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Purchasing a Pet

Name: Fierce Beast

Nature: Normal

Grade: Low Level, Rank 2

Growth: 20%

Talent: Quick Movement

Ability: Wind Cutting Blade

Evolution Paths

(1) Blinking Path: It’s more focused on the light element. Bloodline can evolve to Blinking Beast and be upgraded to Intermediate Rank 4.

(2) Lightning Path: Focused on the lightning. Bloodline can evolve to Flying Thunder Beast. Can be upgraded to High-level Rank 5.

“Lightning path?” Ye Fan muttered as he looked at the egg.

Fierce Beasts were one of the more common types of Rank-2 beasts. But as far as Ye Fan knew, Fierce Beasts’ evolution path was Blinking Beasts. He had never heard of any other evolutionary path.

Obviously, this lightning path was a bloodline evolution path for Fierce Beasts.

“However, the potential of high-level Rank-5 is too weak.”

Ye Fan shook his head and turned his attention to the next egg.

Pets that could advance to the King level were already extremely rare. Ye Fan wasn’t the kind of person who was greedy.

However, in his eyes, his pet should at least have the potential of Rank 7 or 8.

Information about the eggs appeared in front of Ye Fan, and he began to read through them one by one.

Not every pet had a hidden evolution path. These were very rare.

Ye Fan glanced around and found that there were only four or five pets with hidden evolution paths. Among them, the strongest were only lower-level Rank 6.

“There’s no other way. Let’s go to another pet store,” Ye Fan muttered, just in time to see the last batch of eggs in the corner.

Then, he was dumbfounded.

Name: Cloud Mist Beast

Nature: Fire

Grade: Tier 2 Intermediate

Growth: 24%

Talent: Low-level Fire Resistance, Half-Void Body

Skills: Cloud, Fireball

Evolution Paths

(1) Blazing Mist Path: Enhances support skills. Bloodline can evolve to Dark Mist Beast. It can be upgraded to a low-level Rank 3 creature.

(2) Overlord Path: Enhanced Attack Skill. Bloodline can evolve to Fog of Heaven and be upgraded to Peak Rank-9. 𝙞𝗻𝑛r𝙚α𝒅.𝑐𝒐𝚖

“Peak Rank 9!” Ye Fan was overjoyed.

He had been prepared to give up, but now it seemed that it had all been worth it.

Not only had he found an evolvable pet, but its potential was also astonishing.

“I remember that this Cloud Mist Beast can only be considered at the bottom of the second rank, but its potential is so terrifying,” Ye Fan exclaimed.

These pets were slowly figured out from the experience of the seniors, who had spent infinite time and energy.

However, until now, no one could say that they had already grasped the evolution direction of a pet.

This could be seen from the Cloud Mist Beast.

Before Ye Fan, who would have thought that this Cloud Mist Beast actually had a bloodline evolution path?

Ye Fan didn’t say anything, directly treating this Cloud Mist Beast as his second pet.

The market price of a second-rank pet usually ranged from 20,000 to more than 100,000. This was a second-rank pet, and the lowest price was 20,000 yuan.

“I just received an allowance. Including my savings, I have a total of over seven thousand yuan.” Ye Fan was helpless. He really didn’t have any money.

Helpless, he could only call the shop assistant over.

“Can Dark Crystals be exchanged for money?”

“Of course,” the shop assistant said with a smile.

Dark crystals were very useful. Almost 99% of pets used Dark Crystals. They were usually used to feed high-level pets. Therefore, pet shops often purchased Dark Crystals.

Ye Fan nodded and handed over a bag.

It was filled with secondary Dark Crystals he had obtained from the Ancient Battlefield last time. There were more than 50 of them in total.

Other than leaving ten of them for the Golden Sparrow to evolve, Ye Fan sold the rest.

The shop assistant counted. It was a total of 42 pieces.

The market price of the secondary Dark Crystals was 800 yuan per piece. The shop assistant didn’t lie to him. She bought them according to the market price. After deducting the price of the Cloud Mist Beast, Ye Fan still had 13,000 yuan left.

In an instant, a large sum of money appeared in his pocket.

“No wonder so many people want to become Beast Tamers. It’s so easy to make money.” Ye Fan sighed when he saw the message on his phone.

Moreover, this was a Rank-2 Beast Tamer. For some high-level Beast Tamers, their daily income was over a million. Ye Fan took the egg and directly left the pet store, planning to go back and contract his own pet.

However, when he came out of the pet store, he met a familiar face.

“Ye Fan, what a coincidence! Why are you here?” Chen Xin looked at Ye Fan, her eyes flashing with joy.

Suddenly, her gaze fell on the egg in Ye Fan’s palm. Chen Xin looked at it and was startled, immediately remembering something.

Her beautiful face was filled with shock.

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