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You Want To Rob?

They did not want to be discovered.

Xu Kai and Xu Gang didn’t attack in the outskirts of the Land of Demonic Souls. Instead, they quietly followed behind Ye Fan, preparing to act according to the situation. However, things didn’t go according to their plan. On the way, they encountered a group of Demonic Souls. By the time they killed them, Ye Fan was already nowhere to be seen.

Xu Kai looked around, but found nothing. Just as he was about to give up, Ye Fan appeared in front of him again.

“Looks like the heavens are favoring me.” Xu Kai glanced at Ye Fan and sneered.

Xu Kai was filled with jealousy and hatred for this lowly commoner. He was just a person with no background. What right did he have to show off in front of me?

Ye Fan saw the ridicule in Xu Kai’s eyes and frowned slightly. Su Wan’er also sensed the abnormality in the air and immediately vigilantly looked at Xu Kai’s group.

“What do you want?”

No one responded.

Xu Gang looked at the Fire Source Stone in Ye Fan’s hand, greed flashing in his eyes. A peak Rank-2 Fire Source Stone was not cheap. To a third-rate hunter squad, this was already a huge sum of money.

This made Xu Gang even more determined.

He laughed and pointed at the Fire Source Stone. He said in a low voice, “Hand it over.” There was no disguise in his words. It was obvious that he wanted to snatch it.

Su Wan’er’s face darkened as she glared at Xu Gang. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll report you to the Adventurers’ Guild?”

The Adventurers’ Guild belonged to the Beast Tamer Association.

They specialized in managing hunter teams and lone adventurers. Anyone who violated the rules of the Adventurers’ Guild would be severely punished. Among hunters and adventurers, it was respected.

When Xu Gang and the others heard this, not only were they not afraid, they even laughed out loud.

“The girl said she’d turn us in.”

“You scared me to death.”

“Hehe, you can sue me all you want, but I have to remind you, what evidence do you have?”

“Exactly. Who said it was yours? I’m telling you, we found it.”

“She’s a young lady who’s still wet behind the ears. One look and you can tell she’s a rookie. She’s just a little good-looking.”

The group of people laughed and looked at Su Wan’er in a lustful manner.

Su Wan’er was so angry that her face turned red.

But Ye Fan didn’t seem to care.

Under the hostile gazes of Xu Gang and the others, he remained calm.

However, his eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a deep look.

For some reason, seeing Ye Fan like this made Xu Gang feel a bit nervous.

It was as if something was about to happen.

But soon, he threw this worry to the back of his mind.

Xu Kai had already told everything.

Ye Fan was this year’s top ranker, but his pet beast was only at the first rank.

Among beginner Beast Tamers, his strength was already pretty good. However, in front of veteran Beast Tamers like them, he couldn’t withstand a single blow.

As for the fair-skinned and pretty girl, she had extraordinary strength.

These two dragon pets were both at the second rank. It wasn’t easy to deal with them.

But no matter what, with their strength, they could definitely beat these two people up.

Thinking of this, a trace of pride appeared in Xu Gang’s eyes.

“What should we do, Ye Fan?”

Su Wan’er feigned calmness as she walked over to Ye Fan. It was clear that these people were a small team of hunters. These seven or eight people were all Rank-2 Beast Tamers, and just their pets alone numbered more than ten. There were even high-level and peak Rank-2 existences.

The person in the lead was even more powerful. The Huge Claw Beast beside him was a low-level Rank-3 pet beast. She and Ye Fan had no chance of winning. Before the battle even began, the outcome had already been decided.

“If there’s really no other way… Let’s just give them the Fire Source Stone.”

“No, their target is me. Even if we hand over the Fire Source Stone, they won’t let us go.” Ye Fan shook his head slightly. “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Su Wan’er was confused.

He didn’t understand why Ye Fan would say such a thing at this time. Could it be that he still had some sort of trump card?

However, Ye Fan didn’t want to say anything.

As he spoke, he opened his system interface.

Without any hesitation, he invested his evolution points into the Golden Sparrow’s growth.

In an instant.

The growth was increasing at an alarming rate.

It went from 60% to 100% in an instant. As for evolution points, he lost 76 points in an instant.

“On average, 2 evolution points increase 1%.” Ye Fan thought to himself. This was a very good opportunity.

A smile appeared in his eyes.

No matter what, he had already met the requirements for evolution. Ye Fan didn’t hesitate to choose evolution.

Immediately, his pet interface underwent a tremendous change.

Name: Cute Sparrow

Nature: Pet

Grade: Peak, Rank 2

Growth: 0%

Talents: Dark Vision, Limb Regeneration, Steel Bone, Extraordinary Strength, Weak Light, etc. 𝓲𝗻𝒏r𝚎α𝒅.co𝗺

Skills: Raging Fire, Fireball, Summoning Clone

Evolution Path: In the next stage, the evolution needs: 100% length, 1 Soul Essence, 5 low-grade Dark Crystals.

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