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Chapter 519 The Final Battle Begins, The Power Of The Traps

As the enemy army neared closer, the soldiers were able to see what their enemies looked like.

The most common type of enemy were slightly demonified humans. They still looked human-like, but with changes to their body. Some had purple skin, some had red, some were gray …

Other changes were scales that would form on top of some body parts, or small horns sticking out of the forehead. Those were the most numerous and would be the cannon fodder for the enemy army as they made up most of the army.

Next would be the more powerful demonified humans that had a bigger difference compared to normal humans. They would have more scales, claws, or up to two horns sticking out. Some even had bones coming out of their elbows, knees, or shoulders.

They were faster, stronger, and overall more powerful than the less demonified humans and some of them were on par with low-grade Tier I beings, albeit barely and the number of those was very small.

There were also beast-like demonified creatures in the army, and also demonified monsters.

The monsters that were demonified also had a difference in the tone of their skin, scales, horns, bones sticking out of certain parts of the body, and such.

As for the beast-like creatures, some were beasts that had gotten demonified, some were a fusion of multiple beasts, while others were a fusion of humans and beasts that fused together and demonified into disgusting abominations.

There were demonified creatures that walked like humans but had obvious animal characteristics, such as humans with a wolf's head and fur on certain parts of their bodies, humans with antlers on top of their heads and hooves instead of feet, and such.

Others were animals that had a human head, or perhaps even arms sticking out of their quadrupedal bodies, or even simply having human legs. Some looked ferocious and dangerous, while others not only looked funny and dumb but were also incredibly weak and had defects.

The abominations that were formed from the fusion of multiple beasts, humans, or both were a different story altogether.

None of them looked similar to each other.

Some had 10 limbs that flailed around whilst walking on two of them, others had multiple heads, tens of eyes, and such.

There were even those that seemed unfinished as their bodies were not well protected and even had openings on them. From those openings, their intestines would fall out and drag on the ground, sometimes being walked on by other demonic creatures that would either stumble and fall because of them, or would rip them off in anger.

As for the demonic creatures that were the rarest and could very rarely be seen inside the army, they were the giants.

Gigantic creatures formed from the bodies of tens and even hundreds of monsters and humans. They walked on two legs and had a human-like bodies, but one could see numerous legs, arms, claws, and faces on their bodies. Their footsteps shook the area as they slowly neared the army.

The shortest of the giants was about 6 meters tall, while the tallest was about 14 meters tall. With their incredible height and power, nobody doubted that they would be able to destroy the walls that they had created.

Everyone immediately understood that the giants would have to be the focus of the battle right away and that killing them as quickly as possible was the one thing they needed to do.

Luckily, they could only see about 30 giants, and out of those 30, only 5 were Tier III.

Out of the 5, only 1 was a mid-grade Tier III being, and just by looking at him, they all understood that even a low-grade Tier III being could defeat him, but it would take time to bring the humongous enemy down.

The giants were very slow, and they barely had any intellect, which would make it easy for any Tier II or Tier III being to play around with them and win simply by attacking them from the distance, or from the back.

Eisenhorn immediately put the mid-grade Tier III giant on the top of his kill list and knew that he had to take the monster down quickly, otherwise it could easily destroy the walls, as could the rest of them.

There were of course even more demonic creatures that one could see in the army, but simply counting the different varieties could take a whole day.

The soldiers steeled themselves once again, they knew that soon, they would be locked in battle against the monstrosities that they were staring at.

Although the demonified humans took up most of the army, they would also be the ones to take the brunt of the traps, which would leave the stronger enemies healthy when fighting against the soldiers.

Raigon had of course thought of that beforehand, which was why some traps would not be set off simply by enemies walking on them, but they would be set off by a magic formation that was controlled by a couple of mages of the army. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

They had full control over the arrays and were situated behind the army. Each one of them had another mage next to them who would be using a skill that allowed for clear sight and they would be the ones that would tell the mages when to set off the traps.

As the army came closer, the first set of traps activated.

Raigon had placed thousands of bombs below the ground, and they would explode once the enemy army reached the very end of the bomb formation, making sure to take out as many enemies as possible.

The explosions started setting off at the front of the demonic army and even the soldiers who were a bit more than 1km away from the demonic army could feel the ground shake from the power of the thousands of bombs that made up the first line of defense.

The explosions alone killed over a hundred thousand enemies, but it was barely enough to put a dent in the army. The terrain being changed thanks to the explosions worked in their favor as the demonic humans fell down and were stomped to death by the ones behind them.

That alone killed tens of thousands of demonic creatures, but once again, it was barely enough to put a dent in the army.

As demonic creatures started moving along, more of the traps started being set off.

Huge spikes rose up from the ground, each one being about 3 meters tall and as thick as a normal human being. The spikes were not round, they were each sharpened on all four sides and could cut a normal demonified human with ease.

The demons cared not for their life or the traps, so many started walking straight into the spikes after they were set off. The ones behind them would push them, which would cause them to be cut in half by the spikes, and the ones behind would fare no better.

The spikes and similar traps worked better than the bombs as they were able to continuously deal damage and kill enemies. They started wreaking up a high number of casualties before the demons were able to pass through the densely packed traps.

It was the more powerful demonic creatures that would destroy the spikes and allow for the others to pass by, while there were those that were able to go around the spikes and activate other traps.

The army had spared no effort in creating as many traps as they could in a short period of time. They also spared no effort in getting supplies from the kingdom, and even now, more supplies were being sent over.

Ammo for the archers, mana potions and crystals for the mages to use in order to replenish their mana and continue throwing their spells at the enemy army, bombs that they could throw at the enemy, there was a huge amount of supplies being transported over.

Luckily for them, the monsters of the mountain range had not attacked the kingdom. There was a possibility that the more powerful monsters had sensed the incredible amount of demonic energy that was nearing the kingdom, and they thus decided to go deep inside the mountain range and wait for it off.

Since the kingdom of Riplas traded with many kingdoms that were outside of the area thanks to their ports, the king and the higher-ups of the kingdom made sure to tell the merchants the news of the two kingdoms falling thanks to conspiring with demons.

Even if they were to fall, they would make sure that the entire world would find out about what was happening. It wouldn't take long for the powerful kingdoms and empires that were close to Riplas to send over troops in order to deal with the demons, thus destroying the original plans of the demon leader.

Even if they were to fail today and all die, they would be avenged by the many powers of the world of Elijeon.

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