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I’m Going to Die of Embarrassment

The atmosphere in the cave suddenly changed and became a little solemn.

Xu Gang and Su Wan’er both noticed this.

The two of them focused their senses and discovered that it was because the Golden Sparrow was motionless.

However, after carefully observing for a long time, they could not find anything. The Golden Sparrow still had a blank expression and did not move. The only difference was that the feathers of the Golden Sparrow had become even brighter.

Xu Gang frowned, then shook his head.

Xu Kai looked impatient and frowned. “Brother Xu, stop talking. Let’s do it!”

He was now waiting for Ye Fan to be beaten black and blue, kneeling on the ground and crying bitterly. Thinking of this scene, Xu Kai’s heart was filled with excitement. Xu Gang didn’t refute Xu Kai’s words. Even if Ye Fan handed over the Fire Source Stone, they wouldn’t let this matter rest.

Xu Gang chuckled and waved his hand.

“Take care of their pets. Don’t let them escape.”

The group of people quickly agreed and immediately ordered their pets to attack.

More than ten pet beasts charged at Ye Fan and Su Wan’er.

Seeing this, Su Wan’er subconsciously clenched her fists. A trace of cold sweat seeped out of her fair forehead. The Sharp Thorn Dragon and the Rock Dragon also arrived in front of Su Wan’er at the first moment.

They roared at the enemies charging at them, prepared to fight. Only Ye Fan remained calm.

At this moment, the Golden Sparrow had already stood in front of him and released raging flames. The cave immediately burned, followed by wails.

Under everyone’s gaze, it summoned four Golden Sparrow clones and released raging flames to block the enemy pets.

Immediately after, the Golden Sparrow rushed out like lightning and released raging flames at the enemy pet beasts with the Golden Sparrow clones. As the Golden Sparrow’s level continued to increase, the clones it summoned became stronger and stronger.

Not only did it summon multiple clones, but their average level had also reached the intermediate level of Rank 2. Moreover, although the Golden Sparrow was only at the peak of Rank 2, its true strength had already reached Rank 3.

The fireball instantly ignited the pet at the peak of the second rank. The flames quickly spread. Then, the pet at the peak of the second rank was burned alive. Their morale immediately plummeted.

Xu Gang and the others were dumbfounded.

“How could this be?!” Xu Kai shouted in horror.

Didn’t Ye Fan only have a Rank-1 pet beast? How could he be so powerful?

A pet at the peak of the second rank couldn’t withstand a single blow from this Golden Sparrow. This was unbelievable.

At this moment, Xu Kai felt like he was dreaming.

Xu Gang was about to question Xu Kai, but when he turned around and saw Xu Kai’s dumbfounded expression, he suddenly realized everything and secretly cursed him for being an idiot. To take revenge without knowing the other party’s strength was simply stupid. To be able to easily kill a pet at the peak of the second rank, this Golden Sparrow’s strength had definitely reached the third rank. This was not the first rank pet that Xu Kai had mentioned.

However, things had already come to this point. It was impossible to stop halfway. They could only do this. Fortunately, they were not helpless.

Xu Gang’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately sent out the Huge Claw Beast to protect him.

This was a third-rank pet.

Xu Gang had absolute confidence in his Huge Claw Beast. It was the strongest of his three pets, and he had spent the most effort and resources on it. Five skills and five talents. Although it was only at the lower level of the third rank, it could still fight against an intermediate Rank-3 pet.

Although Ye Fan was very strong, he was still a student who had just entered the academy. To have a Rank-3 pet was already very impressive. How strong could the pet possibly be? Xu Gang felt that this was a good idea. He had enough confidence. He watched as the Huge Claw Beast charged towards the Golden Sparrow. Its sharp claws cut through the sky, bringing with them a sharp whistling sound.

The Golden Sparrow dodged nimbly, and the Huge Claw Beast missed.

Xu Gang was stunned. He didn’t expect the Golden Sparrow to be able to dodge a third-rank pet’s attack.

The sudden change stunned the Huge Claw Beast. What kind of speed was this? It could even easily dodge the attack of a third-rank pet.

What should he do?

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