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Evolution Method with Unlimited Potential

Hidden evolution path!

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment before he reacted. He was immediately overjoyed. After such a long time since the transmigration, the system had finally arrived.

“System activated.”

Just as the voice died down, a panel appeared in front of Ye Fan.

Name: Cute Sparrow

Nature: Pet

Grade: Low Level, Rank 1

Growth: 100%

Talent: 0

Evolution Path: An evolutionary method with unlimited potential for the divine level. It can evolve to the king-level at most.

“This is…” Ye Fan’s eyes almost popped out.

Since he had signed a contract with the Cute Sparrow, he had read a lot of information about the Cute Sparrow. He knew much more about the Cute Sparrow than ordinary people. The Cute Sparrow could evolve into the ultimate form, Garuda.

It was a high-level beast. This was simply the path of evolution.

But Ye Fan had never heard about this before. It was a completely new path. “Could it be a hidden evolutionary path?” Seeing “divine level”, Ye Fan’s breathing became somewhat hurried.

The strength of pets was divided from Rank 1 to Rank 9. Rank 1 was the lowest, and Rank 9 was the highest. Each rank was divided into four levels: low, intermediate, high, and peak. As for the divine level, was that above the ninth rank?

There were only a handful of divine-level pet beasts among humans. These people were all standing at the top of the pyramid. It was hard to imagine that a Cute Sparrow had the potential to evolve into a divine-level beast. If others knew about this, they would definitely think that he was bragging.

“This evolutionary system is too awesome!” Ye Fan was overjoyed.

After calming himself down, Ye Fan was just about to see what the evolution requirements were when the system interface appeared.

“Benefits for beginners: It can evolve directly the first time.”

No materials required? Ye Fan was delighted and chose to evolve without hesitation.

The words on the panel flashed away. When they became clear again, they had changed a lot.

Name: Rank 1 Cute Sparrow

Nature: Pet 𝙞𝗻𝗻𝓻𝚎𝓪d.c𝐨𝐦

Grade: High Level, Rank 1

Growth: 0%

Talent: West Eagle’s Eyes

Skill: Elementary Flame

Evolution Path: For Corporal Cute Sparrow, Growth needs to reach 100%, and three Dark Crystals and one special medal are required.

Was it so easy to reach the high level of Rank 1? Ye Fan’s eyes flashed.

“This evolution method is simply amazing. It can reach the first rank in one evolution.” Ye Fan’s heart shook.

Cute Sparrow, no, now it was Corporal Cute Sparrow.

Although the Cute Sparrow had evolved, its size did not change much. The only difference was that it looked a little bigger. Its aura had become stronger.

“Since you’ve already evolved, you can’t be called a Cute Sparrow, right?” Ye Fan looked at the Cute Sparrow and thought, “I’ll call you Golden Sparrow.”

The Cute Sparrow was stunned. It opened and closed its jaw a few times, finally acknowledging the name.

Ye Fan glanced at the evolution system and quickly found a new interface.

Name: Ye Fan

Grade: High Level, Rank 1

Soul Power: 100%

Pet: Cute Sparrow

Evolution: None

The level of a Beast Tamer was tied to his pet’s.

Previously, Ye Fan had been a low-level Rank-1 Beast Tamer. However, after the Cute Sparrow evolved, his rank had also risen to high level of Rank 1.

“With this Golden Sparrow, entering an ordinary Beast Tamer Academy will definitely not be a problem. I can even try the three major academies.”

Ye Fan was very happy in his heart. Compared to the previous situation, it was completely different now. This was all because of the system.

“Although I have the system, I can’t be careless. Before the admission, I have to work hard to improve myself.”

“It would be even better if it could evolve again.” Ye Fan looked at the Golden Sparrow.

Dark crystals were easy to obtain. They required a certain amount of money or could be obtained by killing monsters outside the city.

Ye Fan could give up the thought of buying them. He had been a wanderer since he was born. His current daily expenses and tuition fees were sponsored by An City’s government. Over the years, he had been saving up money. One low-level Dark Crystal had already cost him half of his money. He didn’t have that much money to buy more Dark Crystals.

The only thing he could do now was to kill the monsters. “It’s not bad. I’ll let the Golden Sparrow familiarize itself with its combat strength.”

Pets could devour a large number of resources in battle and obtain more growth value. When its growth progress reached 100%, it would complete its evolution and reach a new level. Next, he would collect enough evolution resources to let his pet reach a higher level.

Ordinary people would not be able to see this progress. Only the evolutionary system could see it. In reality, he could only rely on his experience and professional equipment to make a judgment.

Ye Fan took out his smart phone and searched the Internet. He found a place that was most suitable for novice Beast Tamers to kill monsters.

Soon, he headed to this place, the Ancient Battlefield.

This was north of An City. There were many monsters here, and it was the best place to kill them.

“I remember that the Ancient Badge was found here.” Ye Fan recalled and confirmed this place.

His first stop was here.

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