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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

Chapter 132 - 132 There’s Another Genius

132 There’s Another Genius

“There are many young people with potential in this competition!”

In the lounge.

The leader of the Dark Night Academy, Pang Ying, looked at the name list and sighed.

Except for Green Pine.


There were three Rank-5 participants in this year’s competition, and there was even Luo Qiliang.

He was so close to bringing Green Pine into the semifinals.

And the most shocking one was Ye Fan from the West Eagle Academy.

Previously, in the school’s league, there had never been such a situation of first-year students competing.

Therefore, when everyone knew that West Eagle Academy brought a first-year student to the competition, *

Basically, they all thought that there was no one better in West Eagle Academy.

But the current situation was…

Not only did West Eagle Academy have people, but there was also a genius.

Moreover, West Eagle Academy’s decision was very correct.

They had brought the first-year student to the competition, and they did not expect this first-year student to defeat Green Pine at the critical moment.

As a result, West Eagle Academy was promoted.

Therefore, under such circumstances, when the school was facing a crushing defeat, the first-year student who appeared and saved the day was currently in the limelight. He was a miracle figure that everyone praised.

Even Pang Ying had never seen a student as talented as Ye Fan after teaching for so many years.

He had reached the fifth rank at the age of 20.

Even the heirs carefully nurtured by those noble families might not have such talent.

It was really phenomenal.

Just as he was thinking this, cheers came from outside.

“Look, Ye Fan’s photo is on the Internet.”

“Let me see what he looks like.”

“Not bad. He’s so handsome.”

“I didn’t expect such a handsome man to exist.”

There were many girls in the Dark Night Academy, and most of the students were female.

The participants in this competition were all the same.

The five beautiful girls gathered together and looked at Ye Fan on the screen.

Pang Ying was speechless. He rolled up the paper in his hand and knocked the girls’ heads one by one.

“Don’t be infatuated. Hurry up and think of a countermeasure. The next match is our team against the West Eagle Academy.”

“Teacher, we’re considering countermeasures here.”

Pang Ying was speechless.

He felt that Han Xiaomin was spouting nonsense.

“You can ignore the other students of the West Eagle Academy, but this Ye Fan isn’t simple. The two Battle Pets he summoned seem to only be at the fifth rank, but their strength is probably at the sixth rank.”

“Most importantly, it’s obvious that he didn’t use his full strength in the last match. No one knows how strong he is or if he has other pets.”

After hearing the instructor’s words, everyone started to get serious.

Han Xiaomin suggested, “How can he have so many powerful pets? Generally speaking, having one is already very powerful. He might just be lucky to have two. I don’t believe he has a third one.”

Everyone thought so too.

“If there are only two of them, Xiao Nan can deal with them.”

After Han Xiaomin finished speaking, everyone looked at Xiao Nan.

Tang Nan was the top student of the Dark Night Academy. She was beautiful and did not speak much.

Moreover, the school had high hopes for her. She could be considered a trump card prepared by the school. Originally, they wanted her to fight against the Red Fire Academy, and they did not include the West Eagle Academy in their plan.

But this year, Ye Fan had appeared.

But it didn’t matter much because this was a team battle.

The members of the Dark Night Academy who participated in the competition were all stronger than the West Eagle Academy.

Xiao Nan was dealing with Ye Fan.

Then the others would not be a threat.

“Alright, everyone is dismissed. Go back and rest. The competition is tomorrow.”


Han Xiaomin and the other girls agreed and left playfully.

“What are you waiting for?”

The people from West Eagle Academy were also about to leave.

Shen Yi noticed that Ye Fan was looking at a place not too far away.


Ye Fan reacted and looked at the person beside him.

“It’s fine. I think I saw a contestant from the Dark Night Academy.”

Shen Yi and the others already knew which academy they were going to fight tomorrow. When they heard that it was the participants from the Dark Night Academy, they all turned to look.

Wang Guxing’s gaze was attracted by a group of beautiful girls.

“It’s indeed an academy with many beauties!”

Ye Fan faintly smiled.

The beauties of the West Eagle Academy were not inferior to those of the Dark Night Academy.

Among the few of them who came together with him, any one of them could compare to the people in the Dark Night Academy.

Duan Shaoming’s looks were relatively bad, but he was still considered good-looking.

