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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

Chapter 119 - 119 Unacceptable

119 Unacceptable

Seeing the Steel-Clawed Dragon charging over, Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya’s faces immediately revealed serious expressions.

They had just seen the powerful combat performance of the Steel-Clawed Dragon.

They knew that this dragon pet was not inferior to a level-six pet.

It was indeed a troublesome enemy.

The two of them looked at each other and quickly reached a tacit understanding.

Just as they were about to order their Battle Pets to join forces to face the enemy, Ye Fan reached out to stop them.

“Senior, just let him deal with it. We don’t have to do anything.

Xu Menghan and Xiao Qiuya were stunned for a moment before looking at Ye Fan in confusion.

Without explaining further, Ye Fan’s mind moved.

Blue Bone suddenly flashed out from one side and charged at the Steel-Clawed Dragon.

Facing the Steel-Clawed Dragon that was rumbling like a chariot, Cang Gu was not afraid and collided head-on.

When Li Zhe saw this, he could not help but reveal a disdainful gaze.

The Steel-Clawed Dragon was a dragon-type pet best known for physical strength.

Although it did not have the terrifying area of effect damage like the Elemental Dragon, it had astonishing strength and a powerful physique, which ordinary pets could not reach.

Facing the accelerated collision of the Steel-Clawed Dragon, he dared to face it from the front. He really didn’t know how to write the word ‘death’.

“Ignorant fellow.

Li Zhe smiled.

The scene of the pet being smashed to pieces by the Steel-Clawed Dragon had already appeared in his mind.


Under everyone’s gazes, the two pets collided like high-speed trains.

In an instant, there was a loud bang, and dust rose everywhere.

To everyone’s surprise, the scene of the skeleton pet being shattered into pieces had not appeared yet.

On the contrary, the dominant Steel-Clawed Dragon howled and flew out, landing heavily on the ground with a bang.


Everyone looked at this scene in shock.

Li Zhe’s proud smile froze on his face, and his eyes revealed disbelief.


The Steel-Clawed Dragon, which had suffered a huge loss, got up from the ground and roared at the sky, its voice filled with intense anger.

Then, it rushed towards Cang Gu.

Its sharp claws tore through the void and grabbed Cang Gu’s chest.

Cang Gu swung his saber fearlessly.

It ignored the attacking claws. The bone knife in its hand, surrounded by black gas, cut into the Steel-Clawed Dragon’s chest as quickly as dark lightning.


The Steel-Clawed Dragon’s sharp claws were the first to hit Cang Gu’s sternum.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the sharp claws that could tear through metal landed on the bones, emitting a crisp metallic sound. Other than leaving shallow white marks, it did not cause any injuries!


Li Zhe exclaimed in shock.

His faces was filled with fear.

No matter what, he could not believe that the Steel-Clawed Dragon, whose combat strength was comparable to Rank-6, could not even injure its opponent.

Li Wanlie was as shocked as the middle-aged man.

The strength and defense of the skeleton pet were too terrifying.

It was unbelievable.

Just as everyone was shocked, a shrill howl suddenly rang out, waking them up.

They looked over.

The Steel-Clawed Dragon was slashed by Cang Gu.

In front of the magical bone knife, the hard and thick dragon scales and skin were almost like fragile paper.

They were instantly torn apart.

Blood splattered.

The Steel-Clawed Dragon took a few steps back. There was already a deep and bloody wound on its chest.

Before the Steel-Clawed Dragon could catch its breath, Cang Gu was killed again.

Thick demonic auras almost enveloped its entire body.

It looked like a black humanoid in the mist.

Two blood-colored lights flickered in its eyes.

There was a strong pressure that made one’s heart palpitate.




Cang Gu cut into Steel-Clawed Dragons.

The continuous attacks almost turned into dense black saber screens.

They enveloped the Steel-Clawed Dragon like a storm.

In the blink of an eye, the scales on the Steel-Clawed Dragon’s body became scattered, and its entire body were covered in injuries.

Li Zhe was already stunned. He opened his mouth wide and could not speak.

He, who had always thought that he was a genius, couldn’t accept that his proud pet had been beaten up so badly by a skeleton.

He knew that this was the main battle pet he had carefully nurtured. It had consumed countless resources and effort.

Wasn’t it better than a skeleton pet?

It was simply unacceptable.


“What a powerful skeleton pet. It has mastered strange energy.

Li Wanlie looked at Cang Gu in surprise.

The middle-aged man nodded in agreement. His eyes landed on Ye Fan, unable to hide his shock.

Although the skeleton pet’s aura was only at the fifth rank, its combat strength was truly at the sixth rank.

It was hard to imagine that this young man could train such a powerful pet.

It had to be known that the Li family had to use the entire family’s strength to help Li Zhe nurture the Steel-Clawed Dragon.

