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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 527 Back To The Battlefield

Reign panted heavily before dropping down to the ground. He had defeated the demon, but his victory didn't come easy. His wound was serious and he would need to take care of it quickly, otherwise, he would bleed out.

Even now, the blood loss was affecting him and he was noticeably weaker than before. His vision was a bit blurry and he was moved slowly.

He took out some bandages from his inventory. He had equipped a spatial ring and placed a bunch of things inside of it before the system teleported him as one could never be too careful.

He didn't know whether the system would restrict his usage of the inventory or perhaps even block it, so he made sure he was stocked up on everything he needed before being teleported.

Thankfully, the inventory was still available to him, so he transferred everything back to it.

Before using the bandages, Reign took out a healing potion. He drank some of it to help with the internal damage before spilling the other half onto his wound. The healing potion he was using was one meant for Tier II beings.

There were no better potions available for now and that was the best one that he could find back in the territory. It wouldn't immediately heal the wound, but it would help out. Pain assaulted Reign as the potion started working on the wound.

He then quickly took some bandages and wrapped them around his stomach. He made sure to tighten the bandages and apply pressure to the wound before making his way back to the army. He had already checked the body of the demon for any valuables and had taken his spatial ring beforehand.

The army had healers amongst them, and even though none were Tier III, they could still help out since he had already used a healing potion.

Using multiple potions would not bring any significant benefits so he simply used one.

The wound was difficult to heal since there were remnants of demonic energy that made it harder to heal. The potion wouldn't be able to heal it completely even without the demonic energy since Reign was Tier III, and with each evolution, the body would change and become stronger.

Wounding a higher-tiered being was incredibly difficult for one that was a tier below, and that was why one needed to use corresponding potions in order to get the best effects. Since the healers back in the army were mostly Tier I, with only two of them reaching Tier II, it would be very difficult for them to help Reign, so he wasn't betting on them to fully heal him.

Reign and the others had Laura, and since it was her that would always heal them during and after battles, they had become used to it. Many times they would even fight more recklessly in order to quickly deal with the enemies since they knew that Laura could keep up and heal them on time.

It was because of that that the party never really used potions. Furthermore, they had heard from Aethion that potions that buffed you for a short period of time were fine to be used once in a while, but if they didn't have to, they shouldn't use them.

The potions were not the same as their own buff skills or those of other people, and they worked in a completely different manner.

Only higher-end potions that were made by masters could be used without any hidden repercussions. If one was to continuously use the potions, for example, they would find it more difficult to evolve in the future.

The potions used up the power of the cells and mana core that people had, and that was not something that could simply be overused like that. The potions would force out hidden power from them, and in turn slightly damage them with each use.

It took longer for them to heal, and if one was to continue using the potions without caring, the next evolution would become increasingly more dangerous and they could even die during it thanks to their cells themselves not being powerful enough to go through it.

Reign and the others thus stopped using any potions. Healing potions were fine, since they worked differently, as were mana potions, but other options would damage them.

Reign and the others always had mana potions, and even health potions with them, but they rarely used them. They would usually be able to defeat the enemy without spending all their mana, and during very close battles, they simply couldn't afford to take out a potion and drink it whilst fighting against a powerful enemy.

Laura was always there to heal them, so they never used healing potions since they were less effective than her healing. Even the mana potions that they could buy were only those that were meant for Tier II beings, and wouldn't have a big impact on them.

Reign made his way back to the army, holding his wound the whole way.

He already felt much better thanks to the potion. His bleeding had lessened significantly, but he still had to stop 2 times during the way in order to change his bandages. He even used another healing potion since he knew that nothing bad would happen if he did so.

The effect of the second potion was much weaker than the first, but Reign was still able to feel it worked, although very slightly.

As he neared the battlefield, he could hear the sounds of battle. He knew that the battle would definitely take a while to be finished, and he now regretted not cutting off the demon's head and bringing it with him in order to show it and lower the morale of the demons.

He took a deep breath before taking out his swords. His lightning appeared once again and coiled around him as he sped to the troops of Riplas.

It only took him a couple of seconds to get close enough to see them, and the situation was definitely better than expected. The army was still holding on, and all the Tier III combatants of Riplas were still alive and were fighting the enemy Tier III combatants.

Lico and Lisea were fighting Tier II combatants as the time limit on their boosts had ended, but they had managed to block the enemy Tier III combatants long enough for Eisenhorn to finish his task of taking down the giants.

With Eisenhorn joining the main battle, the situation was immediately turned around and they gained the lead, but it was short-lived as he didn't have much blade aura left.

Even though Eisenhorn could use the blade aura to increase his power tremendously, he had much less of it compared to mana and could not use it for too long. He had used up most of it in order to deal with the Tier III Giants and some other Tier III beings he came across, and he was now forced to conserve it.

The king, Lios, and Raigon were all battling against the demons, even now when Reign had returned. The demons were powerful opponents, but what made them a true headache was their regeneration.

Without it, the king and the others felt as if they could have killed the enemy at least three times by now, but at least the regeneration had stopped at this point.

All the demons that had come with them were slaughtered, but the army suffered as well. Only about 240 thousand soldiers remained, which was only a bit over 50% of their original numbers.

The enemy fared much worse as there were only about 100 thousand of them by the time Reign arrived. With Reign coming close to the battlefield, everyone was able to sense his aura. The mere presence of a peak Tier III being was enough to boost the morale of the soldiers and revitalize their spirits.

It also worked for all the Tier III and tier II combatants as well as they all had smiles on their faces. They knew that with Reign coming back, this battle was finished.

The demons, on the other hand, had a much different reaction. They were in disbelief that it was the human that had arrived and not their leader. They all knew just how powerful their leader was, and all of them believed that below Tier IV, there were none that could defeat him.

And yet, it was the human, not their leader that came back.

Reign arrived and immediately carved a path through the demonic creatures and appeared close to Eisenhorn.

He was currently battling 3 low-grade Tier III beings, and it was only thanks to him using bits of his blade aura that he was still relatively fine. He had some light injuries, but they would be healed by tomorrow thanks to the vitality a Tier III being possessed.

There were originally even more Tier III beings that Eisenhorn was fighting against, but he was able to kill them, while some other ones were dealt with by Lico and Lisea previously.

Upon his return, Reign immediately used his powers and killed the three, which made his wound worsen, but he simply endured it and acted as if he was fine. He nodded at Eisenhorn before making his way to the king and the others.

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