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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 523 Severing, Sword Four

"So, I presume this is your real form?" Reign asked the demon who smirked at him.

"Of sorts."

"This could be said to be my 'battle' form." The demon said before suddenly disappearing from the spot.

'Fast!' Reign shouted inside his head as he crouched down and dodged a sideways slash from the demon. He then quickly turned and kicked at the demon's leg, only to feel as if he was kicking a metal beam that could not be moved.

"Tch!" Reign clicked his tongue in annoyance as he quickly jumped back and dodged yet another attack.

The flames that were previously wrapped around the demon were gone, but Reign could still see small wisps of the red flames coming out of the demon's body. He was certain that the skill the demon had used was still activated, but was changed.

The demon charged forward, not at all worried about what Reign would do. He was now physically stronger than Reign by a notch, and his speed was about the same as Reign's.

Their swords clashed, and it was Reign that was being pushed back by the demon. His sword suddenly started shining as the demon's eyes widened and he kicked Reign's chest and used the momentum of the strike to push himself back, dodging a slash that came from the side.

A clone of Reign had appeared next to the two. Without any words, the clone charged at the demon as Reign coughed a bit from the strike before joining the battle.

The clone, although powerful, was not a match for the demon. The clone could only possess 80% of Reign's stats, and that was 80% of his base stats. Compared to Reign, the clone was much weaker.

Still, with two enemies fighting against him, the demon definitely didn't have an easy time. Even though the clone was weaker, Reign would be the main attacker that would try to stop the demon from landing his blows, while the clone would come from the side and attack.

The demon received a couple of wounds, but none of them were anything serious. Still, the fact that he was being pressured so much by Reign made him angry. He was using his battle form that greatly enhanced his stats, and yet he was still unable to deal with Reign.

The demon suddenly roared as Reign and his clone charged at him. His sword was lit ablaze as he suddenly stabbed it into the ground.

[ Eruption ]

The ground suddenly shattered as demonic flames burst out from the ground. In a mere second, the area a full 150 meters around the demon was transformed into a demonic hellscape as demonic flames exploded.

Reign was sent flying from the attack, and was his clone. Burns appeared on his body, and even though his armor protected him, it started becoming hotter and hotter from the flames.

Reign had used the power of the armor to completely cover his body, including his face as a stylish helmet now covered it.

The skill the demon had used was luckily one that only lasted for a short period of time, and thus Reign was able to withstand the flames that were quickly put out, but before he was able to catch his breath, the demon, with his eyes wide opened in fury, appeared in front of him.

He slashed down at Reign who was forced to block with his two swords and was brought down to one knee.

The demon pushed down harder as he stared at Reign furiously before he suddenly lifted his left hand, taking it off the sword.

A lot of demonic energy was focused on the arm as the demon blasted Reign with demonic flames from point blank.

The incredible heat of the flames made it hard to resist, and Reign quickly summoned his swords back to his arms before jumping back. He was able to dodge the sword that had come down at him, and his armor was powerful enough to withstand the heat.

But it was hot.

The armor and Reign were both incredibly hot.

Reign could feel his stamina being drained because of this. Fighting in such hot conditions was not something he was used to, and if his armor was to be blasted by the flames one or two more times, it would become too hot for him to wear and he would be forced to take it off, which would make the battle harder.

His stats wouldn't change since the armor would return to a tattoo on his body, but he would lose the defensive properties of the armor.

The clone was blasted away and even when the demon looked around, it could not see it. He smiled as he believed that there was no way the clone could have survived the attack from before.

Reign quickly looked at the demon before suddenly exhaling deeply. He knew that he needed to go all out, otherwise, this could end up badly for him.

Lightning suddenly exploded out from his body as he used everything he had. All the boosts from his equipment, the mark that he had, the full strength of his ability, and all the active skills that could boost him, were all used at this moment.

"Ohh, so you still had more power?" The demon asked with a bloodthirsty smile as he suddenly clenched his sword.

"Incredible, I have never met a human such as yourself, to think you could possess such power whilst only being Tier III, truly incredible." The demon commented as he looked at Reign before suddenly smirking.

"But it still won't be enough." The flames on his sword suddenly extinguished, as did the flames that were on his body. The black blade of the sword suddenly started changing before it became red.

"So, that's the power of your sword?" Reign asked as he stared at the demon who smiled at him.


Reign simply nodded before putting the rank SS sword that was in his right hand into the sheath that was hanging on the left side of his body.

He then lifted his rank S sword in the air before swinging it down with a calm expression.

[ Severing, Sword One ]

The moment the sword fell, the demon was forced to dodge to the side thanks to the incredible power that came from it.

But that was not the end.

Reign quickly grabbed the rank SS sword and drew it out before slashing at the demon with incredible power.

[ Sword II ]

The very moment the second sword was unleashed, Reign suddenly slashed upwards with his left arm.

[ Sword III ]

Two sword lights came one after another at the demon who was unable to dodge thanks to him still not being on the ground. The demon quickly put his sword in front of his chest in order to block the attacks, while Reign continued.

He pulled back his right arm and concentrated.

He had still not grasped the fourth sword, which was weird considering the fact that it was a movement he used quite frequently.

It was the first skill he had managed to create, and it shouldn't be as difficult as it was.

The fourth sword was a stab, a powerful thrust of the sword that focused on one thing, power, and precision.

The user would have to concentrate and pour all of the mana into the tip of the sword before unleashing the attack which would obliterate everything in its path. It was the most destructive of the four and could penetrate nearly anything in its path.

Reign focused all of his power on the tip of his sword, hoping that the skill would be a success as he didn't have much time.

He thrust his sword forward.

The demon had just blocked the two attacks that came right after one another before he could feel intense danger coming from Reign. It was, however, too late for the demon to do anything and could only block the attack.

Reign disappeared.

There was no trace of Reign, no trace of his mana nor presence.

The demon stared in front of him with a confused expression before his eyes constricted as Reign appeared right in front of him.

He quickly went to block as Reign stabbed him. All the mana that was gone before suddenly exploded out from the tip of the sword.

An incredibly powerful attack collided with the demon's sword, and he was sent flying back as his sword was pressed against his chest. Blood came out of his mouth as the impact from the collision dealt internal injuries to the demon who went flying back by about 20 meters before stabbing his sword into the ground and stopping himself.

"You bastard, that was a good one." The demon said with a chuckle as he stared at Reign, he was still full of fighting spirit and it was obvious that he would not stop the battle just yet.

"Thank you, but the next one is the real killing blow." Reign said to the demon as his clone suddenly came out behind the demon.

[ Etherial Truth ]

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