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Isekai Journey Of The Magic Archer

Chapter 436 Why Not The Best...?

"They are alive because they are strong, bad Aurora." The emperor had narrow eyes as he looked at the butterfly.

"Aurora… how many times do we have to tell you? That's a very bad question to ask of every special person you meet." Empress Vera slowly tapped her spoon on her head in a scolding.

"Haaa… Axion, new miss butterfly Celes, she didn't mean it like that. She only wanted to say you are unique."

And even empress Aina was scolding the little butterfly.

But the butterfly in question flapped her wings.

[[ Nooo! I meant it this time! Their soul energies are too dense for their bodies! And even if it's justifiable for her, it's definitely not for that boy! ]] 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

She was confident with what she was saying and they just now understood the meaning behind her words.

Just like how Celes can sense the soul energy, she could do the same. And Celes could do it from her mark, so maybe she wasn't as proficient in this thing as Celes.


[[ You! Boy! How are you alive! And why is the soul energy so unstable and spinning in your body like Mana!? ]]

Well, it shouldn't be like this in most natural circumstances, but my case was special. I knew about my soul, had good control over it, and my innate skill could circulate it like other energies, so it was natural for me.

Just that no one ever pointed it out.

"Oh? You mean it like that, hmm? Interesting…"

The emperor was intrigued by this new piece of information about me. And then the two empresses that were paying attention to this conversation had a sudden realization.

"You can separate the soul from the body already?!"

"That's… how?!"

Empress Madeleine had an expression that was almost begging us to start eating instead of this baseless chitchat. But she endured because this new topic was at least a bit interesting.

To separate the soul from the body, one had to understand the concept of the soul and their own soul to a certain degree and be strong enough to have a strong soul that could be separated from the mortal body.

And my soul was strong and, according to Aurora, it was spinning, which meant it wasn't stable like the usual souls. It was something only those who could separate their souls from their bodies could do, so it was natural they could reach that conclusion…

"Separating the soul from the body already? Hahaha! That's quite the feat, young boy!"

Emperor August looked very young if I never mentioned it. Like, almost as young as uncle El.

His young appearance, clean face, dark red hair with orangish ends, gold eyes, and that good-looking, laughing appearance were definitely overshadowing his true self.

But now, their eyes were on me, asking for an answer that I had to give in a way that I don't tell them much about myself, so there was only one simple answer.

"Yes. It's because of my innate skill."

Saying that much was enough. There were many types, kinds, and verities of skills that had many of their application.

And I specified it was my unique skill, so that answered most of their questions about me.

Like, why their skills didn't work on me or why was I still alive with this unusually strange soul energy, or… even why I was still not (poof!)ed.

[[ Must be something on the similar level as an exponential skill to keep you alive like that, you boy. ]]

She was referring to the last of pinnacle skills. A separate section is given to the innate skills that manage to break through their limitations and grow as strong as the other fourteen pinnacle skills. Special ultimate skills, also known as (EX-skills).

Anyway, it might become true in the future, but not now. I still couldn't naturally control the surrounding energies.

The three of them understood it and scolded the little butterfly again.

'And they like scolding her…'

They were strange people, scolding a little, powerless, and innocent butterfly. They really were bad and had no shame.

[[ Yes, yes. Scold me all you want, you son of bitches. I will take my revenge when the time comes.

Just like always, when you have absolutely no clue about it, I will tickle your soul out of you.

You will scream. Scream for mercy. Beg for forgiveness. Hahaha! ]]

'I take back the innocent part.'

"Oh? You will? But then we will just scold you again. Right… we will call others to scold you too-"

Now I think they actually forgot that I was even here. And empress Madeleine was on the verge of exploding like a volcano.

We were talking about useless stuff here while the food was served before us and the chef was already waiting for the review of her hard-made food.

It was disrespectful, and I knew that but unless they don't start eating, I couldn't do so too. It was the basic manners.

I had given her a bitter smile three times already, and she shook her head, telling me she understands it. Her own family was doing this useless shit, so there was nothing I could do about it.

They were chatting with this new crystal butterfly while Celes was looking around the room.

