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Luxurious Manor

The group walked out.

Ye Fan was very conspicuous as he was surrounded by people.

Along the way, many people looked at him curiously.

Just as he was about to leave the plaza, Ye Fan heard a familiar voice.

“Ye Fan.”

He turned around and saw Su Li standing more than ten meters away, waving at him.

Ye Fan squeezed through the crowd and arrived in front of Su Li. Seeing his excited expression, he immediately understood.

“You passed the entrance examination of the Shanmi Academy?”

“That’s right.”

Su Li raised his head and puffed out his chest, his face filled with joy.

In the end, he looked at the surrounding people in confusion, then at Ye Fan. “What’s going on?”

Su Li didn’t dare to directly ask, afraid that Ye Fan would be embarrassed.

“These people were all accepted by the West Eagle Academy.” Ye Fan shrugged.

Su Li was stunned when he heard this. Shock appeared on his face. “You… Did you… pass?” He enunciated each word clearly. It was obvious how shocked he was.

Ye Fan faintly smiled and nodded. “That’s right.”

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Su Li sucked in a cold breath, his mind completely blank.

He didn’t believe that Ye Fan was lying, nor did he think that it was necessary. But it was precisely because of this that Su Li was incomparably shocked. He had never expected that Ye Fan would actually be admitted into the West Eagle Academy. Just a few hours ago, he had thought that Ye Fan had gone crazy.

But… how did Ye Fan do it? Putting aside his innate talent, just how did the Cute Sparrow pass the test? Su Li was filled with doubt.

After thinking about it, Su Li looked at Ye Fan, his eyes somewhat complicated. “Congratulations!”

However, although he was envious, he was still happy for Ye Fan.

As a result, Ye Fan unexpectedly became a dark horse and entered the West Eagle Academy.

If word got out, countless people’s jaws would drop to the ground.

After chatting for a bit, Ye Fan and Su Li parted ways at the exit. They boarded the bus and headed towards the West Eagle Academy.

The registration process was very simple and did not end until the afternoon. Then, under the guidance of the logistics staff, he chose a manor.

This manor wasn’t located in the residential area of the new students. Instead, it was right next to them. The decorations inside were extremely comfortable and luxurious. This caused Ye Fan, who had grown up in a cramped room, to stare. Furthermore, Ye Fan was in Class A and would receive monthly subsidies from the academy. 𝙞𝗻𝗻𝓻𝚎𝓪d.c𝐨𝐦

A total of 3,000 yuan.

In the past, he only had an allowance of 1,000 yuan per month.

“How extravagant. No wonder so many people are fighting to enter this academy.” Ye Fan sighed.

Of course, only Class A could enjoy such subsidies. Class B, Class C, and the other top classes had lower subsidies. Although Class D was at the bottom, they still had 1,200 yuan every month.

Ye Fan returned home and packed his luggage before returning to his manor. Afterwards, he began to unpack his things. By the time he was done, it was already dark.

Ye Fan let out a long breath and put his plan aside.

“Next, it’s my second pet.”

The higher the level of a Beast Tamer, the more pets they could contract.

Ye Fan’s current strength had already reached the second rank. He could now contract two pet beasts.

“What kind of pet is better?” Ye Fan was in deep thought.

The most powerful ability of the evolution system was that it could make people discover that their pets could become stronger through evolution.

Therefore, if he wanted to contract a powerful pet, it had to have a powerful hiding ability.

“I’ll go take a look at the pet store tomorrow.” Ye Fan’s heart stirred.

The next day.

Ye Fan woke up very early. After eating breakfast, he hurriedly left.

There weren’t many classes in the academy. Most of them were teaching theoretical knowledge. Other than a few compulsory classes, the other classes were optional. The time for class was very flexible. This was also reasonable. After all, most of the time, Beast Tamers had to go out and adventure.

Not long after, Ye Fan arrived at a commercial district not far from the West Eagle Academy. On both sides of the wide and clean street were all kinds of shops, all of them related to pet beasts.

Everything about pets could be bought here. Therefore, this was a street called Pet Street.

Ye Fan walked around and chose a shop with a good reputation. He pushed the door open and entered.

“Hello, what would you like to buy?” The shop assistant immediately showed a professional smile and walked over.

Ye Fan smiled at her and nodded. “I’ll see for myself.”

“Please go ahead.” The shop assistant was not surprised. She smiled and turned to leave.

Ye Fan began to stroll around the shop.

On the Pet Street, this was an intermediate-scale pet store with two floors. On the first floor, all the pets sold were of the first and second rank. On the second floor, there were pets above the second rank.

Beast Taming Eggs were quietly placed on the shelves. Beside them were pieces of paper with detailed instructions for customers.

It had to be known that every time, Beast Tamers could only sign contracts with pets of their same level.

A Rank 2 pet could only be contracted by a Rank-2 Beast Tamer.

Even if he could not sign a contract just yet, he could do it when he advanced.

Ye Fan focused his attention on the Rank-2 pets.

When he entered the pet store, Ye Fan was still worried about his information on the pets. But he immediately felt relieved.

He glanced at the eggs on the shelves, and pieces of relevant information slowly appeared in front of him.

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