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School Arc – Chapter 4

Since all the members were present, we headed to the auditorium where we’d be conducting the assembly.

When we went in through the door, the noisy students swiftly turned silent. Though I could feel the burden of the gaze of attention from all sides well enough, I was accustomed to it.

It’s not important but...

I wonder why I always imagine what it would be like if I did something silly in this atmosphere. For example, If I let out a strange cry, or if I seemingly fell down on purpose, I wonder what would happen.

It’s not as if I want to die socially, but I don’t want to be coldly looked at by the whole school either.

Ah, of course, I’d never once acted on it.

To begin with, since I was walking hand in hand with Wolf, even if I fall down, I have the feeling I’d only be held in his arms.

The magical academy insists on gender being impartial as the scholastic front, but at the same time, it was also a place where the nobilities’ female children were taught lessons on manners. That’s why, it’s only natural that the female students were escorted.

Incidentally, dancing lessons were a combination of men and women.

Rather than embarrassing, I’d say that it was something I’d pretty much gotten used to.

Regardless of whether it was done by habit, in that『situation』, for me, it was Wolf’s trait of walking half a step behind me that was, if anything, awkwardly embarrassing.

A good wife? Is Wolf a good wife?

Well, I know this was a part of his overprotectiveness though!

While thinking of that trivial matter, we arrived on the platform.

The assembly proceeded smoothly.

Given that Wolf had practically told them everything regarding『knowledge as part of being a royal magical academy student』 prior to this, I faced the students of the same year as me, saying「spend the remaining one year of school life treasuring it so as not to regret it」, and to the lower year students, saying 「the times you can enjoy school life will be over in just a blink of an eye. Work hard everyday and see through what you must do」 and delivered the greeting without problems.

And then, when my face ultimately looked up, my eyes drew to the rear column of students.

She was there.


I think it was good that it happened after I finished my speech.

Even though I knew in my head that she was at this school, every time I saw her, I’d end up shaken. Although I returned to the stage seat wearing a nonchalant face, my mind was not far from her.

The game heroine appearing in the school meant that the game has started.

That, in some sense, meant the tragedy was starting. If I had to give an example, it’s the same thing as a detective appearing at his designated scene in a mystery novel.

The characters of the game will end up falling sickly in love with her. (1)

Of course, they had the makings for it, or perhaps I should say, it was because they were somewhat unstable to begin with. But, for sure, by falling in love, the negative emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness, and anxiety swelled and burst. If I put it in another way, by loving the heroine too much, they ended up becoming strange.

However, at the same time, her existence also offered a saving grace.

In the game, divergences existed. In other words, by selecting good options, the story would struggle on to reach a happy ending. As for the darkness in their hearts, the heroine had a wonderful development to clear it. The people around them also didn’t die. The heroine didn’t die either. With even the hero not dying, this became a happy ending for all three assembled.

I needed to make sure of the situation. At least, I need only to avoid the trap of the abnormally wide variety of bad endings. I can’t afford to have anyone die on me.

I had to make sure of what I must do so as not to regret it. Strangely, these were the words I had said earlier.

What was about to happen depended on the heroine’s choices. But, be that as it may, even I can’t stand and watch without doing something.

I wonder what kind of future she’ll aim for. I wonder who she’ll love.

What if that person was Wolf?

I wonder what I’d do. Would I fight her? Would it be okay to fight her?

Would I have it in me to say that that route would lead to a path towards happiness?

Honestly, that likelihood might possibly be the very thing I fear the most.

(1) That is, end up yandere for her.

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