“I heard that the Dark Night Academy sent an ace student to participate. I think her name is Tang Nan.”

Ding Chengxin’s words attracted everyone’s attention. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m


In the competition, the Dark Night Academy basically crushed their opponents and won in the end.

Moreover, only two participants were sent out.

For the other three participants, including Tang Nan, they did not know much about these people.

As soon as Ding Chengxin said that, the others became curious.

“Is Tang Nan really that strong?”

Ding Chengxin’s voice was serious.

“A little stronger than Luo Qiliang.”

Shen Yi and the others looked at each other in surprise.

Even if Luo Qiliang was defeated by Ye Fan, he was still an unbeatable existence to anyone else.

Now, there was someone more powerful than him. This competition was really difficult to win.

Su Wan’er smiled. “We have Ye Fan. What’s there to worry about?”

Everyone looked at Ye Fan and saw that he was completely calm, not the slightest bit surprised.

That was true.

Currently, the West Eagle Academy had Ye Fan.

“Alright, let’s go back and rest!”

Everyone relaxed a lot and left happily.

The next day.

The competition officially began.

The first match was between the West Eagle Academy and the Dark Night Academy.

Ye Fan walked out.

The audience seemed to have exploded with cheers, like a tsunami.

Ever since he became famous in the battle yesterday, *

Many people knew who Ye Fan was, so they had come early in the morning to fight for a seat.

Furthermore, the loudest cheers came from the girls. Their eyes were shining as they looked at Ye Fan, like fans looking at their idol.

“Ye Fan is too popular.”

“I am truly envious.”

Zou Gen and Wang Guxing could only be envious.

Duan Shaoming smiled and said, “If you were as powerful as Ye Fan and could defeat five people at once, you would definitely be as popular as him now!”

The two of them were helpless.

How was that possible?

Don’t think that it’s easy to defeat five people alone.

They definitely couldn’t be compared to geniuses like Ye Fan.

As they spoke and laughed, *

They all came to the exclusive waiting area for the competition.

The two schools were only 20 meters apart.

Pang Ying and Tang Nan sat down early.

Seeing Ye Fan walk over, Han Xiaomin and the others quickly looked at him.

“He’s much more handsome than in the photos!”

“After the competition, why don’t we ask for his phone number?”

“Who’s going? Share it with us when you get there!”

“No way!”

Pang Ying was furious.

“Sit down quietly. The competition is about to start, and you’re still joking.”

Only when the teacher was angry did they shut up.

Tang Nan had been quietly watching Ye Fan the entire time.

She believed that the only competitor in the West Eagle Academy who could match her was Ye Fan.

At this moment.

In the VIP room at the front of the audience.

The committee organizing the competition was all talking about the competition.

“This year’s competition is so lively. It’s filled with talents.”

“Chaohai City is a nurturing place. There are many excellent Beast Tamers.”

“I heard that there’s a first-year student in this competition. I heard that this person is very powerful!”

At this moment, an old man with gray hair sitting in front suddenly turned around and asked, *

“First-year student? What’s his name?”

The people who were joking and discussing just now immediately became serious.

“Sir, this first-year student’s name is Ye Fan.”

Afterwards, someone carefully reported Ye Fan’s achievements in the competition.

The old man was the president of the committee, and one of the most famous Rank 9 powerhouses in the city, called Cai Shengyuan.

He had only come to watch the competition today, and he did not see the competition yesterday.

When he heard the story just now, his interest was piqued.

As one of Chaohai City’s higher-ups, he had naturally heard of Ye Fan.

Ye Fan had single-handedly used a soul art to kill a seventh rank enemy, then destroyed the Abyssal Hand’s stronghold.

How could such a shocking genius not attract the attention of others?

Although the destruction of the stronghold hadn’t been announced, the higher-ups had already noticed Ye Fan.

He hadn’t expected Ye Fan to come and participate in the competition. This made him feel like laughing.

The others didn’t know how strong Ye Fan was, but he was very clear.

Today, even if all the participants gathered together, they still wouldn’t be able to defeat Ye Fan.

When he heard the committee members discussing who would win the championship, Cai Shengyuan could only laugh in his heart.


He definitely wouldn’t tell them directly.

After regaining his senses, *

Cai Shengyuan looked at the arena.

Both academies began to send participants into the arena.

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