.

The two of them exchanged a few words before Ding Shengxin walked in. “Everyone, return to your seats. It’s time for class.”

Ding Shengxin walked up to the podium and looked at the nineteen people in the classroom. He frowned slightly.

This morning, he received a call. Xu Kai, his student, had fallen in the Land of Demonic Souls. When they found his body, they found that he had been torn to pieces by the ogres. Although accidental deaths of Beast Tamers were not uncommon during training and adventures, this had happened not long after school started, which made Ding Shengxin feel a little down.

He shook his head. He didn’t want to think about this.

“I’m sure everyone has heard of it.”

“We will conduct some combat lessons in the wilderness to train your combat ability and teamwork.”

Whispers broke out in the classroom. Many of them looked excited and expectant. This was a real battle. Unlike in the assessment back then, this time, they would be fighting for real.

Anyone who became a Beast Tamer would hunt monsters, tame stronger pets, and reach higher realms. The real battle was the beginning. Many students were rubbing their fists, eager to try.

Ye Fan calmly sat there, without the slightest bit of fluctuation in his heart.

Over the past few days, he had killed countless monsters, including some commander-level monsters.

To him, the combat class was like a game.

Making a shushing gesture, Ding Shengxin continued, “The battle outside is not ordinary. If we’re not careful, our lives will be in danger. Under such circumstances, we have to be careful.”

“So, defensive soul techniques are necessary. Who hasn’t learned them yet?”

No one spoke.

“Very good.” Ding Shengxin nodded in satisfaction. 𝐢𝐧n𝒓ℯ𝒂d.c𝘰𝓂

After all, they were all the best students. In just a few days, they had already learned the defensive soul technique.

“Everyone, to the school gate. There will be a bus waiting for you.”

The students did as he said.

Ten minutes passed.

Ding Shengxin and the Class A students got on the bus and headed out of the city. Chen Xin was quick-witted. As soon as Ye Fan sat down, she snatched the seat next to him. Quite a few girls around her regretted that they weren’t fast enough, while those boys looked at him enviously.

But this couldn’t be helped. After all, Ye Fan was the King of Freshmen. Most importantly, his face was very handsome. It was no wonder these girls had a good impression of Ye Fan.

For safety reasons, Qin Feng and Ding Shengxin personally led the team. These two people happened to be the teachers of the assessment.

Soon, the bus left An City. The scenery outside the window also changed from a street filled with tall buildings to an endless wilderness.

Not long after, the bus stopped at a sentry post. Ding Shengxin got off the bus and informed the few officers who came to inquire. Then, he turned around and gestured for them to enter.

“Two kilometers ahead is the Vicious Wasteland.”

“On the way, we will encounter some monsters. You have to be careful and vigilant.”

Of course, it was impossible for 19 people to form one team. They had to form squads in twos and threes and fight together.

“Ye Fan, you and I will join hands.” Chen Xin didn’t wait for the other girls to speak.

Ye Fan had no objections and nodded.

A smile flashed across Chen Xin’s eyes.

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