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115 Attack

Although everyone was talking at once, they did not stop.

Everyone got out of the car in an orderly manner and summoned their pets to defend themselves.

“I’ll go help too.” Ye Fan opened the car door.

When Shen Miao heard this, she returned to the car.

Ye Fan looked over and saw densely packed Iron Beetles crowding together. They were even more terrifying than waves.

There were at least four to five thousand of them, and they were 400 meters away.

Everyone immediately ordered their pets to attack.

A colorful light suddenly exploded.

Countless skills smashed accurately at the beasts with the wind.

Ye Fan stared for a few seconds before summoning the Golden Sparrow.

The Golden Sparrow was too eye-catching. As soon as it came out, everyone’s eyes were attracted.

“Cute Sparrow?” The nearby hunters were stunned when they saw this.

Their faces were filled with shock.

Why would anyone contract the weakest Cute Sparrow?

Even the usually careless Lin Zixuan couldn’t help but look at Shen Miao inquiringly.

Shen Miao ignored him and smiled meaningfully.

Ye Fan didn’t care about the gazes of the surrounding people at all and directly had the Golden Sparrow attack.

The Golden Sparrow flapped its wings and flew into the sky, shooting its feather swords at the group of Iron Beetles.

Wherever the feather swords landed, a large number of Iron Beetles were killed before they could react.

As the Golden Sparrow flapped its wings faster and faster, the Iron Beetles were cleaned up one after another.

Lin Zixuan and the others were very surprised to see this scene. The reason why the Iron Beetle had the word ‘iron’ in their name was because its shell was very hard, even harder than steel.

Even so, under the attack of the Cute Sparrow, whose feathers turned into sharp swords, they were actually killed in one strike.

“So this isn’t an ordinary Cute Sparrow.” Lin Zixuan muttered in his heart.

The people who had previously doubted Ye Fan’s strength no longer doubted him so much.

In reality, when everyone had heard that Ye Fan was a Rank-4 Beast Tamer, the people in the Thunder Hunter Team were very suspicious.

They couldn’t be blamed for having such thoughts, because Ye Fan was really too young.

It looked like he wasn’t even twenty years old. Such a young Rank-4 Beast Tamer couldn’t even be described as a monster.

When everyone heard this information, they would definitely not dare to believe it.

This was what they had thought previously. Now that they saw the Golden Sparrow kill the beasts so easily, they were extremely shocked.

At the same time, the doubts about his strength gradually dissipated.

The intermediate Rank-2 Iron Beetle was two major realms lower than the Golden Sparrow. There was a huge gap in their combat strength.

None of them could withstand the Golden Sparrow’s attack.

Their proud front limbs and incomparably hard carapace were nothing to be afraid of in front of the Golden Sparrow.

The Golden Sparrow summoned ten Cute Sparrows.

The ten Cute Sparrows surrounded the Iron Beetles together and became even faster. Large groups of Iron Beetles died one after another.

Soon, more than 1,000 Iron Beetles died under the Golden Sparrow’s attacks.

Just the number of Iron Beetles he killed alone was comparable to the number of dozens of pets killed together.

Such a fast and straightforward killing speed made everyone’s jaws drop.

“Damn, this is too awesome.”

“Moreover, it knows the Clone Technique. Those clones have at least the combat strength of peak Rank-3.”

“Damn, this is too awesome.”

“Awesome.” Exclamations came one after another.

Now, the Golden Sparrow had already killed its way to the center of the beasts alone.

It flew straight to the center of the group of beasts and casually shot out arrows. More than a hundred Iron Beetles were quickly beheaded like cabbages.

The Golden Sparrow swooped down towards the densest place, its sharp claws cutting through the Iron Beetles one after another.

A large number of Iron Beetles were destroyed again.

Finally, it opened its beak.

An intense and oppressive roar suddenly sounded.

Countless sound waves swept towards the surroundings.

Wherever it passed, all the Iron Beetles were swept up by the sound waves.

The Iron Beetles’ heads seemed to have encountered a violent vibration.

As the sound wave swept past, the heads of the Iron Beetles instantly exploded, and blood scattered on the ground.

Seeing this scene, Lin Zixuan and the others finally couldn’t help but gasp, their faces filled with shock.

In an instant, it killed a hundred Rank-2 magical beasts?!


This was even more shocking than before!

All of them were stunned!

It was unknown how much time had passed before everyone reacted. Their gazes towards Ye Fan changed to that of respect.

The strong preyed on the weak. The rule of the strong being respected was applied everywhere.

After revealing his strength, Ye Fan quickly obtained the respect of the Thunder Hunter Team.

Some female members looked at him with shining eyes.

Ye Fan felt that if eyes could eat people, these female members would probably strip him naked and eat him on the spot.

The only one who was not surprised was Shen Miao, because she knew Ye Fan’s strength.

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