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104 Poaching

On the second day.

When Ye Fan arrived at the waiting area, he found someone waiting for him.

“Ye Fan, you’ve really made me proud this time.”

The homeroom teacher, Ding Peiliang, looked at him with joy. In truth, he didn’t really care that Ye Fan was participating in the school tournament at first.

After all, according to the situation in previous years, first-year students were only participating in the competition to gain some experience. There was almost no one who could pass the qualifiers.

Who would have thought that Ye Fan would actually be able to fight his way into the semifinals? This simply shocked him.

Even the board of directors of the academy knew about this matter. They specially met Ding Peiliang to ask about Ye Fan and praised him for his good education.

Because of this matter, Ding Peiliang was so excited last night that he almost didn’t sleep. Now, he already treated Ye Fan as his lucky star. No matter how he looked at Ye Fan, he was satisfied.

“In the finals, the higher-ups of the other academies and some big shots outside the school will come to watch. You have to perform well.”

“Don’t worry, Teacher.”

When Xiao Qiuya heard this, she said, “Ah Fan is not weaker than Zhou Cheng. He will definitely win the championship.”

“Yes.” After the previous competition, the two of them were now extremely confident in Ye Fan.

Ding Peiliang looked at Xiao Qiuya and then at Chen Xin, puzzled.

Chen Xin was one thing, but since when had Ye Fan walked with Xiao Qiuya? Moreover, from their performance, it was obvious that they had a good impression of Ye Fan.

Ye Fan had a very good relationship with both of them. A love triangle? One woman on each side?

The love life of young people nowadays was really complicated.

Ding Peiliang sighed inwardly and encouraged him again before leaving in a hurry. He rushed to welcome the dean.

More than ten minutes later, the VIP area at the top welcomed a group of people. The leader was Song Zhao, the dean of the West Eagle Academy, who was accompanied by two middle-aged men.

When their gazes landed on them, the students could not help but be shocked.

“Damn, isn’t that President Xia Ke of the Adventurer’s Association and Lieutenant General Hu Yan of the military?”

“Why are big shots of their level here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? They clearly came to see Ye Fan.”

“It’s amazing that a first-year student made it to the finals.”

“The big shots must be curious too.”

Everyone understood.

That was true. This year’s competition was shocking.

With a genius like Ye Fan, it was no wonder that the Adventurer’s Association and the military were attracted.

In the past, there would at most be a vice president. The following competition would definitely be very interesting.

“Yes, I was already looking forward to it yesterday.”

After yesterday’s competition, everyone had a new understanding of Ye Fan’s strength. Even if he couldn’t compare to Zhou Cheng, he definitely wasn’t much weaker.

Once they fought, the two of them would definitely present a splendid performance! It was abnormally exciting!

At the thought of seeing an extremely exciting battle, the audience in the audience could not help but be excited. They wished that the competition would begin immediately!

The higher-ups of the academy chatted happily with the guests.

“Your academy is getting better and better. You actually have such an outstanding seedling,” Xia Ke said with a smile after looking around the field.

“That’s right.” Hu Yan, who was beside him, agreed with a smile. “I heard that a very powerful first-year student from West Eagle Academy entered the semi-finals this year.”

Hu Yan couldn’t help but sigh. He had seen countless geniuses in the military, but he had never seen a Beast Tamer advance to Rank-4 before the age of 20.

When he first heard about this, he thought that he was old and had a problem with his ears. After confirming it many times, he finally believed that it was true.

Xia Ke looked at Hu Yan with a smile.

Although the West Eagle Academy’s tournament was a grand event, it was not enough for him and Hu Yan to come and watch at the same time.

With their statuses, they would only participate in a competition of higher levels. The reason they were attending this time was mainly because a monstrous genius like Ye Fan had appeared in the academy.

A Rank-4 Beast Tamer who was not even 20 years old. He had never seen such a monstrous young man in so many years.

When he heard this, he immediately wanted to recruit him.

It had been many years since the Adventurer’s Association had found an outstanding newcomer. This time, he would definitely not let such an outstanding newcomer off.

If they recruited him into the Adventurer’s Association, they would not have to worry about the lack of talents in the next 20 years.

I remember that this guy called Ye Fan seems to be in the same society as Qiuya. I have to ask Qiuya when I get back. I have to get in touch with him as soon as possible!

Xia Ke quickly came up with a plan. Glancing at Hu Yan, he was even more certain that he wanted to recruit Ye Fan.

A dignified lieutenant general had specially come to watch the West Eagle Academy’s tournament. Everyone knew what he was thinking. Xia Ke had to successfully recruit Ye Fan into the Adventurer’s Association before he did.

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