The guards, butlers, and maids in the room had a close eye on her and were obviously suspicious of her, but they didn't try to do anything stupid. They would be stupid to even try something funny on my Celes.

[[ Okay! Geez! Stop! I'm sorry! Back to the main topic. ]]

And they all set back straight, and the butterfly turned towards us once again.

[[ It's cool to see a new, young one like me, but you're strong for your young age. Looks like you're a genius or your master has an abnormal origin, or you absurdly had someone teach you how to cultivate the power from the [[( Source )]] and use the <Skill> properly.

Well, whatever the case, the two of you are interesting. And from how that kid has a natural affinity with all six major attributes, your special power must be special too, right? ]]

She was asking Celes so Celes came and set down before her and respectfully bowed.

[[ I still don't think this ability to disguise someone is that cool but when I first met the master he said it's the best skill so I think it's cool too~! ]]

We were dining with the imperial family and even I had this weird feeling from sensing their concealed strengths.

But Celes was cool as always.

And it was true. Her skill was the best. It was definitely better than Aurora's ability to make shields and protect people because Celes could do something similar, too.

But this other older crystal butterfly had a different opinion.

[[ Celes, right? And what was that, the ability to disguise someone? Ptff, that's the lamest kind of skill I had heard among all the crystal butterflies I know about. ]]

[[ It's not lame! ]]

"It's definitely not lame, but if you think it is, then it's alright. That's your point of view and we appreciate it. Thanks, lady Aurora."

There was no need to go in deep to correct her and tell them more about her ability. And Celes understood that there was no need for her to speak anymore too, so she just quieted down and came back to me.

I couldn't eat until they start and after this bad conversation, she didn't have to starve because of me.

So, I took out a special flower with her favorite pizza flavor and she quietly went down on the glowing flower and started eating the colorful light.

[[ Hmm? Why is that little butterfly sucking that weird flower's light? ]]

The golden crystal butterfly was confused by her actions and by this time, empress Madeleine was on the verge of destroying everything from just that calm look.

Still, the three of them were interested in this thing far more than her anger… inconsiderate jerks.

"You don't eat the different lights? Well, it's more like just tasting and absorbing the unique lights. You actually don't do that?"

The three, no, even empress Madeleine had a confused expression all of a sudden.

[[ Eat? Light? Absorb? Ptff-hahaha! Why would a crystal butterfly need something to eat?

In the first place, how could a crystal butterfly even eat anything? Hahaha.

We gain energy from nature and our bond, young boy, we don't need to do anything.

That's a funny thing, really. Eating? Lights? Hahaha! ]]

She was laughing, and her voice was ringing in my head. I didn't like this, but it was a good opportunity.

"I never said she needs it. It's just that she likes it and especially some special lights like the one from this flower.

If it is alright with you, I would humbly request for lady Aurora to try it too.

It's alright if you do not want it, but Celes likes it a lot. Maybe you will find it somewhat interesting, too?"

I was sincere, and empress Madeleine was clenching her teeth. Even I had joined in their useless conversation while the food was getting cold. But it was important for me and my dear partner's honor.

No one was allowed to make fun of my dear Celes.

[[ Ptff. Sure. Why not? Let me try this amazing thing of sucking the light from this weird flower. ]]

She was arrogant, so she accepted it without a doubt.

And though there was a quick reaction from the guards as if they were going to aim their swords at my throats, the emperor lifted his finger and they returned to their positions.

It was so quick that a young child like me shouldn't have been able to notice that, but I did notice it, and he noticed that I noticed what he did, so he was even more intrigued.

Anyway, Aurora came and set down on Celes's flower, which Celes definitely didn't like, but endured because of me, and when this older butterfly tried eating the light or sucking on it or something like that, she was amazed.

She was so amazed that she didn't say anything and ate away almost all the light from the flower and angered my dear Celes.

[[ It was mine! How can you do that?! ]]

Celes was enraged and almost pushed Aurora down the flower. But the older one regained her lost senses and safely went down on the table.

[[ What… was that? ]]

She was baffled. It must almost be like earth vanishing from beneath her tiny legs.

[[ Why didn't I know something like this was possible?

Why…? Why?!

August?! Why didn't I know?! Why didn't you tell me I can do something like this?!

