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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 526 The Demon Leader’s Death

"You!" Reign stared at the demon with bloodshot eyes as the latter gleefully smiled and stabbed deeper with the sword.

Blood came out of Reign's mouth before lightning exploded from his body.

He grabbed the demon's head and suddenly used his finger to stab the demon's eye, blinding it.

He then proceeded to grab the lower and upper half of the demon's mouth with his hands and forced it wide open. With his gloves protecting his hands, he wasn't afraid of injuring them by doing this.

Then Reign suddenly opened his mouth wide as lightning exploded out of it and went directly inside the demon's wide-open mouth. The demon's eyes widened to their fullest as he tried to move his head and get away, but Reign's hands were holding his head in place, and the sword he had used to stab through the both of them made it almost impossible to get rid of Reign at this moment.

Lightning started destroying the demon's insides, burning his flesh and organs as the muffled sounds of him screaming in pain were silenced by the lightning that mercilessly continued pouring inside of him.

The ordeal continued for a couple of seconds before the demon let go of his sword and was finally able to grab Reign's hair with his hand and pull his head backward. The lightning hit him straight in the face, but at least he was finally free of the torment.

Reign then suddenly summoned his sword and cut the part of his hair the demon had grabbed before kicking his chest with full power and getting free of his grasp. He slid backward and suddenly fell on one knee as he panted heavily, the blood from his wound trickled down the sword and spilled down on the floor. The sword had been stabbed almost all the way to the handle, and with Reign kicking the demon, he had pushed it even deeper inside. Still, the attack had managed to free Reign of the demon, which was more than enough.

The demon fared no better as he was brought down on both knees. His wounds were much more serious compared to Reign's. Even though the sword had luckily not hit any of their vitals, the internal damage was not low, and Reign's lightning only amplified that by multiple times thanks to him using the [ Lightning Roar ] and damaging the demon's insides further.

The demon could barely breathe as the insides of his mouth and throat were burned by the lightning and even the slightest breath caused pain. His internal organs were also heavily damaged, and healing such injuries would take a lot of time.

Even with his demonic powers of regeneration, he would need days if not months to fully heal from the damage. The injuries he had sustained today were above any he had ever received in decades and he would need to lay low for a long time if he was to survive the battle.

The sword that had been stabbed through Reign's body suddenly disappeared as the demon summoned it back. He grabbed his sword and looked at Reign.

"You, why do you exist?!" The demon suddenly bellowed as he stared at Reign with hatred.

"I scouted the whole planet, made sure to choose the absolute best place for my conquest, I made deals with these arrogant and greedy humans that were ready to sell even their soul if it meant becoming more powerful, even a little bit!"

"There should be none that can take me on in the whole region, even the places around this area have none as powerful as me or my three brethren that came with me, and yet, you suddenly arrived."

"Your mere presence makes me feel disgusted, simply looking at you makes an abhorrent feeling arise from the depths of my very being."

"It's not only because you foiled my plans time and time again and managed to defeat my brethren, but something deeper." The demon suddenly said in a raspy voice as he stared at Reign.

"Why does your very existence make me hate you so much as if my very bloodline hates and fears you?!"

"I was actually looking forward to battling you, you know?" The demon suddenly said in a calm voice.

"A human, a young human that held great power and could sense demons, one that had managed to defeat all those that were below me."

"I was excited, the final battle that would mark the beginning of my conquest was to be with such a worthy opponent, and yet, the very first time you stood in front of me, I suddenly found myself incapable of feeling any joy of meeting you, of fighting you." The demon stood up shakingly, his body was seriously injured, and merely standing up took a lot of effort.

He was leaning on his sword until he was finally able to stand on his own.

"You are not human, you can't be, that is the only answer that has come to my mind after this battle of ours."

"Simply staring at your eyes right now is enough to let me know that I am right, but if you are not human, then what the hell are you?!"

Reign stared at the demon before suddenly chuckling.

"Honestly?" Reign suddenly asked the demon as he stood up as well.

"I got no idea, any guess from you is the same as mine, I simply do not know what I am."

"I do know one thing though." Reign suddenly said as he smiled at the demon.

"I'm going to kill you today, and then the rest of your bloody army, if there is any by the time I return." Reign said with a bloodthirsty smile as he stared at the demon.

His injury wasn't a light one either, but it wouldn't kill him. He could move and even fight, but it would be difficult to do so. Compared to the demon, however, he was miles better since his internal organs were still fine compared to him whose internal organs were fried by his lightning.

Reign took out his two swords and charged at the demon. The enemy was weakened and his injuries grave, this was the best time for Reign to attack and finish this battle.

The demon responded by taking his sword and slashing at Reign, but his attack was much weaker than before and Reign was able to easily block it with his two swords. He then crossed his swords to the side and took a step forward whilst grinding his swords against the demon's and moving them closer to him.

The demon clicked his tongue, at least he tried to as the tongue was fried as well and he couldn't do so.

He moved his body to the left and experienced excruciating pain by doing so, but he was able to dodge the blow. He then quickly elbowed Reign to the side, but once again, his strength was much lower and Reign was able to tank the attack before suddenly stabbing the demon in the shoulder with his sword.

Reign suddenly opened his hand and grabbed the demon's face before the lightning started flashing around his hand.

[ Discharge ]

Reign used his skill, but only targeted his hand and forced a lot of lightning to suddenly be expelled from it. The demon's face was hit point-blank by the lightning before he swung his sword at Reign again and forced him to jump back.

The demon's face was now almost unrecognizable as it was completely burned by the lightning. His hair was gone and his skin was black while some parts of his skin were completely gone as well.

His entire head was smoking and the demon could barely see thanks to the lightning. One of his eyes was already gone, and the other one was only slightly better since the lightning hit it and caused some serious damage to it.

Reign on the other hand held his remaining sword, not summoning back the one he had stuck inside the demon's body. He charged at the demon and the latter swung his sword again. Thanks to him being weakened, the sword was swung in a wide arc and he left a lot of openings.

Reign jumped over the sword before plunging his own deep inside the other shoulder of the demon.

He then grabbed the other sword as well before using [ Discharge ] once again.

Reign knew that he could win this battle easily by simply aiming at the demon's head or heart, but he didn't want to.

For some reason, he was pissed off at the demon. Maybe it was because of his injuries, maybe because the latter had killed millions to fulfill his goal, or perhaps it was even because he and his kind had killed Lieara, a person Reign considered a close friend.

The lightning exploded out of Reign, and thanks to the two swords that were stabbed into the body of the demon, the lightning was able to get inside as well.

The demon's whole body went numb. He let go of his sword and it fell heavily on the ground. His entire body soon started going into a spasm and the ordeal continued for quite some time before Reign finally stopped it.

The entire body of the demon was smoking, his clothes were long gone and his skin was blackened completely.

Reign suddenly went down and got some distance between him and the demon as the latter fell down head-first. Reign then quickly summoned his swords back before coming in front of the demon's head.

Reign knew the latter was dead thanks to his soul leaving the body. Reign of course took it, but he was still not satisfied. He took out a hammer that he had in his inventory before slamming it down on the latter's head and smashing it to bits.

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