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Library of the Academy

In the Land of Demonic Souls.

Ye Fan turned to look at the cave entrance, then said to Su Wan’er, “Let’s part ways here.”

“Eh?” Su Wan’er was startled. She hadn’t expected Ye Fan to be so straightforward. By the time she reacted, Ye Fan had already left.

“Junior brother Ye Fan really is a decisive person,” Su Wan’er couldn’t help but mutter to herself. She paused for a moment before a smile appeared on her face. “He’s also handsome.”

After walking for a while, Ye Fan summoned his Golden Sparrow and checked his new ability.

Elementary Debuff Resistance

: Increases one’s resistance to various negative statuses and reduces their duration and damage.

It can be subdivided into poison/stun/paralysis/shock/disease/fear/charm. Each attribute requires 100 evolution points to unlock.

Roar of the Lion

: Lets out a roar that contains a soul attack and causes mental damage to the enemy. There is a certain probability of freezing the enemy to the numb state (depending on the difference in strength). It requires 150 evolution points to unlock.

In this evolution, he had gained the same talents and skills. Each unlock of the resistance required 700 evolution points.

“This is a huge amount of evolution points.” Ye Fan clicked his tongue.

The remaining 73 evolution points weren’t enough to unlock any of them. Therefore, he decided to keep them for now.

The next morning, Ye Fan entered the academy’s library. The first and second floors were open to the public. Whether it was students or teachers, they could read on the first and second floors.

As for the third floor and above, he would have to ask for his teacher’s permission. Ye Fan’s goal was to find more about the soul technique on the second floor. There were two ways to cultivate soul techniques.

They could choose to study the soul arts in classes provided by the academy, or they could borrow relevant books to study on their own. Ye Fan decided to use the latter. After all, he still didn’t know when his soul arts class would begin, so he couldn’t just sit and wait.

Following the labels on the bookshelf, Ye Fan quickly found the book he needed.

“Soul Protection” was the most basic defensive soul technique.

This book wasn’t too thick, only about a dozen pages. Ye Fan decided to just read it without sitting down.

Actually, the students from Beast Tamer families would pick up some basic defensive soul techniques before entering the academy. It was impossible for ordinary students with no background to come into contact with them before entering the Beast Tamer Academy.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Ye Fan closed the book and began to recall. He was surprised to find that he could actually remember the contents of this book. At the same time, he also understood some of the principles behind soul arts.

“Is this the benefit of transmigration?”

“I think I should be able to do something with the soul technique.”

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up and he immediately opened his system interface.

Name: Ye Fan

Grade: Peak, Rank 2

Soul Power: 500

Soul Skill: Soul Protection Level 1 (0/10)

Pets: Gold Sparrow, Cloud Mist Beast

Evolution Points: 73

“As expected.” Ye Fan faintly smiled.

This way, his soul technique would become easier. As long as he read carefully, he would naturally be able to completely master it.

“In addition, my evolution points can also be invested into it.”

Ye Fan raised his Soul Protection to Level 2 by throwing ten evolution points into it.

Soul Protection Level 2 (0/30)

. Another 30 evolution points.

Soul Protection Level 3 (0/50)

Ye Fan only stopped when he ran out of evolution points.

Soon after, Ye Fan also learned two soul arts. One was the Soul Chain, and the other was the Soul Impact.

The first one was a control-type soul technique. It was a chain that could gather soul power together. It could be used to help his pet beast fight. And Soul Impact was an offensive soul technique. Its effect was to gather his soul power together to form a shock wave that could attack the enemy from afar.

These two were the most practical and basic soul techniques.

“I can already use them in a fight now.”

Ye Fan conveniently raised his Soul Chain and Soul Impact to LV2, spending a total of 20 evolution points. After doing this, he walked out of the library.

“What I need to do now is to let this Cloud Mist Beast reach 100% growth and let it evolve into Hellfire.” According to his judgment, this Hellfire should be Rank 3. As long as it evolved, it could become Rank 3.

Ye Fan’s heart was burning. Just as he was about to leave the library, his phone suddenly rang. Ye Fan took out his phone and saw an invitation. Chen Xin had sent an invitation.

Ye Fan recalled that when Chen Xin had come to the Land of Demonic Souls, she had said she wanted to set up a chat group.

“You’re fast.”

Ye Fan didn’t object. Perhaps he could find some useful information in this group.

“Ye Fan, from West Eagle Academy’s Class A, has joined the group chat!”

Luo Xiaohui: Damn, Boss Ye is here. Please come in!

Chen Xin: “Hehe, I invited him.”

Wu Yueting: “I’ll have to ask Ye Fan to take care of me in the future.”

Ye Fan: …

Chen Xin: “Ye Fan, you have an actual combat class tomorrow. Remember to come.”

Combat class?

Ye Fan opened the curriculum. Sure enough, he saw the combat class tomorrow.

This was an extremely-rare compulsory course.

Ye Fan: “Alright, thank you for your reminder.”

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