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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 525 The Battle Rages On

"You!" The demon suddenly bellowed as his aura flared up. An incredible amount of demonic energy started emanating from the demon as Reign stared in shock.

'Hey, didn't you say that he is damaged and weakened, what the hell is this, he seems more powerful than before!' Reign shouted in his mind as Aethion shook his head.

"No, he only seems to be more powerful, the demonic energy coming out of him is simply the remnants of what he previously tried to pour into his body, I suspect that he can't even use half of it effectively right now."

"Not to mention, look at his wounds, do you really think that he is all fine and dandy?" Aethion said as he talked in a tone that a disappointed teacher would use when talking to a student.

'I see, sorry.'

"No problem, do not drop your guard though, even in this state, this guy is still a powerful opponent and you can die if you don't take the battle seriously."

'Got it.' Reign nodded his head as he lowered his body before lightning appeared around him, in an instant, he moved across the battlefield and appeared in front of the demon.

[ Lightning Slash ]


The demon blocked the attack but was pushed back a couple of steps from the collision. Reign didn't stop, he quickly used the third sword to deliver a quick attack with his other sword.

He slashed upwards, and the demon was once again able to defend against the attack by lowering his sword and blocking the sword light, only to be met with another attack.

[ Lightning Barrage ]

Suddenly over ten sword lights were launched at the demon in a mere second and the latter had no way of blocking or dodging all of them. Most of the attacks landed, and even though they weren't life-threatening to the demon, they still made a mess out of him since multiple areas of his body were now mutilated and blood started flowing out constantly.

The [ Lightning Barrage ] skill was the one Reign had managed to create after mastering the third sword of the severing style. He used the incredibly fast attack to actually create more thanks to implementing his lightning into it and making it possible for the attacks to not only be charged quickly but for them to be quickly launched at the enemy.

Reign had managed to land multiple hits on the demon with it, but none were serious and it was mostly just flesh wounds.

The fourth sword was one that focused on dealing incredible damage, but Reign had still barely scratched the surface of it. Even though the attack from before was incredibly powerful and was enough to launch the demon flying, it was nothing to be proud of.

The biggest reason for that was because the fourth sword was not a melee-ranged attack, but a long-range one. The user was supposed to focus all power onto the tip of the sword before thrusting at the enemy, and a formless ray of energy would be sent at the enemy, passing through the distance between the user and the enemy in an instant.

It was not only incredibly powerful but also deadly fast. By the time Reign would finish with the thrust, the enemy would be hit, dodging was incredibly difficult and one would need to move the moment Reign initiated the attack in order to have a chance at evading it.

Reign wasn't happy with how the attack went previously, he wasn't able to simply thrust and was actually forced to move together with the sword. The incredible energy contained made it impossible for Reign to stand his ground and attack, he was launched forward with the sword until hitting the opponent.

That was, however, the only way Reign could actually finish the attack. He had used the knowledge he had from using his [ Lightning Charge ] and [ Lightning Stab ] together multiple times in the past in order to make such a move possible.

It wasn't all bad, with Reign being right in front of the opponent, he was able to deal even more damage to the enemy, but he was also left open during that time, and if the enemy was to somehow manage to evade or completely block the attack, he would be in a world of trouble since it would be almost impossible for him to move a single inch.

The demon suddenly roared furiously upon seeing his wounds.

Time and time again, the human in front of him had managed to foil his plans and damage his body. He was stronger, that much he knew, he also refused to believe that Reign had more experience and skill compared to him since he had lived for longer and had gone through more battles compared to him.

And yet, his plans had been completely foiled, he was on the back foot during the battle, he was outsmarted by Reign during the battle, and he had almost lost his mind and actually tried to force his body to contain a lot more energy than it could, which led to him suffering grievous injuries.

He was now completely enraged and his consciousness was slowly fading away, only leaving the desire to decimate the opponent in front of him right now.

He suddenly moved, his speed being incredible and almost at the same level as Reign's.

He quickly slashed with his sword, but the attack was evaded by Reign who suddenly appeared on his left and attempted to cut him. The demon quickly jumped up and brought his knees to his chest, evading the attack.

He then stomped down on the sword and pressed it against the ground with his right foot. He then twisted his body and backhanded Reign with the elbow from which his hand was hanging.

Reign was sent flying back, his sight blurry thanks to the blow. Before he could clear his head and move, he saw an object being thrown by the demon with incredible velocity.

He attempted to move out of the way, but his legs refused to listen to him as his entire body was still shaken up from his suffering an elbow to the temple.

The object hit him on the forehead Reign was able to position his head a bit in order to make that happen. It still hurt and knocked his head back, but he was able to limit the damage it would have otherwise done.

Looking to the side, Reign was able to see what had been launched at him. It was the demon's arm.

With the arm being pretty much fully destroyed because of the explosion of demonic energy from before, the demon decided to simply tear it off and used it as a missile.

Reign then quickly pushed himself off the ground and dodged a downward stab from the demon. The longsword stabbed deep into the ground and cracks even appeared thanks to the incredible physical strength of the demon.

Reign quickly charged at the demon, he slashed with his remaining sword before calling back his other one. He didn't immediately equip his sword, however, and continued using only one sword with both of his hands.

The two clashed, and it was easier for Reign to hold his ground, he was still being pushed back since the demon had the upper hand when it came to strength, but it was not as easy as before.

Reign then leaned a bit to the side and allowed the demon's sword to push back his own and bring it down before taking out his other sword and using it to stab the demon's left foot.

With a foot being stabbed through, the demon's eyes widened in pain before Reign let go of his sword and jumped up. He then proceeded to smash down both of his elbows on top of the demon's head before wrapping his legs around his waist.

Reign continued with a barrage of elbows. With both of his hands being wrapped in lightning, the attacks were incredibly fast and packed quite a punch. The demon was hopeless at this moment as the barrage of attacks made his cloudy mind even worse.

He was unable to think clearly and he couldn't use his sword to cut or stab Reign since the latter was too close to him.

Lifting up his arm in order to stab Reign from the side was currently not possible since his body would not listen to him thanks to it being shaken up by Reign's constant blows. It seemed as if victory was right in front of Reign.

He had managed to notice that most enemies he had fought didn't really have a good grasp of grappling or any technique when it came to unarmed melee combat.

Still, fighting against weapon-wielding enemies with your bare hands was not a good choice, and the reach one would have was severely limited in that way, which led to Reign still using his swords.

Still, getting up close and personal and using his hands to clobber up the enemy was something that was much more familiar to Reign, and he decided to use it now.

Suddenly, Reign stopped as blood trickled from the side of his mouth. The demon stared at him with a wide smile as blood started coming out of it as well.

The demon had actually stabbed Reign, but not only Reign.

With his large sword, the demon knew that the only way he could deal damage to Reign right now was to use the sword and stab through both of them, which he had just done.

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