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You’re the King of Freshmen

This was something that Su Wan’er had never expected.

Today, she actually saw a Golden Sparrow so relaxed under the siege of Rank-2 monsters.

This scene was stunning.

“This… is this a dream?”

“Do you want me to wake you up?”

Ye Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Unexpectedly, Su Wan’er actually nodded.

Ye Fan reached out and pinched Su Wan’er’s face.

It felt good.

“Ah!” Su Wan’er screamed and finally came back to her senses.

She was too lazy to argue with Ye Fan. She just blankly looked at the Golden Sparrow. “What’s going on? Why is your pet so powerful?”

Beast Tamers hated it the most when others asked about their pets. She hurriedly waved her hands. “Forget it.”

Ye Fan was too lazy to say anything more to Su Wan’er. He only faintly smiled and continued to pay attention to the battle ahead.

The Golden Sparrow’s strength was about the same as the Demonic Souls.

However, with many talents and techniques, the Golden Sparrow’s actual combat strength was much stronger than the other party.

Not to mention anything else, just this point alone made it invincible. Coupled with its raging flames, almost no Demonic Souls could withstand this kind of burning.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the twenty or so Demonic Souls had been burned to death. Only four or five of them were entangled by the Rock Dragon and the Sharp Thorn Dragon. As for the Golden Sparrow, it directly pounced on the Demonic Souls’ boss.

“Roar!” A deafening roar. The death of its subordinates made it even more irritable.

It suddenly stretched out ten sharp claws, cutting through the sky and grabbing at the Golden Sparrow. The Golden Sparrow was not afraid. It dodged and hurriedly released flames to burn the Demonic Soul.

When Su Wan’er saw this scene, she could not help but cry out.

She had seen with her own eyes how terrifying the claws of the boss of the Demonic Souls were. Even the Rock Dragon, which was known for its defense, was not unscathed. The bloody hole in its abdomen was the best proof. If this Golden Sparrow fought it head-on, it would definitely suffer.

However, just as this thought flashed through her mind, Su Wan’er was shocked to discover that the Demonic Soul’s claw had missed. She only saw the Golden Sparrow dodge nimbly at a speed that was a little dazzling.

“No way?!” Su Wan’er’s face was filled with disbelief. This speed was simply ridiculous.

At the same time, the Golden Sparrow released raging flames to burn the Demon Soul’s chest again.

The fire left scars on its chest.

The victor had already been decided in the first clash. The Golden Sparrow, who had the upper hand, continued to pursue the Demonic Soul. The raging flames continued to burn the Demonic Soul. In the sea of fire, the Demonic Soul boss was reduced to skin and bones.

Everything happened too quickly. The boss of the Demonic Souls was covered in wounds and looked very miserable. It no longer had its previous dignity.

Su Wan’er sucked in a breath of cold air.

Not only could this Golden Sparrow release fire skills, but it was also extremely fast. She had only seen such a skill among some rare humanoid pets.

“What an eye-opener today…” Su Wan’er muttered.

Her gaze involuntarily fell on Ye Fan. Where did this guy come from? How could he have such a strange Golden Sparrow?

After a while, the battle finally came to an end. Taking advantage of this gap, the Golden Sparrow once again released its fire technique. This time, it completely burned them to ashes.

This battle was finally over.

The Sharp Thorn Dragon and the Rock Dragon had already killed all the remaining Demonic Souls. The Land of Demonic Souls was silent again.


Su Wan’er was dumbfounded. Who knew how powerful this Golden Sparrow was?

“Howl!” Just at this moment, the Cloud Mist Beast suddenly rushed over and opened its mouth at Ye Fan.

With a bang, more than a dozen secondary Dark Crystals? fell to the ground. These were the spoils of war it had plundered from the Demonic Souls.

“Howl.” The Cloud Mist Beast wagged its tail with a fawning expression.

“Good boy.” Ye Fan laughed and rubbed its head. A happy expression appeared on its face.

“Your pet?” Su Wan’er looked puzzled.

Ye Fan obediently nodded.

Su Wan’er understood. As expected of a Rank 2.

However, compared to this strange Golden Sparrow, this pet seemed too weak. This intermediate second-rank Cloud Mist Beast could only be considered at the bottom of the second-rank pets.

As for the Golden Sparrow, there was no need to mention its true strength. In terms of combat strength alone, it should be around the peak of Rank 2. It was really powerful.

“Oh, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for saving my life.”

“I’m Su Wan’er from the second year of the West Eagle Academy. What about you?”

“Ye Fan.”

Su Wan’er was stunned for a moment and frowned.

“Ye Fan… What a familiar name.”

“Is that so?”

Ye Fan laughed and slowly opened his mouth.

“Senior Sister.”

Su Wan’er suddenly understood everything when he called her that. Her eyes widened.

“You’re the King of Freshmen this year!”

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