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Purpose Achieved

Among this batch of new students, an extremely talented person had appeared and directly blown up the Soul River Tester. This matter had long spread throughout West Eagle Academy. Of course, Su Wan’er had also heard about it.

However, she did not expect that the person would appear in front of her and save her.

Things in the world were truly wonderfully unpredictable.

After a long while, Su Wan’er finally reacted.

Ye Fan came to the Demonic Soul’s side and pulled its horn off its head. He grabbed the Cangmu Horn.

“I’ve already collected all the evolutionary materials. All I need to do is wait for it to grow to the maximum.” Ye Fan’s eyes lit up.

After killing the Demonic Soul Boss, it obtained nearly 19% growth. Coupled with the dozen or so Demon Souls it had killed previously, its growth had already reached 56%.

“Not bad.”

If there were two or three more Rank-2 Boss-Grade Demon Souls, the Golden Sparrow’s growth would reach 100%. However, this was just wishful thinking.

Boss-level Demonic Souls were not easy to encounter.

On the other side.

Now, he had already killed the boss of the Demonic Souls.

“Completed ‘Survival in the Land of Demonic Souls’ mission. Reward: 200 evolution points.”

Ye Fan’s gaze swept across the interface. His innate talent and abilities had yet to be unlocked. All that was left were nine basic attributes. After thinking for a moment, Ye Fan spent 100 evolution points to unlock the light attribute.

After all, now that he had evolution points, he had to unlock what needed to be unlocked. As for the remaining evolution points, Ye Fan planned to keep them for later use.

He checked the interface again.

Name: Ye Fan

Grade: Rank 2, Intermediate

Soul Power: 500/500

Pets: Golden Sparrow, Cloud Mist Beast

Evolution Points: 150

“When I come back, I must study defense-type skills carefully.” Beast Tamers’ strength wasn’t just based on their pets, but also their skills. As for defense-type skills, all Beast Tamers had to know them. Because in battle, pets couldn’t protect Beast Tamers at all times.

In order to ensure their own safety and not drag down their pets, everyone would learn one or two defensive skills. Only then could they have more ability to protect themselves in battle.

“The Cangmu Horn… Is this the evolution material your pet beast needs?” Su Wan’er’s words brought Ye Fan back to reality.

Her eyes gazed at the horn in Ye Fan’s hands. She was very clear that an ordinary Golden Sparrow didn’t need a Cangmu Horn.

“Yes.” Ye Fan nodded. He suddenly thought of something. “Do you know where I can find Fire Source Stone?” Ye Fan casually asked, not holding much hope.

Unexpectedly, Su Wan’er nodded slightly. “Fire Source Stone? I saw it just now.”

Ye Fan’s interest was immediately piqued. “Can you bring me to take a look?”

“No problem.” Su Wan’er immediately patted her chest in agreement.

“But there’s a group of ogres there, about twenty or thirty of them.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ye Fan shook his head, his expression indifferent.

Su Wan’er did not think much of it. She was just saying it.

The ogre was a low-level Rank-2 monster.

With Ye Fan’s strength, dealing with over twenty ogres was extremely easy.

He was really not afraid.

There wasn’t much time left. The two of them immediately rushed towards the Fire Source Stone. Along the way, they encountered only a few scattered Demonic Souls. Of course, killing them was a piece of cake.

Not long after, Su Wan’er brought Ye Fan to the place she had mentioned.

In a spacious cave, the ground was littered with white bones, and the air was filled with a sinister aura. However, he did not see the ogres that Su Wan’er mentioned.

“They don’t seem to be here anymore.” Only then did Su Wan’er relax. She would not fight if she could.

Ye Fan turned a deaf ear. His gaze had already been attracted by a gemstone emitting a faint red light in the corner.

This was a Fire Source Stone!

There was a ruby embedded in the stone wall, but only half of it was exposed.

He quickly took out a small knife and removed the ruby. Ye Fan stared at it for a while and confirmed that this was the Fire Source Stone he was looking for.

“Now, all the materials are ready.” Ye Fan was ecstatic.

He had finally achieved his goal this time. He had already gathered all the materials needed for the Golden Sparrow and the Cloud Mist Beast. As for the secondary Dark Crystals and fire element crystals, there was no need to mention them.

The former was something he had prepared long ago, and the latter could be bought directly.

As long as the growth of the two beasts increased to 100%, they could evolve at any time.

At that time…

His strength would rise to another level.

“Alright, I’ll be leaving first. What about you?” Ye Fan finally reacted and looked at Su Wan’er.

Just as Su Wan’er was about to speak, she heard hurried footsteps outside the cave.

The two of them turned around and saw seven or eight people walking in from another entrance of the cave.

The people in the lead were Xu Gang and Xu Kai. When they met, they were stunned.

“Xu Kai?” Ye Fan was startled. He hadn’t expected to meet him here.

Xu Kai’s eyes flashed and a cold smile appeared on his face.

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