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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 6 A Tiger?!

In a small clearing in Newbie Forest screams were heard, 3 small green corpses were on the ground while the last goblin was struck in the chest with a knife from Reign.

"This is the twentieth, let's get the fangs and turn in the quest."

"Finally, this was fairly disgusting man, I really wanna go and rest," Shadow says as he wipes the blood off of his dagger.

The group went towards a corpse each and started cutting into the goblin's mouths so they could take the fangs out, 5 minutes later they finished and started walking towards the school, it was after the 3rd goblin group that they remembered about it, at first they panicked because they couldn't remember the path but the system notified them that they can use the automatic tracking that will show them the way to the safe zone.

"So whenever we encounter a safe zone we can just use this to find our way back to it?" Shadow asks with a smile on his face.

[Only if you are within a 10km radius of the safe zone, of course, it, of course, needs to be a safe zone you have already visited before, after achieving a higher level you will also be able to access more of the system's functions.]

"I knew it was too good to be true," said Shadow while sighing.

"Well at least now we know about the tracking, by the way, system, what level do the other options open at?" Reign asks the system suddenly.

[I can only tell you that when you become stronger.]

"Alright, well then, let's go back, guys." Reign shrugs his shoulders before turning around, ready to go back.

"How can they be so calm the whole time, we just killed so many of those things and they didn't even flinch, just want kind of people are they?" Thought Beast on their way back, of course, how could he know the history these young men have?

Reign and Shadow lived in a huge shadow of their fathers, both of them being ex-World Champions who are idolized by millions across the world. One day while they were going through their father's old pictures and notes they came across something that shocked them, their fathers used to be leaders of a notorious gang in the past.

The boys were intrigued and made up their minds to do the same. For 2 years they were members of a gang in New York, slowly going up through the ranks and becoming notorious. During those 2 years, they saw many people getting beaten, their limbs getting broken, fingers and other body parts cut off, and some dying.

At one point they were the ones that had to kill after they did it their reaction was of course no better than Beasts, they got sick and vomited, their thoughts stained by the face of the men they killed, and all that still haunts them, they still see those horrible faces from time to time, but they got used to it. It wasn't till they got the invitation to the University that they left the gang.

Wolf on the other hand is completely different. His family has a huge secret that they kept hidden for hundreds of years. The whole family is made up of one thing, assassins. Since his youth Wolf was thought how to torture people, how to kill efficiently, and get through places undetected. He killed his first victim when he was only 8 years old, and since then his hands were stained by the blood of his targets.

Reign and the others slowly made their way through the forest, a couple of times they ran into some goblins but managed to go around without alerting them, after 20 minutes the gang was nearing the safe zone, until...

"I-I-It's h-huuuuge." Beast exclaims.

"Yeah, the girls always told me that too." Said Reign while his pants were down and his glorious 'son' was out. ( AN: Nah, I'm just playing with ya.)

Reign and the others were hidden in the bushes about 40 meters from a huge beast that seemed to be sleeping.

"What exactly is that, the patterns on its fur look like tigers but what tiger is this big?" Asked Wolf nervously.

Suddenly the beast moved, it stretched its head up and yawned, it was huge, even laying down its height was over 2 meters and at the same time, it yawned the group could see words appearing above its head.

< lvl 25 Field Boss, White Tiger Harui>

"Shit, it's a boss, that means it should be considerably stronger than a normal lvl25 enemy, we should slowly go around it, otherwise we're dead," Shadow said while gulping nervously.

"I know, but, imagine the exp we'll get from it, or maybe even some loot!" Reign nods to Shadow before looking at the boss with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Ohhh hell no!" Said Shadow while glaring at Reign, "I'm not going to die because somebody wanted to try our luck fighting something that can probably crush us with just one of its legs!"

"Calm down, I was just saying that, I know that we have no chance against something like this." Reign looks at Shadow as he calms him.

"Guys..." Beast suddenly calls out to them with a quiet voice.

