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101 Outstanding

“My goal is to become the champion. I won’t stop at this level.” Ye Fan smiled.

Hearing this, Shen Miao couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m relieved to see that you’re in such a good mood.”

After chatting and laughing for a while, everyone focused on the arena. Not long after, the staff informed Ye Fan to go on stage.


Under their encouragement, Ye Fan walked towards the arena.

As soon as they walked into the arena, the cheers and shouts around them shook the world. The sound echoed in the field for a long time.

Wang Feng, who was just about to ascend the arena, was stunned. Then, he shook his head with some emotion. It could be seen that this Junior Brother Ye Fan was very popular.

However, this was the school tournament. Popularity could not determine the outcome.

Confidence flashed in Wang Feng’s eyes as he walked firmly onto the arena. The shouts outside the arena became louder and louder.

The biggest dark horse of this year’s competition met the popular seed of the champion in advance. This was simply too exciting! Everyone’s faces were filled with excitement.

“Wow, this competition must be very exciting. I wonder who will win!”

“Wang Feng should have a higher chance of winning. Everyone knows his qualifications and strength.”

“What a pity. If Ye Fan had met someone else, he might win. He might really advance to the top eight.”

“But so what? Whether Ye Fan can continue to win or not, he’s still very strong.”

Indeed, regardless of whether Ye Fan could advance to the top eight, his performance so far was already shocking enough. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

As a first-year student, he entered the top 16 of the school tournament.

Winning consecutively against Xue Shan, Sun Maomao, and the other Rank 4 Beast Tamers.

This battle record was very illustrious! Even if he lost this match, it would be an honorable loss!

The commotion outside the arena soared, but the arena was very quiet.

Compared to the previous arena of the top 16, it was four to five times more spacious. Clearly, it had taken into account the changes in the participants’ strength.

50 meters away, Wang Feng and Ye Fan looked at each other.

One was calm, and the other was confident. Neither of them was at a disadvantage. The air was even more tense.

As the countdown on the electronic screen ended, the atmosphere instantly reached its peak.

Wang Feng was the first to summon his pets.

Four figures appeared on the arena almost at the same time.

A high-level Rank 4 Six-Shelled Beast…

A high-level Rank 4 West Eagle Beast.

A peak Rank 4 Metal Armored Worm.

A peak Rank 4 Human-Faced Ghost.

Their attributes were different, but they were humanoid pets. Two of them had already reached the peak of the fourth rank. Their powerful auras filled the entire arena.

As expected of the top three elite students of the fourth grade.

Ye Fan sighed, but his movements weren’t slow. He quickly summoned the Golden Sparrow, Cursed Fox, and Inferno Fire.

Seeing the Golden Sparrow appear, many people were shocked!

They looked at the rumored and mysterious Cute Sparrow on the stage. It had finally appeared!

Wang Feng had inquired about Ye Fan’s situation and knew of the Golden Sparrow’s existence, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it.

At most, it was only a fourth-rank pet. No matter how strong it was, it couldn’t be too good.

Wang Feng attacked first. The Metal Armored Worm waved its spears and rushed towards the Cursed Fox with its long limbs.

The Human-Faced Ghost, which looked exactly like a warrior, rushed towards the Inferno Fire with a shield.

He had seen Ye Fan and Xue Shan’s battle. The Cursed Fox and the Inferno Fire had left a very deep impression on him.

Therefore, he immediately had two pets at the peak of the fourth rank hold them back. The remaining Six-Shelled Beast and the West Eagle Beast attacked the Golden Sparrow. He planned to let them work together to deal with the Cute Sparrow first. Then, they would turn around and attack the Cursed Fox and the Inferno Fire.

In the blink of an eye, the Six-Shelled Beast rushed in front of the Golden Sparrow.

It waved its six arms.

Each arm held an extremely sharp steel blade. They slashed at the Golden Sparrow from different directions, sealing all its escape routes.

Even now, the Golden Sparrow was still standing in place in a daze, as if it had been stunned.

That was it? Wasn’t this too easy?

Many of the audience were also dumbfounded. Under countless shocked gazes, the Six-Shelled Beast’s steel sabers slashed heavily on Golden Sparrow’s body without any obstruction.

Clang! Clang! The crisp sound of metal colliding resounded in the arena.

Wang Feng’s eyes widened as he stared fixedly at the Golden Sparrow. He looked like he had seen a ghost. It actually did not hurt the Golden Sparrow at all?

This was not a battle across ranks! They were both Rank 4! Yet the Six-Shelled Beast’s attack could not cause any damage to the other party?

Wang Feng rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was hallucinating.

Then, he looked at the Golden Sparrow, which suddenly waved his wings. Sharp blades shot out at the Six-Shelled Beast. Wherever the feather swords passed, they drew an ear-piercing sound in the air.

The Six-Shelled Beast turned its body slightly and could not dodge in time. It was directly stabbed by the feather swords.

The three arms on one side were instantly pierced by the feather swords. Blood gushed out, and screams of pain burst out of the Six-Shelled Beast’s mouth.

It kept retreating in fear, and a roar that was like a lion’s suddenly sounded.

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