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The Test Is Actual Combat!

Thirty minutes later.

The talent assessment had been completed. The examiner led the qualified students out of the wooden house and into an open field.

At this moment, there were already five or six people standing in the square.

Two of them were in their forties and dressed like teachers from West Eagle Academy. The rest of them were in their twenties and were wearing West Eagle Academy uniforms.

“I’m Ding Shengxin from the West Eagle Academy. This is Qin Feng.”

After everyone stood properly, a middle-aged man walked out and introduced another person to them.

“First of all, congratulations on passing the test.”

“But the next test is even more important.”

Ding Shengxin glanced at the surrounding students. When he passed by Ye Fan, his voice suddenly stopped.

“Even if you can successfully pass this assessment, your performance in the test will decide the class you will be assigned to. I hope that you can do your best.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions became solemn, and the air became heavy. The examiner looked at this scene and nodded slightly, waving his hand.

“Liu Feng, you’ll take it from here.”


A thin youth stepped forward with a faint smile on his face. “Hello, everyone. I’ll be in charge of the assessment.”

As he spoke, a light flickered on his body.

A figure covered in a black cloak walked out from the hood.

“Grave Wizard!”

Someone shouted.

This was a pet at the peak of the second rank. It was a rare mage-type pet.

As soon as he appeared, the Grave Wizard waved his bone staff. A strange magic fluctuation immediately spread around him. With a flash of light, ten ferocious-looking mummies appeared out of thin air.

“This is the real test,” Liu Feng said, pointing at the mummies.

“Summon your pets and fight the mummies. The number of mummies you kill will be your points.”

“Those who kill less than ten will be disqualified.”

“The top twenty will be assigned to Class A, which will be given the best resources.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the surrounding people were in an uproar.

“Why are there so many mummies?”

“This is too difficult.”

“It’s over. I can’t get through this.”

The mummies were low-level monsters and did not have much power. However, there were too many of them. Even an intermediate Rank-1 would find it difficult to deal with ten mummies attacking at the same time.

“Alright, now, we’ll carry out the assessment according to the order of the first round,” Liu Feng said.

When a student heard this, he mustered his courage and walked out of the crowd, summoning his pet. The development of the matter was within his expectations. Next was the combat assessment.

Pets below the first rank would be eliminated directly. Only seven or eight out of ten people could pass. Especially those who had high-level Rank-1 pets, they were even more eye-catching.

Xu Kai was among them. His kill count was twenty-three.

Xu Kai got off the stage and arrogantly looked at Ye Fan.

So what if he was talented? In the end, he still had to rely on his pet.

Ye Fan, with that useless Cute Sparrow, probably wasn’t a match for one mummy. To pass the test was practically impossible.

Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to his gaze, completely focused on the test.

Not long after Xu Kai left, Chen Xin also came.

This young girl’s Herculean Infant Dragon was indeed a pet of the dragon race. It was definitely a top existence among those of the same level. It was not until she killed thirty-three mummies that she left the battlefield, exhausted.

Chen Xin’s performance was already outstanding this year.

“This girl did a good job.” Instructor Qin Feng watched from the side and nodded slightly.

“The Chen family lives up to their reputation.”

Ding Shengxin also agreed. He smiled and said, “Chen Xin’s talent is at Rank 5. It’s already very good, but there’s someone better.”

Ding Shengxin had already received the assessment report, but Qin Feng had not. This surprised him.

“Who is it?” a voice asked.

Ding Shengxin pointed at Ye Fan.

“It’s that Ye Fan from No.1 Middle School. During the talent test… he blew up the testing device.”

Qin Feng was stunned. “…What do you mean?”

“The testing equipment couldn’t withstand it and exploded.”

Qin Feng gasped.

If not for the fact that Ding Shengxin never lied, he would have suspected that it was a joke.

What kind of talent did he have that even the testing equipment could not withstand it?

So terrifying.

“Looks like our academy is going to receive a super genius this year.” Qin Feng could not help but sigh.

Ding Shengxin smiled and nodded.

With Ye Fan’s innate talent, if his pet wasn’t too weak, entering the West Eagle Academy was a sure thing. If nothing unexpected happened, he would definitely become a resplendent new star. As the two of them spoke, Ye Fan had already begun his battle assessment.

His performance in the talent assessment was breathtaking. As soon as he appeared, he attracted the attention of everyone present.

Under everyone’s curious gazes…

Ye Fan slowly waved his hand, and a Cute Sparrow appeared in front of him.

Qin Feng and Ding Shengxin were stunned. They were almost speechless.

Damn!? What the hell was this?

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