"Don't worry Beastie, we're leaving," Shadow says while looking over at Beast who looked as if he was petrified.

"I think it's too late," Beast says before pointing ahead of them.

When they looked over both of them suddenly felt cold sweat running down their backs, the tiger was looking straight at them, there was nothing in its eyes, it just looked at them indifferently, like they were sheep waiting to get slaughtered.

"Your conversation actually woke it up, you idiots!" Wolf curses at the two.

"Shit!" Shadow exclaimed before standing up, ready to fight or flee at a moment's notice.

The tiger moved, its colossal body sprang forward like a bullet, before anyone could even move it had crossed half the way to them.

"W-We're going to die, aren't we?" Beast looks at them nervously.

"Shit, beastie, go back, use the bow and try to shoot at its eyes, that's our only way to kill it! Wolf shakes Beast up as he yells at him.


Beast immediately turned around and ran 10m away, when he turned he could see the tiger being very close to his comrades. It looked gigantic, his height was about 4m and it felt like a small hill was charging at them, its snow-white fur swaying while it ran, Beast could only think of one thing while drawing an arrow,

"H-Horrifying, that thing is simply horrifying."

The beast slowly decelerated and stopped in front of the three, it looked at them from above with a gaze full of arrogance, like a king looking over peasants.

How long had passed, no one knew, the tiger didn't move for what seemed like an eternity, it was just calmly looking at them, not even an ounce worried about their retaliation.

Beast was doing his best to aim at its eye, his whole body was shaking, he simply couldn't help it, he was scared, very scared.

Finally, he released the arrow, it went way off, hitting the tiger at its forehead, it just bounced back, like it was made of rubber.


It was deafening, Reign felt as if his earbuds were going to pop from the sound the tiger made.



An even louder sound was heard, Reign and the others were lying on the ground, covering their ears while the tiger had a huge change on its face, it was fear, yes, this giant of a beast that was seemingly unafraid of anything was scared, it quickly turned around a ran with all its might. A huge cloud of dust was formed, pieces of dirt were flying everywhere, and some pebbles flew and hit trees making huge holes in them. Reign was the first to get up while the others were still lying on the ground.

"I-It actually ran away, w-what could possibly make this thing run away," asked Reign while looking at the tiger back, before he could think of anything else he saw a gigantic shadow swooping down from the sky and grabbing the tiger, the enormous tiger looked like a toy in the claws of the beast. It tried resisting but it was futile, the monsters gripped harder, and horrifying sounds of bones breaking were heard from the tiger's body, it had died.

[Alert, the player is advised to hide a quick run away, a life signal of a junior wyvern has been detected nearby.]

"T-That was just a wyvern, not a dragon, how could something that strong only be a wyvern, and it said it's a junior one, does that mean it's still a child?!" How could Reign not know what a wyvern was, in mythology a wyvern is a part of the dragon family, far weaker than a true dragon but still undeniably strong.

"So this is the new Earth, even a place called newbie forest has monsters that are this strong in it, truly horrifying." Reign suddenly fell down to his knees as he was staring at the small figure in the sky that was quickly getting further away from them.

"Reign, what happened, where's the tiger?!" Shadow got up and looked around them.

"Did it show mercy and leave, maybe my ability worked after all." Beast wondered while slowly getting up from the ground.

"Reign?" Wolf asked the shocked Reign.

"A-A wyvern showed up and killed it, it swooped down, grabbed it, crushed it, and left with the body," Reign tells them with a robotic voice, he was still in shock at the sight he had seen.

"What?!" Everybody suddenly felt a sense of dread, the tiger that they couldn't even scratch was killed just like that?!

"The world has become much more dangerous than we thought, this should be just like a beginner's area in a game and yet it's this terrifying, we better hurry up and go back to the school, I definitely don't want to run into another boss again," Shadow said while helping Reign up from the ground.

"You're right, let's go guys." Wolf nodded in agreement.

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