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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

Chapter 131 - 131 This Is Cheating

131 This Is Cheating

“You… How did you…”

Ding Liying was dumbfounded. She looked at Anissa in front of her, her eyes filled with panic.

Why was there another one?

Moreover, it was a blood-sucking type.


She could tell that the pet was a viscount-level vampire.

In other words.

It was also a fifth-rank pet.

“This… this is cheating, right?”

Ding Liying couldn’t cry even if she wanted to.

Her teammate had spent so much effort to exhaust the fire-element pet.

They were about to win.

Ye Fan actually summoned another fifth rank pet.

He had ruined everyone’s hope.

In the audience seats.

Xiao Tianming and the other participants were also silent, their hearts filled with despair.

Just now, they had spent a lot of effort to deal with one.

Now there was another one. There were only two contestants left. Could they win?

Moreover, after dealing with the second one, there might be a third, fourth, and fifth one.

This first-year student from West Eagle Academy was really not simple. Because he did not show his trump cards at the beginning, no one could say for sure now.

At this moment.

The participants of Green Pine Academy were all in despair.

They originally thought that they could win.

But they had encountered a dark horse like Ye Fan.

He was only a first-year student, but he was already so powerful. He was simply a monster.

The audience sighed.

Who would have thought that Ye Fan would actually summon a second fifth-rank Battle Pet?

“There’s actually a second one?”

“A viscount-level vampire is almost the same as a dragon pet!”

“Not to mention the dragon type, even an ordinary fifth rank pet is shocking enough. Is this Ye Fan really just a first year?”

“How can the information published on the official website be wrong? So this person must be a genius.”

“This strength is terrifying.”

On the stage.

Ding Liying could only brace herself.

“Even if it’s a vampire, I can’t lose.”

She only had one Rank 5 pet, but it also had the strength of Rank 5 high-level.

Ye Fan’s Inferno Fire was already exhausted.

If they continued to fight a war of attrition, *

It was not impossible to win.

This thought spun quickly in her mind, so she felt a little more confident.

But in the next moment.

The vampire raised the staff in her hand and said coldly, *

“Blood Boiling!”

As soon as he said that, the five pets that went to Anissa all cried out.

Their bodies seemed to have evaporated, and beads of blood appeared like beads of sweat. Moreover, they were sucked into Anissa’s hand and gathered into a large blood ball.

The four pets of the fourth rank were killed on the spot, unable to fight back at all.

The high-level fifth-rank pet was the same. Its flesh contracted and its body shriveled. It was seriously injured.

Before she could react, *

Anissa turned the snowball in her hand into a spear.


The blood-red spear pierced through the fifth-rank pet.

It was a pity that the pet was killed in less than ten seconds despite being fifth-rank high-level.


At this moment, Ding Liying was dumbfounded and couldn’t say a word. Her face was filled with fear.

The audience was also silent. No one could react.


He killed a fifth-rank pet in an instant.

Just what was going on with Ye Fan?

“Teacher! We’re now…”

The remaining participant of the Green Pine Academy looked at Xiao Tianming.

Now he was the only one left, but he didn’t have the confidence to defeat Ye Fan.

Not mention anything else.

Just the tired Inferno Fire and the vampire alone were too strong for him to win.

Xiao Tianming was also helpless.

At this moment.

“Looks like we’re going to lose. There’s no other way. No one expected such a monster to come to West Eagle Academy.”

Everyone’s expressions darkened.


Whether it was Green Pine Academy or the audience outside, they were all very clear.

It was obvious who would win this match.

Therefore, the subsequent development was just as everyone thought.

The last contestant was defeated by Anissa as soon as he summoned his pets.

He very smoothly lost to Ye Fan.

At this point.

The competition between the two academies ended.

Ye Fan had defeated five people at once, turning the situation around. The West Eagle Academy now had the qualifications to enter the semifinals.

“This is amazing.”

“Who would have thought? This first-year student is actually so powerful.”

“One against five!”

“I think this year’s game will be interesting.”

Discussions broke out around them.