Even so, the Steel-Clawed Dragon was still not the skeleton’s match.

“This boy’s background is naturally not simple. Otherwise, it would be impossible to nurture such a powerful war pet.

The middle-aged man said in a low voice and looked at Li Wanlie.

Killing intent flickered in their eyes as they simultaneously made up their minds to kill Ye Fan.

Never let this person leave the Dragon Bone Forest alive.

Otherwise, it was very likely to bring a troublesome enemy to the Li family.

On the other side.

The adventurers were also shocked by Cang Gu’s tough performance. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

“Oh my god, I’ve never seen such a powerful skeleton.”

“Amazing. Such a powerful Steel-Clawed Dragon was beaten into such a tragedy.”

“What kind of pet is this?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before.”

The adventurers were amazed.

On the other hand, Wang Shengjun looked uncertain. He quickly turned around in his mind.

When he first saw Ye Fan’s group, he was still surprised.

He felt that there was hope of being saved.

However, when he realized that there were only three young men and women, he was immediately disappointed.

It was impossible for such a young Beast Tamer to be Li Wanlie’s match.

Although the skeleton pet had completely suppressed the Steel-Clawed Dragon, so what?

It was useless to defeat Li Zhe. The greatest enemy was Old Ghost Li.

His six sixth-rank pets were still watching.

“He’s already a fifth-rank Beast Tamer at this age. He’s much more talented than Li Zhe. Unfortunately…” Li Wanlie muttered to himself.

Age was there.

No matter how outstanding someone’s talent was, without time to accumulate, it could not be transformed into strength.

Wang Shengjun wanted to take the opportunity to escape.

However, just as he made a move, Li Wanlie’s indifferent gaze pierced over like a sharp sword.

Obviously, he had been paying attention to the situation here.

Seeing this, Wang Shengjun sighed in frustration and did not dare to do anything else.

A few minutes later.

The outcome of the battle was finally decided.

Cang Gu easily killed the Steel-Clawed Dragon.

It was completely unscathed.

Under Cang Gu’s Life Absorption skill, some of the injuries caused by the Steel-Clawed Dragon instantly healed.

It was so powerful, with high defense and astonishing recovery speed. It was like a skeleton pet that could not be killed. Everyone present really found it unbelievable.

How could such a pet be trained?!

Li Zhe stared at Ye Fan, his facial features almost twisted into a ball.

The humiliation of failure, which he had never experienced before, gnawed at his heart like a worm.

This caused his hatred for Ye Fan to quickly reach its peak.

Li Wanlie patted Li Zhe’s shoulder indifferently.

“Remember this lesson.”

“Don’t always act like you’re the best in the world. You have to know that there are many geniuses in this world. There will never be a lack of people who are better than you.”

The reason why Li Wanlie had not interfered was because he had watched the Steel-Clawed Dragon in Cang Gu’s hand die.

It was to teach Li Zhe a lesson.

It made him understand that there was someone outside.

“You have to practice hard in the future so that similar things won’t happen again.”

…Got it.

Hearing Li Wanlie’s words, Li Zhe resentfully looked at Ye Fan and reluctantly nodded.

Seeing this, Li Wanlie frowned slightly, but he didn’t try to persuade him anymore. He turned to look at Ye Fan.

“Young man, you’re the best Beast Tamer I’ve seen in decades. Unfortunately, you should never have done that. If you wanted to blame someone, you’d better blame yourself for being greedy.”

Xu Menghan immediately widened her eyes and said angrily, “The Flower Sprite had already escaped. Ah Fan caught it with his own ability. What’s wrong with that?”

“The Li family is clearly the one who robbed others, but you still sound so justified. You’re simply shameless to the extreme.”

Li Wanlie and the middle-aged man’s expressions turned cold.

Li Zhe was furious.

“What did you say?”

Xu Menghan retorted rudely.

“If you dare to do it, don’t be afraid of others saying it!”

Li Zhe was still waiting to speak when he was stopped by Li Wanlie.

“There’s no need to say so much to a dying person.”

Ye Fan smiled. “I agrees with this. There’s really no need to talk nonsense with someone who’s about to die.”

The calmness and confidence in his words were obvious.

Li Wanlie narrowed his eyes in surprise.

However, when he thought of Ye Fan’s age, his heart was certain.

Just a wet behind the ears boy.

“Brother, don’t fight him. We’ll find an opportunity to escape.”

Xu Menghan suddenly walked over to Ye Fan and whispered.

Xiao Qiuya nodded imperceptibly and agreed to this suggestion.

Although they knew that Ye Fan’s strength wasn’t bad, they did not think that he could defeat Li Wanlie.

Look at the powerful lineup of six sixth-rank pets, even among the sixth-rank Beast Tamers, Li Wanlie was one of the top.

Such an expert was definitely not someone a fifth-rank Beast Tamer could deal with.

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