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Land of Demonic Souls

“What a coincidence.” Ye Fan nodded at Chen Xin, then took out the Sealing Egg.

“I just bought a pet.”

“You… you want to contract a new pet?” Chen Xin stammered, looking unbelievable.

Ye Fan honestly nodded. “That’s right.” There was no need to hide this matter.

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Chen Xin’s eyes opened wide, her heart in turmoil.

In such a short period of time, Ye Fan had already become a Rank-2 Beast Tamer.

“No wonder the testing device exploded.” Chen Xin looked at Ye Fan with a complicated expression.

She considered herself to be extremely talented, and she was also from a Beast Tamer Family, so she had had enough cultivation resources since she was born. However, she was currently only at the high level of Rank 1. If she wanted to advance to the second rank, she would still need a long time. Compared to Ye Fan, she simply paled.

Chen Xin composed herself and changed the topic. “Which club are you going to join in the future?”

“Club?” Ye Fan was startled.

In the pet academy, there were all kinds of clubs. In this way, all students with the same attribute could spar in their clubs. In West Eagle Academy alone, there were more than twenty clubs. For example, the Netherworld Society, the Pure Land Society, and the Light Society.

“I haven’t decided yet.” With the evolution system, Ye Fan didn’t have much interest in clubs. If he had time to participate in the club activities, he might as well kill more monsters to make his pets stronger.

“I see.” Chen Xin smiled and nodded. She then said, “I plan to set up a Class A chat group. When the time comes, we can discuss which club we want to join.”

Ye Fan smiled in agreement.

The two of them chatted for a while more before leaving.

Ye Fan directly returned to the manor and signed a contract with the Cloud Mist Beast.

With a crisp sound, a huge Cloud Mist Beast crawled out. The surroundings were instantly filled with mist.

The Cloud Mist Beast looked like a little wolf cub. Its entire body was covered in gray fog. It was forty to fifty centimeters tall and emitted a scorching aura.

Once the contract was completed, an indescribable connection instantly appeared in Ye Fan’s mind.

There seemed to be a link between him and the Cloud Mist Beast.

“From today onwards, you are my second pet beast.” Ye Fan squatted down and gently stroked its head.

The Cloud Mist Beast rubbed against Ye Fan’s palm affectionately.

Under the effects of the contract, the mist around its body was unable to do anything to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan comforted the Cloud Mist Beast, then opened the system interface to check the evolution requirements for the Overlord Path.

“Overlord. The next evolution node,

Fog of Heaven

, requires 100% growth, 1 Fire Source Stone, and 5 Lesser Fire Crystals.”

“Fire Source Stone?”

Ye Fan took out his phone and searched the Internet. He quickly found the relevant information. This was a type of Rank-2 rare material, and its value wasn’t inferior to some Rank-3 materials. Its market price had already exceeded 20,000, even higher than a Cloud Mist Beast.

“I don’t have enough money…”

Near An City, there was a place that produced Fire Source Stones.

It was the Land of Demonic Souls.

It was a gathering place of monsters about five kilometers away to the northeastern part of An City. There were a large number of undead and fire-type monsters here, as well as some special materials. Ye Fan was also looking for the Cangmu Horn needed for the Golden Sparrow to evolve. It was quite a coincidence. The Cangmu Horn could also be found in the Land of Demonic Souls.

“Coincidentally, I can collect the evolution resources of two pets at the same time.”

Seeing that it was getting late, Ye Fan didn’t immediately move.

He stayed at home to recover his strength.

The next morning.

Ye Fan wildly ran towards the Land of Demonic Souls. This wasn’t a trial ground for ordinary Beast Tamers.

The Land of Demonic Souls was even more dangerous. The monsters in the periphery alone were all above Rank 1. In the deepest parts of the Land of Demonic Souls, there were existences of Rank 2 and Rank 3. Those who dared to come here to train were usually experienced.

The Land of Demonic Souls was also a gathering place for many hunter teams.

These hunters who fought at the front line all year round and made a living by killing monsters were all very strong.

When Ye Fan arrived at the Demon Soul Land, there were already several squads waiting at the entrance.

They stood in an empty space at the entrance and sat on the ground. They chatted and laughed, preparing to enter the land. Other than them, there were also some lone Beast Tamers.

There was a commotion.

Ye Fan glanced at them, then turned and walked towards the cave entrance.

More than ten meters away.

A youth raised his head. Seeing Ye Fan walk into the cave, he couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

“Ye Fan!” he called out.

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