Taste. That's what you call it, right? Why didn't you tell me I can taste things too?! ]]

Maybe she was overreacting a bit, but that reaction was justifiable. She had tasted something for the first time in her life. And something so amazing too.

"First of all, you should apologize to Axion for your inappropriate behavior. And as for your question… I'm sorry. I was lacking and never tried knowing more things that could be good for you.

I am ashamed… but I will try my best to look after things that you would like more."

He was apologizing to his own familiar and still, it was shocking for the guards, butlers, and three empresses.

It was a rare sight to see the emperor apologize. And witnessing it meant great things. One of them being… signing more papers.

Anyway, skipping the part of Aurora apologizing, some more useless chit chat and just a step before empress Madeline's blast point, we started eating.

Yeah, it was a rough journey, but the elixir-like food from the best chef on the continent had finally reached the mouths of their respective eaters.

They knew she was angry. They knew she was angry and still played with her feelings to the last moment.

I didn't know what that little-known or unknown act of theirs would result in but the three were definitely getting some kind of punishment.

That was their personal matter, and I was here for a simple dinner with them.

So I ate the first bite from this colorful burger and… man this was divine!

It was delicious, every other bite was mouth-watering, the diverse taste of all those unique ingredients exploded and changed with each bite, and the exotic richness of this amazing food made even me speechless.

But still, I tried to express my heart with the best words I could.

Her cooking was artistic, full of vision and deep meaning, explosive taste, and harmony of flavors. She definitely deserved the title of the best chef on the continent.

This food was the best I had ever eaten. The best. Of course, I wasn't counting the incomparable cooking of my master. That was the food that could never be defined by mere words.

But I could define this food. With pretty, attractive, and professional words, I could definitely define it.

Still, I ate more than talk. Everything here was amazing. Even the salad was outstanding.

They were eating their own food while empress Madeleine was happy to receive such praise.

She was happy. But I knew she wanted to hear something that I hadn't said yet.

She waited. And I continued eating everything at the big round table.

The eating was eventful. We talked about many things like what I like and what I want to do.

The emperor did his best to extract more information from me, even using the empresses in the conversation to manipulate conversation.

He was good. As good as the headmaster. But then again, I had Lucy.

She kept the track of all the conversations and changes happening, telling me what he was up to.

Well, I managed to filter most of the information so I was fine by the time our dinner ended, but still, empress Madeleine didn't hear what she wanted the most.

This whole dinner where her family played around and talked about useless stuff wasn't as hurting to her pride as the beast chef of the continent as the fact that I didn't, ever, not even once, call her food 'the best'.

I could definitely think this was the best food, but saying it out openly? Call it whatever, but I can't.

I can't lie about it because I respected her as a chef, and I couldn't call it the best because this wasn't the best food that I had in this short life of mine.

This food was amazing. And I would love it if she could serve a meal to my family with me. It would be a great honor to me and us, but on this first honorable dinner of ours, I couldn't say one thing.

"Empress Madeline. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

This dinner, all these amazing delicacies were impeccable. I don't think there could be any human as good as you on this entire continent.

This food, these amazing, ineffable delicacies, was out of the norm. But…

I can't call them the best. I'm sorry.

It's not you but me…"

I was confident in my words so I could look her straight in her eyes. She was also looking at me with her heartbroken, sad, and complicated expression.


As if she was a young girl rejected by her love… no, scratch that. There was a pressure unlike any other I had felt filling this room now.

"Why not the best...?"

Her words were stern. Those calm eyes were asking for a solid reason that could be sufficient to fill that broken pride of hers.

She was serious and if I was anywhere nearly joking, well, I was gonna get in trouble.

Even the emperor and the two other empresses were interested in what way this conversation was going.

The pressure in the room was great, but it wasn't something hurtful, like the killing intent.

I was at least alright and I told that much to Celes too so she didn't move her clones to subdue the guards in the room.

It was fine, so I sighed and gave a smile to the pretty lady chef.

"Pardon my rudeness in a situation like this, but… would you all like some ice cream?"

We had to eat dessert after dinner and though she might have been going to make some herself, why not have some made specially by my grandma? Ice cream was the answer to almost any question after all…

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