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118 Battle

A deafening sound echoed in the sky above the forest.

The aftershock of the battle seemed to have turned into a strong wind that swept away, causing the branches to sway left and right.

Ye Fan was already completely immersed in the intense battle.

After Ye Fan defeated the intermediate Rank-5 Undead Zombie Boss, he fell into Li Wanlie and Li Zhe’s ambush.


On Ye Fan’s side were a few unorganized passersby.

Other than Ye Fan, who was an experienced Beast Tamer, the others were all Beast Tamers with little combat experience.

Of course, there was also the more experienced Wang Shengjun.

This lineup was strong enough to be considered an adventurer lineup.

It even surpassed most Rank 2 and 3 hunting teams.

However, even such a strong team was still beaten up by the Li family.

It was because Li Wanlie had resisted four enemies alone.

Ye Fan and his three companions joined forces to barely block Li Wanlie’s six terrifying Battle Pets.

The remaining two team members were also found by Li Zhe and the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was a fifth-rank Beast Tamer.

They were clearly stronger than their opponents. The adventurers could not raise their heads at all.

Just like that.

Surprisingly, Li Zhe had the upper hand in the battle.

As a Rank-5 Beast Tamer who had just broken through and had yet to train a new pet, he only had three Rank-4 pets and one Rank-5 pet. Logically speaking, he could only be considered half Rank-5.

Any popular fifth-rank pet that had broken through for more than a year could win him steadily.

However, the outcome was unexpected.

Ye Fan only took a glance before his eyes immediately revealed a dense terror.

“Damn it… So it’s a high-level Rank 5 Steel-Clawed Dragon.”

Dragon Pets were originally the best among their peers.

As for Li Zhe’s Steel-Clawed Dragon, it had clearly awakened many talents and skills.

Even if its combat strength was not as good as Level 6, it was not far off.

Just on its end, it had stopped three Rank-5 pets, and it was very easy to do so.


The Steel-Clawed Dragon swung its forelimbs violently.

Claws shining with a cold metal luster tore through the air and hit a pet with sharp and extremely strong energy.

The low-level Rank-5 pet could not even withstand it for a moment.

In an instant, it was torn in half.

Blood splattered.

The Steel-Clawed Dragon was famous for its terrifying attack power.

But seeing the strength of its attack with their own eyes still terrified Ye Fan and the others.

On the other side.

Li Wanlie’s Rank 6 Black Scythe Soul also killed an opponent.

The Black Scythe Soul was a soul pet of the undead.

It had the characteristics of a void body and was immune to all physical attacks.

It also had the characteristics of a mental attack that could directly harm the opponent’s soul.

Relying on these two characteristics, the Black Scythe Soul was also the best of many sixth-rank pets.

Most Rank 6 pets were not its match at all.

They could only last for a short time.

Then, they were annihilated by the Black Scythe Soul. They fell to the ground without moving, and they lost their lives.

The battle began in five minutes.

Many Rank 5 and Rank 6 pets were lost one after another.

At this point.

As long as one wasn’t blind, they could tell that the battle was extremely disadvantageous to Ye Fan.

It was only a matter of time before Ye Fan lost.

He looked at the situation in front of him.

Ye Fan’s throat rolled. His heart was already trembling.

It was not that he had not thought of taking the opportunity to escape.

But every time he moved, Li Wanlie’s attack on the soul forced them to defend on the spot.

The occasional counterattack was easily blocked by the other three.

Li Wanlie, who came from a Beast Tamer family, couldn’t compare to adventurers in terms of soul skills.


Whether it was the level of soul skills or mastery, the Li family’s three people had all crushed Ye Fan.

Especially Li Zhe’s Water Control.

Ye Fan’s skills landed on the flowing water wall. Other than causing ripples, it was useless.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fan couldn’t help but feel a trace of despair.

If he knew that, he would hand over the monster first.

However, not to mention that the monster was no longer in his hands, even if it was still around, if he wanted to hand over the monster in exchange for his life, the other party might not agree.

Ye Fan naturally wasn’t naive enough to think that he could survive by begging for mercy.

In the wilderness, robbing and killing were often accompanied.

Ever since the robbery, for the sake of the Li family’s reputation, killing the victims was naturally the best choice.

Thinking about this, Ye Fan’s face became increasingly pale.



There were ups and downs of screams.

One adventurer after another was killed.

However, nobody from the Li family died in battle.

The balance of victory continued to tilt towards Li Zhe and the others.

“He has already said that lowly adventurers are no match for them.”

Li Zhe sneered as he looked at the bleeding adventurers, a trace of disdain appearing on his lips.

