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A Pie From the Sky

Su Wan’er could feel the raging flames around her. Her heartbeat quickened, and her eyes were filled with fear.

When the Golden Sparrow withdrew the raging fire, she came back to her senses.

“You… you…”

The girl angrily pointed at Ye Fan, unable to say a complete sentence.

Suddenly, a deep roar came from the corner.

Rapid and muffled footsteps sounded. They were getting closer.

Su Wan’er came back to her senses. She could not care less about her anger and hurriedly shouted, “Let’s go. There are still many monsters behind us!”

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows.

Before he could speak, Su Wan’er grabbed his arm and ran out quickly.

Ye Fan bitterly smiled.

What was wrong with this girl? She grabbed a man she just met.

“What monster is chasing you?”

“There are at least 20 Demonic Souls!”

“My pets are holding them back. Let’s run now.” Su Wan’er’s face was a little pale.

She had thought that with the protection of two powerful dragon pets, she should be at ease in this Land of Demonic Souls and there would be no danger. However, who would have thought that they would encounter a large group of Demonic Souls as soon as they entered the place? In the end, she had underestimated this place.

This was her first time entering the Land of Demonic Souls, so she naturally had to be more careful. But she had to run around carelessly. Now, not only had she attracted the Demonic Souls, but she had also dragged Ye Fan down with her. Thinking of this, Su Wan’er’s heart was filled with disappointment and regret.

Ye Fan ignored Su Wan’er’s expression and turned around.

At that moment, he saw two dragon pets running out of the corner. Behind them were more than twenty Demonic Souls with greenish-black skin. They looked like Mummified Corpses, but they were faster.

The two pets fought as they retreated.

One of them was covered in sharp metal pieces and exuded a ferocious aura.

The other had yellow skin that was as hard as stone.

Sharp Thorn Dragon and Rock Dragon! Ye Fan immediately recognized them.

The Sharp Thorn Dragon was a pet at the high level of the second rank. As for the Rock Dragon, it was at the intermediate level of the second rank. Both of them had been famous for a long time.

When Ye Fan saw this, he couldn’t help but feel a bit suspicious. The Demonic Soul was only a second rank monster, and its strength was much greater than an ordinary Rank-2 monster. However, the dragon’s battle prowess was also the strongest.

With the strength of the Sharp Thorn Dragon and the Rock Dragon, they wouldn’t have too much pressure even if they faced more than twenty Demonic Souls. However, his suspicion didn’t last long.

Ye Fan suddenly understood.

Behind the group of Demonic Souls, a burly man followed. The two-meter-tall figure gave off a strong sense of oppression, and his scarlet eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

However, the most eye-catching thing was the pale horn on his forehead.

“This is the boss of the Demonic Souls!” Ye Fan’s eyes lit up.

This was simply a pie falling from the sky.

Just as he was about to look for the leader of the Demonic Souls, he did not expect this guy to take the initiative to look for him.

Suddenly, a familiar mechanical voice sounded.

“Ding… System prompt.”

Survival in Demon Soul Land

: Kill a Demon Soul Boss. Reward: 200 evolution points.”

Ye Fan stopped.

Because of her inertia, Su Wan’er almost fell. She quickly pulled Ye Fan’s arm.

“What are you doing? He’s coming! Run!” Su Wan’er panicked.

“You run first. Leave this kid to me.”

Hearing this, Su Wan’er was slightly startled. She immediately turned to look at Ye Fan’s pet beast.

She felt that she might have encountered someone powerful. This glance almost choked her to death.

This was the Golden Sparrow.

How useful could such a pet be in battle?

“Take a closer look. This is a high-level Rank 2 Demonic Soul. How do you want to deal with it?” Su Wan’er slapped his forehead and gritted her teeth.

“I know,” said Ye Fan indifferently.

The Golden Sparrow sensed its master’s intentions and turned around to rush towards the Demonic Souls.

When Su Wan’er saw this, she was about to cry.

This guy looked quite handsome, but what was wrong with his head? Wasn’t this courting death? How could this Golden Sparrow defeat those Demonic Souls? Not to mention the boss, even the remaining Demonic Souls could easily tear it into pieces.

“Alright, we can get the Sharp Thorn Dragon to protect us from behind.” Su Wan’er quickly made a decision.

The sacrifice of the Sharp Thorn Dragon would make her heart ache, but even if it died, it could be revived in a short period of time. In comparison, her life was more important.

Su Wan’er tightly gripped Ye Fan’s arm, wanting to take him away. But just at this moment, two more muffled explosions rang out.

Su Wan’er was stunned. She turned around and saw that many monsters were about to catch up. Her gaze landed on the Golden Sparrow. It rushed into the monsters like a fire.

It released flames again, burning all the Demonic Souls in its path.

This was too ruthless.


Su Wan’er was dumbfounded. Her mouth was agape and she could not say a word.

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