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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

Chapter 113 - 113 Acquaintance?

113 Acquaintance?

The Thunder Hunter Team that Shen Miao was at was only second-rate.

It was still far from the first rate.

The strongest in the team was the team leader, who was a Rank-5 Beast Tamer.

The two vice commanders were also at Rank 5.


However, they were much weaker than their leader.

Without exception, the official members were all Rank-3 or Rank-4 Beast Tamers.

Their overall strength was a lot better than the Red Maple Hunter Team Ye Fan had encountered in the Endless Forest.

Soon, the two of them arrived outside the city.

After walking for a distance, they came face to face with a military camp.

There were many tents in the open space less than a hundred meters away.

It was very lively with people coming and going.

This was the gathering point for the hunter team.

“They’re over there.” Shen Miao smiled and pointed at seven or eight modified SUVs.

In an open space more than 20 meters away, a group of wild-looking men and women were gathered around the car, laughing loudly.

A young man at the periphery quickly noticed Shen Miao and shouted at them, “Hurry up. We’re leaving in ten minutes.”

As he shouted, everyone turned around.

Their gazes swept past Shen Miao and landed on Ye Fan. “Who’s this?”

The youth who had spoken just now looked at Ye Fan in confusion.

“Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to bring a junior to the ancient tomb along the way? This is the junior of our academy’s society.”

“Introduce him!” A few female members of the team cheered.

“He’s so handsome.”

“Shen Miao, you’re too much. Why were you hiding such a good-looking man?”

“Do you have a girlfriend? If not, can I be your girlfriend?”

Ye Fan’s mouth twitched.

He smiled insincerely.

In the wild, it was really unbearable for him to be flirted by a woman older than him.

Fortunately, at this moment, the young man from before interrupted them. “That’s not right, Shen Miao. I remember that your society doesn’t accept boys.”

Shen Miao smiled and said, “That’s right, but this junior is too outstanding. How can the juniors of my society be willing to let him join another society?”

The young man was stunned.

Joy flashed across Shen Miao’s eyes. “He’s a Rank-4 Beast Tamer.”

Hearing this, the youth sized up Ye Fan, his eyes filled with suspicion.

“Don’t lie to me. He looks so young. How can he be a Rank-4 Beast Tamer? If you say so, I’m a Rank-9 Beast Tamer.”

“What are you talking about! Lin Zixuan!” A burly old man beside him shouted.

Then, he apologized to Ye Fan, “I’m sorry, this guy usually talks like this. He doesn’t have a brain. Don’t bother with him.”

“It’s fine.” Ye Fan didn’t mind.

It was obvious that Lin Zixuan had a straightforward personality.

This kind of person could not hide his words and was not scheming. He could say whatever he wanted. Ye Fan didn’t dislike him.

On the contrary, those who were full of lies and spoke flawlessly disgusted him.

“You just joined the society this year, so you should be a first-year student.”

Before Ye Fan could say anything, Lin Zixuan continued.

“I heard that a ruthless person appeared in the West Eagle Academy’s Inter-academy Tournament a few days ago. He won the championship as a first-year student. Even a fourth-year Beast Tamer who had just broken through to Rank-5 was defeated by him.”

“A Rank-4 Beast Tamer crushing a Rank-5 Beast Tamer is simply too awesome!”

“I remember his name is…” Lin Zixuan lowered his head in deep thought and suddenly exclaimed.

“Ye Fan! Yes, do you know this name?”

Seeing Lin Zixuan’s serious and curious expression, Shen Miao couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s the joke? What are you laughing at?”

Hearing this, Shen Miao smiled even more happily.

“What’s wrong with her?”

He did not understand. The others looked at each other. No one knew what she was laughing about.

Ye Fan helplessly looked at Shen Miao. He didn’t expect this senior to like to joke.

If she had introduced him earlier, this wouldn’t have happened.

Ye Fan was just about to say his name when he was interrupted by a loud shout.

“Alright, stop asking questions here. Report to the leader.”

“They were clearly talking about this just now,” Lin Zixuan complained softly.


After he left, the man seemed to have thought of something and said to Ye Fan, “Mm… I still don’t know your name. What’s your name?”

“Ye Fan,” he said after a pause.

For a moment, the air fell silent.

Twenty minutes later, the hunter team set sail.

In the most spacious SUV in the middle, the three captains sat in the back seat and discussed the news they had heard from their subordinates not long ago.

“I didn’t expect that the person Shen Miao said she wanted to bring was actually that legendary monster.”

The person who spoke was one of the vice commanders of the Thunder Hunter Team, He Mianmian.

The name sounded delicate and soft, but she gave off a capable and agile feeling.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail behind her, and she looked extremely valiant in her black leather jacket.

Vice Commander Ma Lu, who was sitting in the back seat, also said, “That kid is so young. Even now, I still wonder if it’s true that as a first-year student, he defeated a Rank-5 Beast Tamer!”

“How can it be fake in front of everyone? What’s there not to believe? There’s always someone better.” He Mianmian rolled her eyes.


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