Li Wanlie stepped forward and coldly stared at Ye Fan. “Hand it over so you don’t die!”

Ye Fan didn’t reply. He just smiled a smile that was a bit sad.

He was not stupid. Of course, he would not believe Li Wanlie’s words.

The Li family would definitely not let them off.

The reason why he said that was mostly because he was afraid that Ye Fan would destroy the monster.

Unfortunately, the other party’s worry was unnecessary.

The strange monster was not in his hands at all.

“Looks like they won’t be able to leave here alive today.”

A despairing thought flashed through Ye Fan’s mind.

At this moment, a sudden voice came from behind a tree not far away.

Although it was an intense battle, the sound was not loud.

However, everyone present could still hear it clearly.

“Who’s there!”

Li Wanlie immediately lowered his voice.

As he spoke, he also performed the soul attack technique.

It openly attacked in the direction of the sound.


Trees were blown away by the violent impact of the explosion and collapsed to the ground, kicking up a large amount of dust.

In the dust, one could vaguely see a semicircular wall with a faint halo.

A man, two women, and three young men stood beside the wall, looking over.

The only young man among the three looked helpless.

This strange lineup stunned the three Li family members and Ye Fan.

However, when their gazes landed on the Flower Sprite on the young man’s shoulder, their expressions changed one after another.

Ye Fan and the others were shocked.

They did not expect the Flower Sprite, who had escaped, to appear again in this way.

Li Wanlie and Li Zhe were also stunned.

Only then did they understand that Ye Fan wasn’t lying.

The monster had really taken the opportunity to escape.

But immediately, their faces darkened and intense anger appeared in their eyes…

Because the Flower Sprite was sitting on the young man’s shoulder at this moment, and the two of them seemed extremely intimate.

Obviously, this monster had already been contracted by the young man.

After trying their best to find their target for a long time, they were first beaten up and they lost their target.

Ye Fan was startled for a moment before reacting and gloating.

“Hehe, old fart, you’re still shouting to kill us here. I didn’t expect your monster to have been snatched by others. You’ve done nothing!”

Once a monster was contracted as a pet, it would not be able to return to its free state.

Even if the Beast Tamer died, the pet would also be killed.

There could not be a second contract.

Ye Fan’s gloating laughter made Li Wanlie and Li Zhe even angrier.

Li Wanlie could still remain calm, but his eyes were filled with coldness.

The young Li Zhe could not suppress the anger in his heart. He looked at the young man’s face and said fiercely, “Who dares to snatch our thing!”

“Bah! Rose is not a thing. Rose is just Rose. She doesn’t belong to anyone!”

Ross shouted back at him.

After that, he felt that something was wrong.

He looked at Ye Fan and said, “But half of her is now owned by the owner.”

Clearly, as far as he knew, half of the pet belonged to its owner.

Ye Fan had a headache and rubbed his forehead.

This demon’s train of thoughts was hard to keep up with.

Just now, she was not angry at her enemies and could not help but complain loudly. This was noticed by Li Wanlie and the others.

Originally, Ye Fan didn’t want to get involved in this matter.

He only wanted to leave quietly with his gains.

But now, this wish had clearly been shattered.

Looking at Li Zhe’s angry gaze, he was almost angered to death.

How could it be so easy to let him go?

Even so, Ye Fan still wanted to fight for it.

“We’re just passing by and won’t interfere in your battle. You may continue.”

“Do you want to leave?”

Li Zhe sneered, his eyes dark.

“You want to leave after snatching our thing? There’s no such easy thing in the world…”

“I knew it.”

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head.

“What do you want?”

“If we can’t take back anything, please use your life to repay it.”

Li Zhe’s eyes were immediately filled with killing intent.

Realizing what its master was thinking, the nearby Steel-Clawed Dragon suddenly abandoned its opponent and turned to charge at Ye Fan without restraint.

Li Wanlie and the middle-aged man looked at him coldly.

At the moment, this man and two women looked very young, about 20 years old. Their strength was probably not too good.

It could be seen from the pets around them.

The Ape King, the Blue Butterfly, and the Blue Crystal Guard were all Rank 4 pets.

These three were probably the favorite pets of the fourth rank.

With Li Zhe’s strength, it was more than enough to deal with them.

As for the background behind the three of them, Li Wanlie and the middle-aged man didn’t care at all.

When they killed someone, all they had to do was find a place to throw the body.

Without witnesses, who would know that they had killed someone?

This was the wilderness.

Dangerous and cruel.

Identity and background were useless. Only strength was the most important factor in determining life and death.

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