Everyone was shocked.

Although Ye Fan had easily won against five people, *

the participants of the competition were all elite students from each academy.

Even if their strength varied, they were not much different.

Basically, it was very rare for a one-defeating-five situation to occur.


If West Eagle Academy did not send this first-year student to participate in the competition, *

Green Pine would not want to defeat five people with one person.

If the last person wasn’t Ye Fan, but another fourth grade student, Luo Qiliang might have a hard time defeating him.

Because at that time, he would have used up most of his energy.

That was why everyone had been so amazed when Ye Fan had won against five people.

Moreover, he was only a first-year student.

Under everyone’s worshipful gazes, Ye Fan calmly walked back to his seat.

“How awesome! One against five!”

Shen Yi’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Ye Fan.

“Well done!”

Ding Chengxin’s tone was also filled with excitement.

After winning this match, West Eagle Academy entered the semifinals.

In other competitions, other than Red Fire and Dark Night, Green Pine Academy was probably the best.

To be completely honest.

Even if they lost to either of the two schools in front of Green Pine in the following competitions, West Eagle Academy would still be in third place.

It would not be squeezed out of the top three.

This could be considered mission accomplished to the school’s higher-ups.


If he could defeat those two schools, it would not be bad to win the second place. If he could win both of them, it would not be bad to become the champion.

That was what Ding Chengxin was thinking.

Everyone looked at him with worship and respect, but Ye Fan was very calm.

“Let’s go back to the lounge!”

There was only one match today.

The semi-finals were tomorrow because this would give the participants time to rest.

Although the West Eagle Academy competition had ended, *

they could still stay and watch the competitions of the other academies.

Only by knowing yourself and your enemy could you win every battle.

Moreover, taking this opportunity to understand more about his future opponents would be beneficial to him.

Ye Fan didn’t really care.

On the way back, he looked at the mission notification.

“Congratulations on completing the mission. 300 evolution points have been credited.”

Previously, after unlocking the resistance of the Inferno Fire, he only had more than 200 evolution points.

However, after this mission, he had another 300 points.

“Rank 5 pets require more than 4000 evolution points. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.”

Ye Fan sighed.

After that, he did not pay much attention to it.

After completing the mission of Strongest Academy, the accumulated evolution points should be enough to force both pets to evolve.


If he could find the main materials, he could evolve them normally.

He thought about this.

They went back into the lounge.

He had just walked in.

A fragrance rushed over from the front. The owners of the fragrance was on Ye Fan’s left and right, holding his arms.

After that.

Ye Fan felt the fragrance getting closer and closer, and he was kissed twice on the face.

“That’s great!”

“Green Pine and those arrogant guys are probably dumbfounded now! It’s only a matter of minutes for Ah Fan to defeat them!”

Su Wan’er and Chen Xin’s faces were filled with excitement.

Ding Chengxin and the others looked at the big screen as if they had seen nothing.

Ye Fan was very helpless.

These two girls were getting bolder and bolder.

After all, there were so many people around and they did not care about the occasion at all.


Ye Fan felt as if someone was looking at him. He turned his head and saw Xu Menghan.

She had a complicated expression as she watched Ye Fan interact with the other two people. However, she hadn’t expected Ye Fan to suddenly turn his head in her direction. She paused for a moment before looking away.

Ye Fan was stunned.

Xiao Qiuya also saw this scene, but she was indifferent. She just adjusted her glasses.

Soon, night fell.

The quarterfinals were over.

Just as everyone expected.

The final winners were the Red Fire Academy and the Dark Night Academy.

However, a student from Changsu Academy had also advanced.

At this moment.

The feats of the legendary first-year student from the West Eagle Academy and his glorious achievement of defeating five opponents by himself had already spread throughout the crowd and caused a sensation.

Almost everyone who heard about this competition was shocked.

In the afternoon.

All the participants knew Ye Fan’s name.

Under such circumstances, *

The name list for the PK was soon out.

Red Fire versus Changsu, West Eagle versus Dark Night.

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