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One-sided Crushing

“Xu Kai, what’s the matter?” The burly man noticed his expression and asked in surprise.

“I saw a familiar face.” Xu Kai fiercely glared at Ye Fan.

Xu Gang looked at him and understood what he meant.


“Hmph, he’s just a poor guy.”

“Did he piss you off? Do you want me to teach him a lesson?”

Xu Gang’s hunter team was working with Xu Kai’s family. They could take on business from Xu Kai’s father, earning a considerable income. Therefore, Xu Gang thought highly of Xu Kai.

Now that there was a chance to befriend him, he naturally would not be stingy.

Xu Kai’s expression was uncertain. In the end, he was blinded by jealousy and nodded vigorously.

“Thank you, Brother Xu.”

“It’s nothing.”

Xu Gang patted Xu Kai’s shoulder and smiled. That was just a poor guy. Even if that guy was a student of the West Eagle Academy, there was nothing to worry about if he did not have a background. After dealing with this guy, Xu Gang could build a good relationship with Xu Kai. Perhaps he could even take on more business.

The more Xu Gang thought about it, the happier he became. He waved his hand, and seven or eight people stood up. Not long after, they entered the Land of Demonic Souls.

Everything turned black. 𝒾𝗻n𝚛𝗲𝚊𝑑.𝒄o𝒎

Ye Fan adapted to the dimness around him and began to observe his surroundings. On the pitted walls, there were unknown slimes everywhere. The only source of light was the glowing gemstones on the walls. The entire cave emitted a strange aura that made one’s hair stand on end.

Summoning the Gold Sparrow and the Cloud Mist Beast, Ye Fan carefully continued deeper.


Just at this moment, a sharp cry rang out from the front. Over ten black bats with savage fangs charged at Ye Fan in groups.

“Go!” Ye Fan ordered.

The Golden Sparrow immediately rushed forward. Ye Fan still had the Cloud Mist Beast by his side, and the raging flames lit up the darkness.

Two black bats that rushed over were burned to death on the spot before they could let out a scream.

The huge disparity in strength made the bats no match for the Golden Sparrow.

In the blink of an eye, all the bats were killed.

“Less than 1% growth. This is too low.”

After advancing to the lower level of Rank 2, he found the speed of advancement by killing intermediate Rank-1 monsters plummeting. Killing more than a hundred of them led to only about 10%.

“I have to hunt even more monsters.” Ye Fan continued walking.

According to the information on the Internet, there were two kinds of common monsters at the edge of the Land of Demonic Souls.

In addition to the black bats, there was also a type of high-level Rank-1 monster called Dark Sala.

Not long after.

Ye Fan saw a Dark Sala.

With a strange cry, seven or eight monsters that were as tall as a person rushed out from the corner of the passage. Their bodies were gray and hollow inside, with only the upper body and no lower body. From the outside, they looked a little similar to slimes. They floated twenty centimeters away from the ground.

There were two balls of blue flames dancing in their eyes.

“So many?” Ye Fan’s eyes lit up.

“Now I can try out the Golden Sparrow’s new ability,” Ye Fan thought.

Four identical Golden Sparrows appeared, each casting their own flames to block Dark Salas’ path.

The Beast Summoning Technique could summon beasts two levels lower than oneself. The Golden Sparrows summoned with the Beast Summoning Technique were all high-level Rank-1. They were not inferior to Dark Salas at all.

“I wonder if I can get more?”

“If it’s possible, when the Golden Sparrow’s strength increases in the future, I might be able to summon quite a few Golden Sparrows.” Ye Fan suddenly thought of something.

As he was thinking, the Golden Sparrow had already rushed forward with a group of Golden Sparrows.

There was no suspense in this battle. The Golden Sparrow ended the battle with a crushing victory.

“Not bad.” Ye Fan slightly nodded.

The monsters at the edge of the Land of Demonic Souls were no threat to him at all. Through this passage, Ye Fan passed through the periphery without any obstruction and arrived at the center of the Land of Demonic Souls. During this time, the Cloud Mist Beast near Ye Fan didn’t attack.

It was partly to protect Ye Fan.

The second was to let the Golden Sparrow kill these demons.

It was better to upgrade one pet first.

He had also gained a lot from this battle. In this battle, the Golden Sparrow’s growth had already reached 19%.

“If nothing goes wrong, I can increase its growth to 100% today or tomorrow.”

“First, we need to find the Cangmu Horn and the Fire Source Stone.”

This was a type of ore found in the Land of Demonic Souls. As for the Cangmu Horn, it was a Rank-2 Boss Grade monster. Compared to the Fire Source Stone, which was nowhere to be found, it was much easier to find the Cangmu Horn. After all, there were countless Rank-2 monsters in the central area of the Land of Demonic Souls.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan continued forward.

He was just about to turn the corner when a figure darted out from the side and almost ran headlong into Golden Sparrow, who was at the very front. A jet of flame shot out. The Golden Sparrow attacked instinctively.

“Ah!” A miserable scream suddenly sounded.

“Stop!” Ye Fan hastily stopped his pet.

The raging fire was about to spread to her body. Her eyes were filled with fear.

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